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SirGeo 27-07-06 11:06

Official CT Drag Racing Page?
Hey people… (bit of a read but please take the time)

Myself, platinum, all the mods, OOH30T and a select group of users (including, 6BOOST, ISL33P, Tempest, 1stboost, PnP MeDiA, jdm, DABEAST, aerovl) have been working on a little project that will hopefully benefit everyone.

The Top “Official Australian Leader Board” times and details are manually entered by me and need to be verified before they are added, But the bottom section can be inputted by anyone through your User Control Panel: and it automatically ads it to the list at the bottom, that list can be sorted through various ways, ¼, ¼ MPH, RWHP etc…
*Feel free to fill in your stats...

Currently this is the only link to get to the results but something will be added once all the fields have been populated.
EDIT: Link now added along the top (header) of the site.

It’s far from 100% complete but it is nearly done.. so don’t be to harsh on it.. :p

Now the explanation of the class’s.. this is what has taken a while to nut out.. We are all generally happy with it, but I know we will have to define some things a little more and will probably make some changes along the way.. If you think anything needs to be changed/added please send me a PM.. DO NOT POST IN HERE.

I’ll make another thread you can discuss things in later..

Here are the Class’s for the Official CT Leader Board..


*All VL based Shells, and RB series Block/Head combo's.

1. PRO RWD- Can run any RB block, unlimited chassis mods, tyre size, all head/turbo/gearbox combinations etc, any fuels allowed. * Nitrous must be noted.

2. Competition Modified (COMP MOD) - this class is for mini-tubbed cars. chassis mods are limited to mini tubbed rear ends with 4 link/ladderbar suspension with a max tyre size of 29x11! once again all head/turbo/gearbox combinations etc and any fuels are allowed * Nitrous must be noted.

3. PRO STREET- cars must run standard rear inner wheel tubbs and outer guards and open to any tyre size that when fitted doesn't protrude past outer guard lip, addition of coil overs permitted, must retain factory control arm mounting points but adjustable or boxed arms accepted , must run rb series block, open to all head/turbo/fuel combinations. Interior trim removal and lightweight racing seats permissible. * Nitrous must be noted

4. SUPER STREET- cars must run a standard rear end, shock/spring suspension mods are fine, must run rb30 block, open to all head/turbo/computer combinations, Full Exhaust must be run (turbo to Bumper), open to any tyre size up to 26x8.5" slicks and any fuel mix allowed. Cars must retain full interior and trim panels with no weight reduction measures allowed(boot trim accepted), including aluminium and plastic race seats. Regular bucket or racing seats permissible. *No nitrous allowed*

5. STREET - cars must run a standard rear end, shock/spring suspension mods are fine, must run rb block, any ECU accepted, Full Exhaust must be run (turbo to Bumper), DOT approved tires, pump fuel only * No nitrous allowed*
Purpose of this thread apart from letting you all know about it.. is to start getting you all to fill in your own stats, and for the people who think they make it into the Top 10class’ to post your times in this thread or email me at .

Things I need for you to make it into the leader board are:

Car and Major Info: (car/plates, engine combo, auto/manual, tyre size, suspension type)
CT CLASS: Read through the CLASS list or use this easy to Follow flow Chart/Picture.
RWHP: (KW or HP i'll convert it)
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:
1/4 Mile ET & MPH:
Details: (link?)
Pic: (link?)

*NSW users, If you prefer, please forward your details to ISL33P or go to this thread

Also please make sure you can prove the times, via a timeslip or if someone was there to verify it that We on the site would know or trust (a mod etc…)

***Don't forget to add these details to your Profile aswell via this link. This is available/open to anyone with any type of car/truck/bike etc... Just make sure the info you put in is real or you will loose that privilage.

Please do not post general chat in here.. Times only..

You can all complain/praise/offer ideas here: (members have already had a chance to go through it..)


quikvl 27-07-06 22:29

Driver/Workshop: Curtis / Bresciani Racing
Car and Major Info: VLCT, RB30det, auto, 10" slick, super lows all round
CT CLASS: (i will determine this for the time being as the classes are yet to be 100% clarified)
RWHP: 317rwkw
60': 1.744
1/8 Mile ET & MPH: 7.00 @ 102.17mph
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 10.88 @ 126.7mph
Date/Track?: 19/may/06 Calder

hope thats right

VLT 88 27-07-06 23:22

Driver/Workshop:Mark Whitford/Bresciani
Car and Major Info:88 exec, converted n/a, standard turbo on 6psi, auto, 225x60x15 street tyres
CT CLASS: (i will determine this for the time being as the classes are yet to be 100% clarified)
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:8.393@133.02kmph
1/4 Mile ET & MPH:13.180@101.92mph
Date/Track?:05/04/2006 kwinnana motorplex WA

LukeVL 28-07-06 10:13

Driver/Workshop: Luke/Luke
Car and Major Info: SL, RB30/25, 5Spd, GT35-15psi, 225/50/16 street tyres, motec, std suspension geometry (setup for road handling)
CT CLASS: Street
RWHP: 430 dyno, app 380 moroso calc.
60': 1.936
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 11.64 @ 123.90mph
Details: Willowbank

Torcida 29-07-06 04:09

Driver/Workshop: Josip/PET
Car and Major Info: Calais,TO4E.82,gate,trimatic,microtech,headwork,in jectors
RWHP: (320rwhp)
60': 2.109
1/8 Mile ET & MPH: 8.086 @ 90.85
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 12.455 @ 112.65
Date/Track?: Calder park

Wizbiki 29-07-06 18:21

2 Attachment(s)
Driver/Workshop: Kris
Car and Major Info: (sl/WIZZA.1, rb30et, gt35 0.82, trimatic, 18's 235/40, standard suspension)
CT CLASS: street
RWHP: (236rwkw)
60': 2.121
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 11.865 @ 120.49mph
Details: (link?)
Pic: (link?)
Date/Track:29/7/05,calder park

OVL087 29-07-06 18:41

1 Attachment(s)
Driver/Workshop: Andrew/Andrew
Car and Major Info: executive/sl , rb30et gt30 .82 , KEAS 3spd , 26x8 slicks , stock suspension
CT CLASS: super street
RWHP: 390hp
60': 1.577
1/8 Mile ET & MPH: 6.944 @ 100mph
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 10.87 @ 124.8 mph / 200kph
Details: (link?)
Pic: (link?)
Date/Track?: willowbank 17/5/06

SirGeo 31-07-06 09:49


Originally Posted by PRO STREETER
sorry guys, i cant find my timeslip for the 11.98 pass

Can you get someone to confirm the time for me? a member preferably..? And get them to contact me. Get al lthe details filled out properly that i asked for in the first post and we can go fromt here..

*Everyone - only post in this thread if you have confirmed times and make sure you fill out the required Fields properly, so I can get onto the lists asap.

And thanks everyone else.. i will be putting your times up today.


Tempest 31-07-06 20:56

1 Attachment(s)
Driver/Workshop: Grant/Grant
Car and Major Info: rb30et gt30 .82 , Motec, Detroit, 5spd Manual (mx7), 3.7 gears, cam, 235/45/17's federal's.
CT CLASS: street
RWHP: 330hp
60': 1.895
1/8 Mile ET & MPH: 7.842@93.09
1/4 Mile ET & MPH:11.971@120.64
Date/Track?: willowbank 24/8/05

SirGeo 31-07-06 21:48

Leader Board Updated..

And Classes Edited/Updated.

KIL-351 10-08-06 09:54

Driver/Workshop:Julian / MRC Performance
Car and Major Info: rb30et, gt35/40, 13psi, auto, radials, standard rear end
CT CLASS: street
RWHP: 341rwhp
60': 1.663
1/8 Mile ET & MPH: 7.442 at 92.64mph
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 11.700 at 114.65mph
Date/Track?: 9/8/06 WSID

SirGeo 11-08-06 15:52


ITG-05Z 13-08-06 23:14

Driver/Workshop: Ari / Chasa Performance Products
Car and Major Info:1986 BT1 Turbo RB30 Single cam head gt35/40 with keas 3 speed transbrake , 26 x 8 slicks at 450rwhp
CT CLASS: Super street
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:
1/4 Mile ET & MPH:10.676 @ 127mph
Date/Track?:31st may 2006 @WSID

GMFA18 14-08-06 19:34

Driver/Workshop: Rick
Car and Major Info: VLCT "GMFA18" sohc rb30, 3spd jatco, 235/60/15 street radials, stock suspension.
CT CLASS: "street"
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:7.237et 97.26mph
1/4 Mile ET & MPH:11.368et 116.85mph
Date/Track?: 19/5/06 calder park.

SirGeo 14-08-06 20:26


13FLAT 15-08-06 19:39

Driver/Workshop:Matt/TMS (Townsville Mechanical Services)
Car and Major Info: 86Berlina/575hpi, T3 10psi jdcustom 75mm hybrid inch exhaust wolf3dv4 , manual, 225 retread slicks, kings springs pedders shocks)
CT CLASS: Super Street
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:N/a
1/4 Mile ET & MPH:13.039 104.89
Date: 24th September
Track: Townsville drag strip

Ps this is how it looks now yet to be run

HoldenOn 12-09-06 01:17

Driver/Workshop: Matthew Macauley / No Workshop
Car and Major Info: Rego 9JH-501, RB30ET, Motec ECU, KEAS Jatco 4sp Auto, Nizpro Plenum, DOT 15" Tyres, Standard Suspension, Full Exhaust, BP Ultimate Pump Fuel.
RWHP: 430rwhp on BP Ultimate
60': 1.514
1/8 Mile ET & MPH: 6.821 @ 99.75mph
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 10.806 @ 121.62mph
Timeslip Link:
Date/Track?: 31/03/06 @ Kwinana Motorplex Western Australia
If you require any more information or any of the links dont work then please PM me. Thankyou

SirGeo 12-09-06 10:27



SirGeo 26-09-06 14:50


GMFA18 08-10-06 18:43

Can you please update the street class list, i've updated my time slip. Raced on 6/10/06, you might find a pic on fullboost.

VLT 88 08-10-06 20:14

i also need updating!!

Driver/Workshop:mark / bresciani racing
Car and Major Info: vl turbo, converted n/a, t3/4, microtech, 215x65x14 sreet tyres auto.
RWHP: 239.5
1/8 Mile ET & MPH:8.099@88.060
1/4 Mile ET & MPH:12.592@108.82
Date/Track?: 13/09/2006 perth motorplex

SirGeo 10-10-06 22:07


Sorry about the delay guy's.

And congrats Rick (GMFA18).. You move to number 1 in the street class..


KIL-351 17-10-06 16:51


Originally Posted by PRO STREETER
Driver/Workshop:Julian / MRC Performance
Car and Major Info: rb30et, gt35/40, 13psi, auto, radials, standard rear end
CT CLASS: street
RWHP: 341rwhp
60': 1.663
1/8 Mile ET & MPH: 7.442 at 92.64mph
1/4 Mile ET & MPH: 11.700 at 114.65mph
Date/Track?: 9/8/06 WSID

has now gone 10.273 @ 133.99mph

SirGeo 17-10-06 17:02

new timeslip? or someone that can verify (that i know.. mod etc...)

KIL-351 17-10-06 17:07


Originally Posted by PRO STREETER
has now gone 10.273 @ 133.99mph

ill scan the timeslip when i get my car back, i left everything in the car.

1.577 60ft i cant remeber the rest, ill edit it with all the facts when i get the slip scanned


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