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wizo6 29-07-12 10:51

Well Done Bretto on the 9.51@139mph
I would Just Like to say well Done to Brett for running the New setup thru to a 9.51@139mph Well done to all Involved with the car Times will get faster for sure Well Done Mate

PSI06 29-07-12 12:11

thanks mate

DVS VL280 29-07-12 15:59

congrats on the times

TroyVK 29-07-12 18:36

Well done mate
Good work
Is that mph low for a 9.5?

I'm sure u will get faster

grunter01 29-07-12 19:08


Originally Posted by PSI06 (Post 2947793)
thanks mate

i thought you where running the manual box?

PSI06 29-07-12 22:06

yeh was running manual ,just found it too hard.
backed out and braked early got a bit scared top end, not very far from the line though.
went 6.1 at 117 to half.

grunter01 30-07-12 05:22

still running the proboost 42?

PSI06 30-07-12 08:14

nah gtx45 37psi on e-flex

Jet R31 30-07-12 17:42

nice work

XCHASE 30-07-12 19:17

Well done mate. Shame you gave up on the manual. But I know the feeling. 3 years on im still busting my chops to get more out of it. Least you gave it a go and instantly went a great time.

exchaser 31-07-12 11:08

Congrats mate !! Tuff time for a street car !!

Coming to Powercruise this year?


PSI06 02-08-12 06:20

not sure yet ,just stripped engine to have a look inside.had very low comp.
found bent exhaust valves on all six cylinders ,from my last outing when i shifted neutral accidentally!!!!!!! best comp i had was 90psi and two others had 65psi.oops!!!
seemed to be still running the same too .

grunter01 02-08-12 07:41

thats not good to hear, at least you found the problem straight away. Valve float doesnt help any engine.

Antho 02-08-12 19:39

Nice work mate :cool:

OVL087 21-08-12 19:57

well done bretty

solid effort mate

u got ****loads of time to do a quick put back together and get it to powercruise man :)

PSI06 21-08-12 21:09

would love to but will be in bali that weekend.
in the middle of setting her up for rollcage etc etc also.
hpoefully be out soonish.
hows your beast going?

OVL087 22-08-12 21:16

Yeah my things still putting along, still kickin the gt35, might go something bigger one day , give us a buzz when u get urs back and out running

TroyVK 22-08-12 21:41

Bring it to powercruise Andy u poof!
Haven't seen it in a LONG time

Pity u won't b there Brett, was keen to c it run

PSI06 23-08-12 21:23

yeh havent been to power cruise yet ,have always been keen ,but something has always stopped me.

tzatziki 23-08-12 21:35

any pics of this car ?????

PSI06 23-08-12 23:29

couple of you tube vids under "psi06 vl turbo" no pics though mate i dont think.

grunter01 24-08-12 07:07

Is that dyno run with the proboost turbo?
Also what was your 60' in that drag vid

OVL087 24-08-12 07:26

Troy I'll be there mate, always am, cars always out round Brisbane most weeks too

PSI06 25-08-12 11:40


Originally Posted by grunter01 (Post 2955172)
is that dyno run with the proboost turbo?
Also what was your 60' in that drag vid

yeh dyno was gt42 proboost.
Manual run at track was with proboost 1.6 60ft.
Power glide run was 1.57 60ft 5psi launch with gtx45r.

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