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Psi_Wagon 23-12-12 10:35

26thou is pretty small?

SHIZNT 23-12-12 12:22

Going by a Thou to mm calculator thats 0.66mm gap which is smaller than the recommended 0.8mm... Don't think thats going to cause you to many issues.

ZOO222 23-12-12 17:32

yea he gapped them smaller to help it and he said it did a bit but still misses like f*ck between 3500-4500. I'm thinking try the #6 plugs gapped a bit small or a bigger coil ?

SHIZNT 23-12-12 18:45

You shouldn't need to gap them smaller. 0.8mm gap would be fine on your setup and your spark plugs are already gapped smaller than that.

Intercooler piping isn't sitting on or to close to your dizzy? Have you inspected it to see if theres any cracks ect?

PSIWPN NZ 24-12-12 06:42

it wouldnt be the spark blowing out mine was running standard ignition untill recently

westbury 24-12-12 07:02

ive had a cam angle sensor cause those sort of problems

ss nut 24-12-12 07:36

Start withe the simple things,Plugs leads etc,Once that is out of the way start on the harder more expensive ones,Just get copper top plugs as they are still one of the best and also the cheapest,Everyone may at some stage has had a new item go faulty(such as leads plugs dizzy cap)

Cheers Marty

ZOO222 26-12-12 16:22

gotten worse. chucked some 6 heat range spark plugs in at normal gap and still terrible. might gap them down and see if that helps then get new CAS and dizzy cap. is there somewhere to get them new ?

---------- Post added 26-12-12 at 21:14 ----------

was just thinking if it doesn't miss at the same rev ranges n neutral then shouldn't be the CAS or dizzy ??

ss nut 26-12-12 18:40

Does it do it under load?or just free reving?

Cheers Marty

NZ VL com 26-12-12 20:27

power figures?

ZOO222 27-12-12 14:15

gapped the 6s down and still shocking. now missing not almost all of the time and no chance under boost. but in neutral, no load revs cleanly. wtf does that mean? lack of fuel? but I stinks like fuel when it misses. no power figure got road tuned but tuner said maybe 180kw

ss nut 27-12-12 15:46


PSIWPN NZ 27-12-12 16:01

think ive got a couple of coils lying around if you want to try them

ss nut 27-12-12 20:15

They are known to pack up or fault under load,Any difference to cold or warm?


NZ VL com 29-12-12 08:17

what sort of fuel reg you got?

ZOO222 30-12-12 08:18

No difference cold or warm. that'd be good thanks Hayden I'll give you a msg when I'm back in Auckland. standard fuel pressure reg too.

ss nut 30-12-12 08:40

What have you checked so far

Cheers Marty

ZOO222 12-01-13 16:19

after changing the CAS twice and mucking around for half the morning i thought i better check to see if it had an ok amount of fuel since my gauge never works. topped it up with 20 litres and it kicked straight away. feeling like a mega chump but just glad it runs. feel free to bash the **** out of me

ss nut 12-01-13 16:46

Hey glad it was just that,As they say SHYTE happens.

Cheers Marty

ps Chump:D

NZ-SXYHDT 13-01-13 06:23

Sweet easy fix then. But yeah that blows you chased your tail when it was just low fuel.
I'm sure you have kicked yourself enough with out any one else having too....ya chump

NZER 13-01-13 17:52

Oh bro! Lol. Its always the way. Look at the hard fixes first.

UNONT2 14-01-13 16:17

classic mistake.

ZOO222 21-01-13 20:44

was painting up the window surround matte black and liked the look of it gloss black before it was drying, so grabbed a can of gloss and gave it a few coats. unsure how if i like it or not in the dark will have to wait till morning.

SIKVLT 22-01-13 06:07

Is there anything you don't do in the carpark haha ..... coming along good

PSIWPN NZ 22-01-13 17:08

looking good man

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