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platinum 01-10-02 00:42

Adelaide Cruise #2 is coming up....
Yes, You will want to come to this one...

It will <more than likly> be on this weekend, if you want more details you will have to PM/Email myself or evilrb and get the details :)

One thing I can tell you is: it will be good. ;)

BTW< this cruise is semi-organised, so there is a chance it might be postponed if a better date is organised.

Nusk 04-10-02 00:44

its been delayed
so yah :D

any SA people its not to late if ya havent already do what platinum said

Chris.C 12-10-02 16:53

Cruise is now on Sunday 20th October 1:30pm .... for more details pm Platinum, evilrb, me

Only for VLs

Hope to see you there


Chris.C 18-10-02 18:48

Just another reminder It is on this Sunday.

That's two days away

pm for details

platinum 21-10-02 15:27

Well, we had a pretty good turn out, only had a few people actually come on the cruise, but it was still pretty fun, i've got some of the better pics here:

CALAISINSA 23-10-02 16:18

looked like ya had fun....

spewing I couldnt come (got home at 7am) but good to see most did go!!

Although I would have been ancient there... ur all P platers... I'm 21 :D
hope I can come on the next one...

platinum 23-10-02 17:41

There we're plenty of non-platers as well ;) Don't

Nusk 23-10-02 18:04

yeah deffinatly,

Cruise #3 is in talks at the moment, probably be decemeber some time so be sure to check back at the board to make sure ya able to go :)

CALAISINSA 23-10-02 20:26

Sounds good... it will be Summer and I'll have no UNI..... !!

Hope I can Bring my Calais(If i don't get off my lazy ass to sell it) and my bro's Calais and if done... a mate from works yellow BT1... in the work shop at the moment... spending 7K on motor.... projected 300kw.... I told him he's pulling his **** but that's what he was told by his mech. (who is a good bloke) ... and for $7K u would want it aswell!!!

Sounds awesome.... I told him when done to get it put on CAL

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