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sigmund 08-03-03 12:50

LPG on Turbo?
I know some of you would think LPG is crap (low perfomance gas)but going 300k's for around $15 bucks has been good for me :D
Any way does any one know if a gas converter for n/a will work ok on turbo?
I'am think'in on 6psi it should be ok ?
Also anyone running gas know if it is introduced after air flow meter (pre turbo) or after turbo?
Any help would be great
thanks boys and girls.

Midz 08-03-03 13:26

straight gas will preform better then pulp due to its higher RON :)

Means more boost for u :P

INFLYT 08-03-03 14:50

While that might be true, half the fun of having a VL Turbo is to pick up rat's, and I don't think they'll enjoy breathing in fart gas!

md 09-03-03 13:28

Talk to Gas Researh If you are in melbourne,
they can give you some good advice.
may be a bit more expensive than the other, but will save you more on the long run.
see one car( XF) run on gas with front mount cooler,(gas research intake?) at 14psi, dont know the power? 8O
but eat the stock ss for luch!!!! 8)
good luck with that


sigmund 09-03-03 17:05

Thanks for replys guys, will talk to gas research thanks md.
INFLYT- my car does not stink at all but i know what ya mean if they leak a bit.
I don't use my car to pick up anyway mate! :D :D

Jeffo 09-03-03 18:33

have a look at one of the more recent street commodores mags or go here...

Petros 10-03-03 06:54

Gas Research is DEFINENTLY a excellent way to go -

call up gas research in dandenong not bayswater and ask to speak to Jason -
he is the Magician of the turbo LPG Cars

It will set you back around the 3500 dollar mark - BUT think of it this way -

No more injectors - sell them off for like 200 dollars
No more Fuel Pump - sell for 150 or so
no more messy fuel lines etc etc etc -

and the best thing is - gas has a MUCH higher octane then petrol - ie ****loads more boost -
no more messy tuning aftermarket ecu's
no detonation
just as much if not more power
60 cents per litre!

i can go on and on -

All i can say is - ive seen tims vl in the flesh - ive been in the thing - and traction does not exist - it was a absolute monster -

my next step is gas research -

Red RB30 Jet 10-03-03 09:24

Gas has it's advantages and disadvantages, A blue XF Falcon running straight LPG has just recently broken the 10 second time bracket at calder it took them a while but they got there in the end.
I have yet to see a VLT running straight LPG run a 10 the best I ve seen Tims go was a 11 and BTANY-1 about the same, the VL's might get there but they will never run a 9 second pass you need to use C16 and a top line ECU for that something gas won't acheive if you are planning on going serious raceing.
But for a budget minded racer it's not a bad option to go straight gas, just the price of gas these days has risen dramatically to the point makeing it unworthy of doing a LPG conversion.

hornet 10-03-03 14:06

And it will keep the EPA off your ass (hopefully)

darklord 11-03-03 15:15

Does he have the gas tank in the boot? or where the petrol tank used to hide?!

HOLD64 11-03-03 15:24

Re: LPG on Turbo?

Originally Posted by sigmund
going 300k's for around $15 bucks has been good for me :D

I'am think'in on 6psi it should be ok ?

I dont think he's worried about running 9's :D

md 12-03-03 18:57

Yes, take petrol's advice.
DONT GO TO BAYSWATER, They are ****!!!! :evil: :evil:
Dendenong is the place to go :)

Red RB30 Jet wrote:
"VL's might get there but they will never run a 9 second pass you need to use C16 and a top line ECU for that something gas won't acheive if you are planning on going serious raceing"
For a dairy car can run 10-11 sec pass, I can only dream of :cry: :cry:
I cant drive that fast anyway, a 9's car I cant control it, worry about run over couple kid & grany, so even If I have one, I only drive it on the race track
because I scare !!! :oops: :oops:

Red RB30 Jet wrote:
"the price of gas these days has risen dramatically to the point makeing it unworthy of doing a LPG conversion"

Ten years ago: LPG price 25C/ per litter, unlead petrol 50c/per litter
So: I save 25C/ per litter used
Now: LPG 55c/ per L, petrol unlead 100C/per litter
Hence: I save 45C/ per litter used.
( above cals base on the LPG& unlead petrol has same eficiancy)
Which one save more???? 8O 8O
isnt is even more worthy to conver to LPG???? 8O

About commmen open to corractions.

Thanks guys,

ScKoTTeY 12-03-03 20:03

One of the downsides of gas comes into play where you run into an emergency fuel up situation. Gas cannot just be siphoned out of one vehicle and put into another, neither can you just go up the road and fill the jerry can up with some gas if you happen to run it dry.

If you do manage to talk to the guy from Gas Research, just ask him about what will happen if you run your vehicle dry on LPG?? ... I don't know but I have a suspicion I've read somewhere, that you will need to take it in to get something done to it if you happen to run it dry.

One thing that makes me paranoid about gas is fact that it is not in a liquid state, meaning that it only needs to waft past an open spark, static charge ect ect and then BOOM!!!. More flammable. Obviously petrol releases vapours as well, but these vapours have more of a limited travel when compared to gas.

X-RB3-747 12-03-03 21:05

md you are correct there but you do get less mileage per litre of gas than you would for petrol. Then you also have to factor in the intial purchase price of the gas system.

md 12-03-03 22:44


At worst 20% more than petrol???
Then it come down to the qustion if LPG can save you money in the long run? if the answer is NO, then a few big company such as: L-gas, auto-gas etc,will close the door very soon.
Points to consider:
To get the conversion worthy, How long (kms) you keep the car? calculate your savings/per week???
make the car run on one fuel system,(rip the petro tank, fit the LPG tank as big as posible on the same spot)
service two fuel system doesnt make enconomy sens, and hard to get it tune properly( some say impossible)
Try not to let your mate use it as excuse for using your car do a road trip to sydney or as weekend run around, otherwise you will find that you spent more money than on petrol!!!!

lol, run out of gas all the time, mate!!! some one's one of disposal point of the body must be very tight!!! :P
If you put in the good quality LPG system in and get it service each year, It as safe as petrol tank.
"petrol vapour has limited travel compare with gas''???? 8O
are they both blow away by the wind???? so how far they travel???? depend on the how strong the sun shining, tempeture, ect untill they reach complet oxidixation, I guess.
but anyhting to do with inigtion or "BOOM"????

thanks guys, THis forum is the best in AUS,I really enjoy it :D :D

JudgeJules 14-03-03 11:42

I love TIm's VL :D

ScKoTTeY 14-03-03 17:55


lol, run out of gas all the time, mate!!! some one's one of disposal point of the body must be very tight!!!
hehehe and unless you bat for the other side ... thats the way it should be :D :P

ScKoTTeY 14-03-03 18:14

P.S md: I know what you're getting at with the vapour travel dood... but have you ever seen water travel up a waterfall, gas is not limited(not as much as liquid matarial) by the forces of gravity ... therefore it can get into places with greater ease than something in a liquid state can.

Hollywood does a good job at promoting this 'scientific' factor, as you will usually see the bad guy use gas to blow up a particular building, instead of trying to fill it with megalitre apon megalitre of petrol or other volatile substance.

I have no doubt that a gas system is very safe ... just something I'm personally paranoid about. Maybe I've been watching too many movies 8O

silver_ice 14-03-03 21:02

there is a way to fill ya lpg from a gas cylinder if u happen to run out of gas.

cant recall it off the top of my head, but with a bit of ingenuity you can rig a device to do it in an emergency

flee 16-03-03 18:28

Gas is heavier than air
dir you know that Natural Gas is heavier than air( 99% sure LPG is also) that being said it is bound to the same laws of gravity that petrol is! LPG is very safe as it is stored as a liguid and then converted into with a safety lock of at the tank and then again at the converter. Which means it is only a gas from the time it leaves the converter to the time the engine consumes it. (a 500mm pipe at most).

Have you ever seen a LPG car blow up?
If you have how many more petrol cars have you seen burning due to a fuel leak?

ScKoTTeY 16-03-03 21:49

One thing that's got me wondering again .....commercial LPG gas bottles by law have to be chucked out after a 10year period. Whilst I 99% doubt this exact thing applies to the LPG tank in your car ... could there be a similar law whereby you have to get your LPG tank re-serviced after a certain period?

md 16-03-03 22:52

Hi guys:
Natural gas contains rougly methane:ethane:propane=12:2:1
depend where is produce, the ratio may diff a bit,and due to the purification process, may change the make up ratio.

LPG or petrol (alkaneC5-C10,& cycloalkanes)'s volatility has nothing to do with law of gravity!!!!
It is due to its weak bonding betweet moleculs(van der waals force)
and once you get down to molecules or electrons the sort of thing, Newton law can not apply, need quntum mechanic!!!!!

Well I can go on&on, there is no point to learning this sort of crap!!!!
been there, done that. not advise anyone to do science, they are ****.
I would rather to learn how to take care of my car.
So please , dont put up some f*** scietific law to anyone.

thanks guys

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