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Woggster 08-07-10 15:50

*90L Drop Tank* HELP
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a 90 litre or 60 litre drop tank/petrol tank to suit a VH Commodore

Must be in good condition, no rust or cracking (doesnt matter what colour, black or silver)

Contact: Rafael 0405 301 944 or PM me.

Thankyou :)

milad 08-07-10 16:48

i was looking for one for ages.. then gave up lol

good luck on ur droptank quest haha

HDT-VLCLE 08-07-10 17:47

I believe that carby and EFI tanks are different, but I'd imagine you could adapt a EFI model fuel tank to suit carby applications much easier than the other way around... not 100% on that but something worth keeping in mind

freEze_dK 08-07-10 18:00

if only you were in melb

HDT-VLCLE 08-07-10 18:03

Rob do you still have your one in the shed?

Woggster 08-07-10 19:29

Yea i heard something about the top of the filler neck being different size/shape for unleaded & leaded (not sure if it's true)
If someone has a 90L one for a VH or that fits a VH let me know, it would be appreciated :)

HDT-VLCLE 08-07-10 19:33

I was more referring to the pump setup and how it fits into the tank, with how EFI (not ****) has electronic fuel pumps while the carby fuel pump is on the motor, never heard about the necks being different sizes

Woggster 08-07-10 20:18

haha oh well, hopefully someone will have one in NSW.
Even if your not in NSW pm me a price & details and i'll see what we can organise :)

freEze_dK 08-07-10 20:47


Originally Posted by HDT-VLCLE (Post 2528755)
Rob do you still have your one in the shed?

yeah still got it,, got fucked around too much trying to sell it so i gave up

patch 08-07-10 20:54

ice man how much u want for it posted?

aus880 08-07-10 20:57

NOTE: used fuel tanks can't/won't be transported by reputable transport companies due to safety legislation
so self pick up is generally required unless you can make other arrangements

patch 08-07-10 20:59

we can say its a metal fabricated artwork, and send it via habib and mohammeds transport services

freEze_dK 08-07-10 21:01

cbf going thru transporting to be honest, sorry jonno

patch 08-07-10 21:03

u really know how to break someones heart </3 :(

freEze_dK 08-07-10 21:31

yours isnt the only one tonight then :(

LANKS_87 09-07-10 02:50

out of curiosity how much were you trying to sell it for?

Woggster 09-07-10 17:21

EDIT: Looking for a 90 litre or 60 litre tank. Must be from a VH (or earlier model commodore. Cannot be from a VN)

If you have a 60 litre VH drop tank PM me or call the number.


RED-747 11-07-10 20:49

whats the difference between the vn and vh bro?

Woggster 12-07-10 10:34


Originally Posted by BROTEK (Post 2531244)
whats the difference between the vn and vh bro?

The VH was leaded petrol whereas the VN was unleaded, so apparently the tanks/filler are different.
If anyone has a VH tank of any size PM me, thanks

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