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6BOOST 15-08-05 22:03 Turbo manifolds and packages. Turbo Manifolds

After years of hands on experience building high performance turbo setups, and over 3000! manifolds in use throughout Australia and the world today, you can be assured that your not only getting one of the highest quality exhaust manifolds on the market, but also the one that will do the job you need, desinged to suit your application. With so much technical experience, and having the benifit of being able to draw on the results and experiences of all my many happy customers, we have cut a very clear knowledgable path to what works, and what doesn't, and can give you a very good idea on what to expect from your chosen setup.

Some of the highlights from the 6boost stable are Mark Jacobson's RB26 powered GTR skyline, now the 3rd fastest in the world, still using standard capacity has made over 1400hp and powered its way to a 7.78@183MPH. Watch as he gets used to the new setup and tries to steal the world number 1 spot.

Sean at Titan Motorsports in the USA with his stndard stroke 2JZ making a new T4 pattern record of 1292rwhp on 33psi using a 6boost Turbo Manifold. Over his Trust manifold they picked up 300rpm of spool and 38rwhp with no other changes, the boys at Titan are wrapped!!

Also on the 2J front, the Rayglass Celica or Rod Harvey from NZ has become the fastest sport compact car on the planet with a 222.88mph run. SInce switching to a 6boost manifold the team have enjoyed not having to remove the manifold between every pass and reweld it, something they were getting far too accustomed to. Since fitting their 6boost manifold, the thing hasn't been off the car!!

Mark Willaims 250 crossflow cortina which has run a 9.21@146mph on only 21psi of boost with a 6boost manifold and T72 turbo package. This car picked up 68rwhp on 3 psi less boost back to back with no changes other than the exhaust manifold and is now the fastest 250 crossflow in the world.

Darren's (Jet31) R31 skyline powered by a single cam RB30, australia's fastest R31 at 10.2@140 mph on pump fuel and 25psi. This car makes full boost at 4050rpm with a GT42 turbocharger, impressive on both the street and racetrack!!

My Own KE70 corolla panelvan that has run a 9.7@136.8mph on its first pass with a 2 litre engine on only 24psi. Look out for our new race engine setup set tp produce another 180hp and hopefully push the car into the 8's;) Edit: First pass with the new motor on low boost netted a 9.51@137, look out for new results soon!!

I pride myself not only on service and the quality of my product, but also back up, support, and ongoing help with your engine and vehicle setup. When purchasing a manifold, your not just getting a high quality piece of steel to mount your turbo, but help anytime you need it no more than aphone call away, with so many customers and a lot of feedback, we have a lot of experience and knowledge in camshaft selection, compression, intake manifolds, oiling system modifications, torque converter recommendation, the list is endless, anything you need help with, please don't hesitate to call of PM me.

Our list of products include:

-Turbochargers of most makes and sizes, specialising in Mr Turbo billet turbo's and Garrett Ball bearings turbochargers
-Wastegates- Stockists of Tial and turbosmart products
-Oil and water line kits to suit most makes and turbocharger applications. All kits include everything needed for fitment.
-Polished stainless steel heat sheilds engraved with the 6boost logo
-turbine bags available on request
-Dump pipe flanges for easy dump pipe fabrication

We also offer such modifications and services as wastegate mounted off the turbine housing using specialy welding rods to ensure a lifetime of trouble free use, this provides superior boost control and slight increase in hp with reduced turbulence.

Dyno Dynamics dyno for back to back dyno testing and ongoing development

We offer manifolds to suit:
-Nissan FJ20, SR20, CA18, RB20/25-26-30 and combinations of heads and blocks,
-Toyota 1JZGTE, 2JZGTE, 1JZ VVTI, 2JZNA, 4AG rwd, 1GGTE,
-Audi TT, 280+kw GT28 kit
-Mitsubishi 4G63 Evo 1-3 and Evo 4-9 as well as fwd and gsr, 4G93 fwd and gsr T28 kit, 200kw@15psi on stock engine
-Ford Ea-FG 6 cylinder engines
-Holden Gen3 twin and single turbo, Holden 5L single T3 manifold,

Most manifolds are avaliable to suit almost all turbochargers from T25 up to T51 an mitsu style flanges, call us for custom applications.

Prices for manifolds start at $800 and packages from $2500 including garrett GT style ball bearing turbo's. All manifolds come with a complete set of studs and nuts and turbocharger gasket... Manifolds are also sand blasted inside and out to improve the surface finish and ensure there is no scale or contaminants that may damage your turbocharger on startup. These are just SOME of the extra measures taken with your 6boost manifold to ensure you are recieving the best As they say, you get what you pay for, and experience and good knowledge is priceless;o)

Please call me on 0410 730 598 for specific qoute, or you can email to Pm's also welcome if you have any questions.


6BOOST 15-08-05 22:19

- Ceramic coating of exhaust manifold $320 in black extream coat, $280 in silver/chrome coat
-$250 for extream coating of exhaust housing
-$200 for thermally wrapping of manifold
-$250 for power porting of compressor cover(10-40hp gain)
-Dump pipe flange for GT series square outlet $40, has step for 3" pipe

JNRGMH 16-08-05 01:06

Manifolds look mint man. Good prices to...

v8calais 16-08-05 11:34

very nice man im keen on getting one of the packages soon for my rb25
would the street/strip warrior package be to laggy on the rb25 or would it be better to go the street bruiser
and have you got any pics of the setup complete with wastegate and are you making dump pipes to suit as well

thorpa 16-08-05 12:28

if i was to get the
6boost "street performer" setup, Garrett GT3037 500hp turbo, .82 rear, tial 44mm wastegate, turbo manifold with 29mm diameter pipes, 320-350rwhp on 18-20psi, full boost at 2600-2800rpm, $3300

would i have to change any of tjhe internals such as pistons cam ect and is it all easy to hook up or would i be better off getting sombody else to do it such as rajab which willo charge me $500

BOOSTnWGn 16-08-05 15:19

PM sent

v8calais 16-08-05 16:48

not bad so i would be better going the 1.06

YBJLS4 16-08-05 18:26

cant wait for my package, howd you go Kyle (they get sent off 2day)?
i'll get some pix taken and get sum1 to post them up here for me

vltnitron 16-08-05 19:15

6boost I've got a 35/40 with 1.06(700hp) turbo and 45mm gate mounted on standard manifold (spacer block) on my rb30. It is making 303rwkw on 17psi.
How much more power would it make with one of you top mount manifolds??

MARMO. 16-08-05 20:07

he cant tell u how much power but it would be makeing more power on less boost

6BOOST 16-08-05 21:30

Hey guys, in order:

v8calais, I would still recommend the street/strip warrior , but with the .82 rear option if you like a bit more driveability. On a stock internal and external RB25, the 1.06 rear makes 23psi at around 4500rpm, 434rwhp, the only mods were power FC & Z32 AFM, front mount, 4" exhaust and my own hiflow injectors. Another car has the same setup, stock internal motor, stock intake, 3 1/2" exhaust, power FC, Z32 AFM, injectors and front mount but with .82 rear. It makes full boost at 4300rpm and 387rwhp on the same dyno on 20psi. Also, the dyno I use is typically low reading, most cars we have dyno'd at another shop after or dyno comp have read +15-20hp. The 434rwhp car ran 132mph. I would feel the smaller exhaust is worth about 4-5hp, and the rear housing about 20hp. I personally don't think the biger one feels laggy, it doesn't drop boost between gears, so like it doesn't take a few seconds to come back on. My personal choice would be the 1.06. Don't make dump pipes yet.

thorpa, I can supply the oil and water lines for teh turbo, and you would be able to fit it yourself, its very straight forward, you would just need to get the front mount hooked up and exhaust done. Other than that its all a bolt on affair. You could keep the stock bottom end, although without a cam, may make slighty less power. I would think you will achieve about 300rwhp on teh stock engine, and with a fuel pressure reg, you may even be able to get away with stock management, just put the AFM in the intercooler pipe.

YBJLS4, yes, your stuff was sent today, I am very happy with how it turned out. No doubt you are dying to get it, your like a kid waiting for christmas!!! Lol. Pics would be great. I especially like all your lines, I think your in for a nice surprise, as they aren't what I told you they would be, ther are better:)

vltnitron, as every engine is different, I would be loath to lay claim to power gains just yet. I am testing this on a VL soon, back to back testing a decent setup with stock manifold versus mine. I would however expect it to pick up around 20hp at least. Possibly a few 100 rpm. If you like, I can make one that put the turbo in almost the same position you have it mounted now, pay for it, fit it and test it, and if your not happy with the gains, I will refund your money, no questions asked,

Thanks for the support guys. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have.


TroyVK 16-08-05 21:44

that manifold looks familiar :)
mine will b back driving in just ova a week so ill let figures b known once it hits the dyno
thanks again Kyle
id b keen on a bigger ID pipe as a back to back with my turbo
ill give u a call next week to organise the rear housing mods
thanks mate

Tempest 16-08-05 22:45

I will get pics of my low mounted gt30/40 with HPC coating up ASAP. i think there are some pics in the 'himount' thread... great products at a great price. anyone is brissie is welcome to have a look at my car if they feel they want to see the mani's on a car.

6BOOST 17-08-05 00:06

Thanks guys:)

Its great having good customers, makes the time worthwhile. Let me know when you want your housing modified Troy. And thanks Grant, as anyone who has seen the car will know, grants is one of the most thoroughly done jobs I have come across, its nice to seeone do things properly the first time, and get rewarded with a good package that not only makes the power, but is also reliable(apart from having so much grunt it splits heads in 2 lol).


PS Will have some pics of the hgh mount RB30 and 25 setups in a few days, and some of the high mount 1000hp GT45 manifold and turbo setup in a few weeks, along with RB26, and a new low mount manifold.

YBJLS4 17-08-05 09:44

god dang it, christmas feels just too far away.. i want it now.. cheers kyle. i'm sure i'll be happy with the outcome, it was great doin business with you...
hows the foot?

6BOOST 17-08-05 15:15

ll good mate. RIng me when ya get it, need to tell you where the lines all go, they all fit in certain spots.


YBJLS4 17-08-05 15:48

no probz, will do.

LTHLRB 17-08-05 16:18

Do you make low mount manifolds aswell?

Tempest 17-08-05 16:25

3 Attachment(s)
yes he does. pics of mine attached. trying to find pics of it now with the coating on it...

LTHLRB 17-08-05 17:00

Lovely. Thanks Tempest. Do they come at extra cost with the packages?

NSNPWR 17-08-05 17:50

Might wanna move that alarm siren Tempest that GT might just swallow

Tempest 17-08-05 20:30

2 Attachment(s)
rest of the pics... i don't think the HPC coating would go off colour that badly usually, i had it covered with a heat shield and i kinda over-heated it on the dyno... that is the more expensive of the two coating Kyle has mentioned, it has a higher temperature rating than the cheaper silver coat.

LTHLRB 17-08-05 21:07

that looks neat as

6BOOST 17-08-05 21:13

I was hopin you took a pic of the dump wastegate pipe!! I loved the look of that thing. It had fantastic boost control too all things considering.

I make the manifolds sit a little further away from the strut tower than this when low mounting now, just to be safe, its only about half an inch, but helps. Also the pipes are arranged differently so they are more equal length, will have pics of that one next week. Coating is an optional extra on the manifolds at the prices qouted above.


6BOOST 17-08-05 21:19

Full teflon braided oil and water fittings with Speedflow billet hose ends now an optional extra on manifold kits for $380. Please don't post if you got yours cheaper, or that steel lines are good enough. This is the price, and considering the cost of all the parts at trade is over $300, I think A good deal.

Kit includes:
Every single nut bolt, gasket and washer needed to fit the turbo up to your factory oil and water lines, including the water hose that goes around the rear of the block. I will get YBJSL4 to pos up pics of his when he gets them in a day or 2.


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