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-HOLDEN- 03-06-08 14:49

Street Commodores Cruise For Charity 5 -July 26
who's going to this years charity cruise?? was alot of nice vl's there last year. hope its much bigger this year.

below is a small write up about the cruise found on the Cruise For Charity website

DATE: Saturday July 26
TIME: From 9am
MEETING POINT: Homebush Olympic Park, Carpark P5C
DESTINATION: Blacktown Drive-In, Blacktown
MINIMUM DONATION: $35 (No change given!)

Sydney kicks of this year's series of events and is always one of the biggest on the calendar, raising over $36,000 in 2007 and attracting 900 Commodores!

Be sure to get in early to secure a parking spot at the Homebush carpark P5C. Even though we'll be expanding into the adjacent lot as well this year, it's still best to be on time.

As you'll find with all the Cruise for Charity events, it's first-in, first-served when it comes to making your donation and securing one of the 1000 entrant showbags. Once they're gone, they're gone, meaning you'll only get an entrant sticker and list of directions for your minimum donation of $35.

UPDATE: Blacktown Drive-In has now been confirmed as our destination for 2008! The cruise route is now being plotted out, taking into account issues with last year's route and we'll give you the route details on the day of the cruise.


Random meeting points around NSW to cruise to Cruise for charity :) (from SC) =
west (Minchinbury etc)
south west (livo bankstown etc)
Central Coast

patch 03-06-08 17:06

i'll be going this year, hopefully the calais doesnt play silly buggers.

so do we only donate on the day or what?

any pre meet up's gonna happen?

-HOLDEN- 03-06-08 17:12

dont know if theres gonna be a vl meet up but few people on SC have already started planing meet ups around Sydney >>>>

[GRK-WPN] 03-06-08 18:28

i might coem to this one, with a new ride ofcourse!

JET-086 03-06-08 19:52

I'm in.

ITG-05Z 03-06-08 20:04

i`m in

ATMO_BT1 03-06-08 20:06

Gonna be huge this year boys, should be a monstrous VLT presense on the day.. CT represent :)

-HOLDEN- 03-06-08 20:28

come on jack wheres the cruise taken us this year?

-RUWET- 03-06-08 20:42

I'll prob go this year owning a holden again

JET-086 04-06-08 03:38

Jack, how many people have registered so far?

ITG-05Z 04-06-08 05:55

jack i always see you driving your car on lane cove road and home time i thought that was you...... plates an all

vlturrrbo 04-06-08 07:08

cant wait for this again gunna have some new leather hopefully for this also!!

CHRGD6 04-06-08 09:27


Originally Posted by JET-086
Jack, how many people have registered so far?

Over 400 cars at the moment mate, but we got just shy of 1,000 on the day last year.

There's still a good two months left to work on your cars (God knows I need every hour of every day until then), so there's no excuse for not being there!

Destination will once again be Blacktown drive-ins, however the cruise route will be modified. As Jack said, this year is going to be huge!

To keep up to date with it head here:

vlt_boy 04-06-08 14:14

i will be there, hopefully in my vlt will be on road by then

dimples 04-06-08 16:52

hopefully ill be there in the vl, if its still mucking up ill be in my vr

Fat 3L 04-06-08 17:02

i sould be there my car should be on the road

toddskee 04-06-08 19:23

Sweet, will be there with the video camera in either a vr or vy.

alleyoop 04-06-08 20:18

i'm in.

loui2035 04-06-08 20:49

sick i wanna go..

CTs2 Sabo 04-06-08 20:54

steve can i come with you? ill pay fuel money

vlturrrbo 05-06-08 07:26

yeah sure sabs no worries i got room

BOB18U 05-06-08 08:30

I don't know whether to paint the vl or bring the boat:confused:

CTs2 Sabo 06-06-08 18:55


yeah sure sabs no worries i got room

CI-1968 09-06-08 11:19

If my Gemini is finished getting his paint job I will come. Where do I register?

calais to4 me 09-06-08 16:55

i will be there fo sho

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