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sleepyvlt 15-09-08 13:13

Project sleeper
Hey thought i would start a thread on my 87 VL Excecutive picked it up in original condition of the second owner with 105,000kms.
Its in realy good condition with only a crack in the rear bar.

Plans for the car to chase 10s with a legal turbo setup. Keeping the car as stock looking as possible.
i took some pics the day i got it home

Ive only built dattos before so the vl something new for me.

TUXEDO 27-09-08 12:42

That is mint man, not a fan of the pinstripe or the wheels but everything else is mickey mouse. Good luck.

sleepyvlt 27-09-08 13:07


Originally Posted by VL30ET
That is mint man, not a fan of the pinstripe or the wheels but everything else is mickey mouse. Good luck.

Thanks mate already took off the wheels and put them on my other commy just because they had brand new tyres so its got chasers on it now. Ive started to remove the pin stripe slowly bit annoying.
the car will be going in to be painted the same colour just a freshin up to cover th stone chips and paint the engine bay.
While its there i will rebuild the motor.

sleepyvlt 20-11-08 21:34

bit of a update motor is out and decided not to paint the car polish the engine bay and it came up ok so going to spend my cash on power and not waste it on paint.

pick up a cooler off ooh30t test fitted that and have started collecting suspension and brake parts.

pics up soon.

Weezy 20-11-08 21:46

I love the pinstripes mate, Too bad you removed them

Keen on more updates.

sleepyvlt 21-11-08 10:47


Originally Posted by Weezy
I love the pinstripes mate, Too bad you removed them

Keen on more updates.

yeah they look ok in the pics but where cracked and flacking up close so off they come.

il finish mounting the cooler 2nite and put up some pics.


sleepyvlt 23-11-08 20:16

some more pics

sleepyvlt 08-12-08 15:19

engine bay going back together.

AERO88 08-12-08 16:12

looks heaps clean mate, keep the pics comin on the progress

sleepyvlt 08-12-08 17:42


Originally Posted by PRO VLA
looks heaps clean mate, keep the pics comin on the progress

thanks mate paint is ok for a 20 year old car im not guna waste money on it rather spend it on my engine or turbo.

sleepyvlt 21-01-09 17:07

just some pics of the stuff i started collecting things are going very slowly cause im pumping all of my money into mortgage but its proceding haha.

super lows

Rebuilt VLT calipers like new.

getting the little man working early he loves bein in the garage working on the vl with dad.

Standard vlt manifold will be running a gt35/40 internally gated.

next on shopping list 1 inch master dba street series slotted rotors and shockies.

cheers Luke

sleepyvlt 23-02-09 19:02

little change of plans a mate i went to school with has started his own panel shop so the car is bein towed there next week and having the engine bay sprayed in 2 pack alpine white and at the end of the build will go back for the rest of the car.

pics up soon.

have been collecting parts and picked up a carter black and twin bosch 910s when the car gets back from the panel shop i will be finshing the brake diff and suspension setup and installing the fuel system
cheers luke

sleepyvlt 26-02-09 18:42

some more pics of stuff ive collected

dba slotted rotors

ultralite series 2 30psi boost gauge

twin 910 450hp fuel pumps and carter black lift pump

new washer/coolant bottle

cheers Luke

sleepyvlt 06-03-09 20:53

Engine bay is now painted in 2pack alpine white heres some pics.

sleepyvlt 07-03-09 22:54

started putting stuff back in today and bolted on the brakes.

SAF30L 08-03-09 13:02

very nice, keep on going looking good

Katsa 08-03-09 13:35

great stuff mate you dont stuff around!

sleepyvlt 08-03-09 20:09

thanx guys money is coming slowly (another kid on the way) but next il buy a brand new booster and master alloy radiator vl turbo diff etc more updates soon.

Weezy 08-03-09 20:26

yum :)

SIKVLT 09-03-09 06:31

Good effort man love seeing these kinds of builds taking shape

sleepyvlt 29-03-09 21:50

Painted up the crash plate and fitted it up today and rolled it out in the sun the new 2pac white looks the goods.

_vendetta 29-03-09 22:07

looking good man, can't wait to see pics of it when its done. engine bay repsray looks pretty good. should've kept the pinstripe help with the sleeper spec.

sleepyvlt 29-03-09 22:11

yeah the whole car is getting resprayed in 2pac the same as the bay at the end of the build might look into it then see how sleeper it comes out:)

obsesv 15-05-09 23:29

any progress on this man?

sleepyvlt 16-05-09 21:12

yeah just collecting parts dude bought a original vl turbo diff off lex and got brand new rear disc and rebuilt the calipers just need to get shocks and the whole rear end can go in.

Also bought a bosch 044 and sold the other pumps off im now going to run a new intank pump into a undercar surgetank and out thru the 044.

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