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VLTWhite1 25-01-06 10:49

1988 A9Y Calais Wagon Register
I'm trying to compile a VL Calais Wagon Register (only the option "A9Y" coded cars from 1988 need apply), to figure out just how many of what engine types and colours there were out of the 200 built.

I'm not looking at what's actually been done to the cars since new, just what they left the factory as.

If you have a 1988 Calais Wagon (or know someone who does) I would like to get good readable photo's of your option plates (the one that lists Model, Body No., Trim, Paint etc.). Either that, or just copy down the numbers and post them here. Even if you hear of a wrecker thats trashed one it would be worth seeing if they kept records of them.

Model - VL8VL35-A9Y
Body No. -
Trim -
Paint -
Built -

Eng. -
Trans. -
Axle -

A registration number would be handy if you're comfortable posting that here. If not, just the state the car is registered in would be great.

I'll post up a running total as I get more feedback about them -

================================================== ================================================== ===

Number of cars up to 1 July 2018 - 129 confirmed of the 200 built.

1 Pilot build car from July 1987. Not sure what colour or if plated A9Y.
1 Alpine White
56 Imperial Blue
71 Cardinal Red

25 Turbo (18 Red, 7 Blue)
33 V8 (21 Blue, 11 Red)
71 Non-Turbo (43 Red, 28 Blue, 1 White)

Only seven blue turbo's, and one VERY rare white n/a that wasn't supposed to have existed.
All built between February - April 1988.


vlctwagon 25-01-06 20:51

Good idea Craig

i'll get the ball rolling -

Model - VL8VL35-A9Y
Body No. - 277750-A
Trim - 15I
Paint - 2F 020-D
Built - Mar 88

Eng. - LW5
Trans. - MS1
Axle - GM3


dvs_wgn 26-01-06 15:31

sweet as idear i will edit this post when dad gets home with his wgon
and a few weeks later when i have mine back

Psi_Wagon 26-01-06 16:24

awesome idea!

heres mine, cbf typing all the numbers haha. currently off the car because its getting painted.
yes, its a v8 !

Registerd in Vic;

Stocs101 27-01-06 11:53

will give u mine on the weekend (assuming i remember ofcourse)

Richo11 27-01-06 17:27

ill get mine over the weekend, wicked stuff

GENR8R 28-01-06 03:51

ill try and get the numbers off mine over the weekend. u wouldnt belive i was goin to post up something similar to see how many A9Y's are in perth. but aus wide is even better.

GENR8R 29-01-06 21:19

ok i got mine for the list,





Built-FEB 88




it is regersterd in W.A. Ive also been told it was used to drive around the official's for the Americas Cup back in 88 here in W.A so not sure who owned it then. would be good to find out the history of the car. anyway hope to se a few more ppl put their info up.

Cheers, Darren

GENR8R 29-01-06 22:47

i remember years ago i went for a drive to Bunbury south of perth (for the east coast boys) with my old man in my calais wagon (was my old man's), a old guy their got a phone call from a local saying they seen someone driven his car, but his car was in his carport, long story short the old guy found us and pulled up in his calais wagon. from wat i can remember it was the same as mine but had a factory sunroof and a few other things. iam 99% sure this was stolen and burnt a few months after i seen it. ill try and see if i can find the info on it.
mine cant be the oldest if vlctwagon's was built in March 88? but anyway i know ive seen a few more in W.A but like u said they could be mock ups. ill see if i can get some info on some as iam sure most ppl with them wont be a member on CT.

Cheers, Darren

Stocs101 29-01-06 23:27

Model - VL8VL35-A9Y
Body No. - 275400-a
Trim - 15I
Paint - 2f 020d
Built - FEB 88

Eng. - LW5
Trans. - MS1
Axle - gm3

I have a press release hat was in the newspaper when these came out...... i will see if i can scan it and whack it up

david85dc 30-01-06 07:50

top thread guys. if holden didnt keep records im sure u guys can compile them. good stuff vlt white1

SilvaWags 30-01-06 18:47

hit up QIK86 i think his mate had a red turbo one for sale in QLD, i remember seing a for sale thread a couple of weeks back.

Psi_Wagon 30-01-06 20:30

VLTWhite1; you should update the first post with all your findings :P

ive also noticed all the calais wagons posted up in here have grey trim :P any with rear headrests ? mine dusnt.

GENR8R 30-01-06 21:06

mine doesnt have rear headrest's. ive never seen a calais wagon with headrests.

Stocs101 30-01-06 23:33

mine doesn't either

anyone know why that might be?

aus880 31-01-06 02:02

Nowhere to put the brackets for them

Psi_Wagon 31-01-06 05:39

course theres somewhere to put the brackets. but im not sure if any came factory with them, only heard of a few with them.

you could fix the brackets to the metal backing of the seat.

VLTWhite1 31-01-06 09:49

The parts book lists the Calais wagon as having a totally seperate rear seat back frame (nothing to do with fabric or padding) to any other wagon they built, and the headrests are listed as an option. Headrests were the same part number as the front ones using the same tubey things underneath to slide into the bracketry.

If you've got an A9Y and feel through the fabric at about where the headrests should be I reckon I can feel two brackets under it about 230mm apart.

It's the only reason I can come up with for the totally different seat back frame.

Psi_Wagon 04-02-06 21:31

bump! anyone else got an A9Y wagon ?

VLTWhite1 12-02-06 11:08

Bump. There must be more out there.

VLTWhite1 23-02-06 09:31

One more up. Another blue V8 in SA.

VLTWhite1 27-03-06 13:52

Two more updated today (Well spotted Andrew !). A red V8 in a car yard here in Adelaide and a red n/a in QLD.

SLO.BT1 28-03-06 20:27

i swear one nit in shepparton vic i saw a dude with his family driving a very very original looking maroon calais turbo wagon.cant remember about the headrest

mIsS VL 14-04-06 16:15

(Miss VL, if yours is a blue series 2 turbo it's even rarer and would be the only one on the list so far.)

it sure is an original blue series 2 is actually in the shop at the moment getting a few things touched i wont be able to get all the details to you right now... but as soon as i get it back ill get them too you striaght away.... this is turning out to be very interesting...

VLTWhite1 15-04-06 17:55


Originally Posted by mIsS VL
it sure is an original blue series 2 is actually in the shop at the moment getting a few things touched i wont be able to get all the details to you right now... but as soon as i get it back ill get them too you striaght away.... this is turning out to be very interesting...

Cool. If you could get the details to me when you can that would be great. Yours is the rarest of the rare so far. :)

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