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Sim 14-03-04 19:16

02/05/04 - Newcastle/Central Coast to Wisemans Ferry
02/05/04: Attention Newcastle/Central Coast/Sydney
So I can get a date in for now we are holding another Newcastle based cruise on the 2nd of May.

We will be meeting at Hexham McDonalds Car Park at 9:30am then cruising down the F3 to a main checkpoint in Wyong (yet to be confirmed) back onto the The Pacific Highway then to Gosford for a second checkpoint then will be cruising to Wisemans Ferry then up through Peats Ridge for lunch.

Checkpoints and Times will be posted up close to the end of March. Please keep checking this first post for updates over the next few weeks as I will post a Map up.

We have around 35 cars in attendance so far and the list is still growing.

Wether I will be supplying another BBQ or not is on the cards at the moment. There is a pub at Wisemans Ferry which we can all grab some lunch at plus there is a local BBQ area further up North. As I said, I will have final details up on Monday.

Please remember to bring UHF's along this time guys and girls. I will post my number up a few days before the cruise incase anyone doesn't have a UHF for the day.

I need to nominate 2 people from Wyong area and Gosford area who can represent themselves as Co-Organisers for the 2 checkpoints. Please PM me if you are interested in doing so.

Who's interested in coming along for another great day??

PLEASE NOTE: DATE IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!!! Either like it or lump it guys and girls!!

For more info and updates please visit or email me @


MS VLT 14-03-04 20:12


Originally Posted by Sim
PLEASE NOTE: DATE IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!!! Either like it or lump it guys and girls!!

but sim BIATCH!!!! i dont want it to be on the 2nd of may, remember ricers salon is on that weekend
lmao, just did it cos i could biatch, see ya there

Sim 14-03-04 20:17

The Hairdresser Salon can kiss my big butt for all I care :P It's on the Sunday so all the wanna be ricers can go on Saturday :P I love you woman :P bahahaha

MS VLT 14-03-04 21:01

mwahahahahaha love u 2 biatch, bout time we had another cruise, hopefully this one will be better than the one we had lol

WhiteBT1 15-03-04 17:05

I'd be in it for sure and I can drag along some other mates as well

Sim 15-03-04 17:17

Yeah it will be*t stirrers are not welcome this time. If anyone breaks down or has any problems or gets left back, I am not pulling over and holding everyone up. Maps will be handed out on the day, although the roads aren't too hard to follow. If we get a large amount of cars we will split up into 2 groups.

MS VLT 15-03-04 17:21

aww come on sim, if someone breaks down ya gotta stop, specially if my bogan mobile is there! remember your tow rope peoples lol

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