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Maech 31-05-11 17:18

Motor registry woes. Need help!
Lads + lasses,

I've moved to this cold place called Canberra and I'm getting back in the the VLCT thing, picked myself up a neat A8 original on the weekend from rural NSW, now have a few problems.

I'm originally a victorian, we have a system where a car can be transferred to our name but not registered without a RWC (blue slip etc), after a couple of heated discussions with the motor registry here in Canberra I'm told I have 3 months to transfer said purchased vehicle to my name via the ACT system, and from what I'm told these standards are pretty high - doubt my trusty new VLCT can make it.

So, I have a grand plan.

I need to get this car into my name asap, don't want to leave the seller hanging. I plan on registering it in ACT if possible and depositing it back at my house in Victoria, where I can get it back to roadworthy condition/rebuilt ( :) ) at my leisure.

So, community, I need advice on to trusty workshops that'll go easy on the VL located in the ACT area where I can get it 'inspected' to comply with the motor registry guidelines in order to get it in my name.

A point to note, the A8 engine has been pulled from the car and an A6 dropped in (spun a bearing). I have receipts for both.

Much love.

Duke57TT 31-05-11 17:46

Try Aboveboard Automotive or National Automotive possibly.

Tutty121 31-05-11 18:13

Yer aboveboard are pretty easy going and they love the vl's. Maybe lanyon automotive in fyshwick?

Maech 01-06-11 08:09

Will do, cheers lads.

Any idea where I can find a somewhat comprehensive list of RW-checkable items?

aus880 01-06-11 11:39

why not hand in the plates and ship it back to Vict?

or hand in plates and get an unreg vehicle permit and drive it back?

or hand in the plates and work on it in ACT to get it up to rego standard?

then you don't have to worry about transferring it straight away

Maech 04-06-11 12:18

Done, NSW --> NSW rego transfer is much less of a headache. Cheers for the input.

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