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hypergear 29-11-09 12:40

HyperGear Turbochargers Catalog. Promotions, Turbocharger related Questions & Answers
HyperGear's Turbochargers are Australian made and own products. Made and sold in Australia, proudly exported to US and European markets.

ATR43 is now available. This is a high powere compact turbocharger made to bolton to Nissan RB2x engines. Rated from 450 to 600HP in 4 different profiles.

Turbocharger catalog, Turbo kits and media gallery:

Turbocharger Hi flow service:

We can also high flow your old or blown T2x or T3x turbochargers from $880, Or rebuild from $440.

Holden VL T3x Turbocharger high flow:

Please feel free to leave a message or give us a call on 0413457185 / 0390163965 for your turbo needs, advise or trouble shooting.

7FOUR7 20-12-09 15:31

do you have something roughly equivalent to a gt3540 1.06? Looking for something to turbo my stock injected 304.

hypergear 21-12-09 17:01

Yes that is the ATR45 600HP profile. This comes in .82 internally gated or 1.0 externally gated. It cost $1330 to build externally gated or $1500 internally gated with a high pressure actuator.

slm33d 13-02-10 14:34

Do you do anything like a t04e/t04z?

hypergear 13-02-10 18:35

Yes we can. How much power are you looking to archive?

CSL-FLY 13-02-10 18:49

what you got thats good for 300rwkw or more...
something between a to4z and a gt35/40

for a VL, also what flange will it suit? and do you make custom dump and front pipes to suit the turbos?

hypergear 13-02-10 20:22

We can build you a ATR45 in .82 turbine and .70 Comp rated to 600HP. It is a Gt3540 equivalent turbo. I've managed 298rwkws with it on 18psi boost with a RB25det. dyno sheet:

It will pickup better response on a RB30det engine. and capable of 350rwkws around 24psi of boost.

Or you can go for a ATR43G3 turbocharger. It good for 300rwkws externally gated, and very responsive on road.

Both turbos are T3x printed with 3inch Vband flange on the rear. We can also build them with a 4 or 6 bolt flange.

slm33d 13-02-10 21:04

Im looking for a reliable 250rwkw max kinda deal. Also how much would this cost?.

hypergear 13-02-10 21:10

The cheapest way to get 250rwkws is by high flowing your stock turbo. Once high flowed it is capable of producing 270rwkws with excellent street response. It will cost you $880 AUD to carry out.

If you need a brand new turbo, I recommend our TR43i. It is capable of 270rwkws internally gated with excellent street response. The cost of this turbo is $880 externally gated or $1030 with internal wastegate kit.

slm33d 14-02-10 07:24

I've already got a high flow t3?

hypergear 14-02-10 09:48

depends on the high flow profile. In most cases it should produce 250rwkws with supporting mods.

Assume it is a 450HP high flow and you are targeting more power, I would recommend our ATR43G3 turbocharger in a .82 turbine housing with Vband dump pattern.

Shifty 09-04-10 14:24

I have a hypergear turbo, can recommend product & service if you are after a decent result on a budget

hypergear 22-04-10 23:31


This is interesting to post. Its a ATR43G4 turbocharger on a stock Rb25det R33. Car made 320rwkws @ 22psi. Tuned by Dr.drift

R33 Skyline, RB25det fully stock
ATR43G4 600HP profile in .82 turbine and .50 comp.
850cc high flowed injectors
Ebay cooler kit
Z32 ECU with nistune chip and modified loom


Video footage:

hypergear 06-09-10 08:55

Another update:
This is our ATR43G3 in .82 turbine with OEM Nissan RB25det setup.

Modifications list:
800cc injectors
Nistune ECU
600x300x75mm FMIC
3inch turbo back exhaust
3inch intake pipe with pod.
CP pistons
ATR43G3 / Pu high flow .82

Stock engine head
Stock cams
Stock cam gears
Stock exhaust manifold
Stock inlet manifold
Stock fuel rail
Stock engine block, Con rod & Crank
This is a controlled run based on BP 98 Fuel, No boost controller, No wastegate controller.

Car made peek of 303rwkws at 20psi with drop to 17psi (can be set with Gate controller). The constant was between 295 to 300rwkws.[/quote]

Video of above run is up for people whom's interested to watch:

boostedbb 06-09-10 14:01

hi there i'm looking for a highflow turbo that will be a direct replacement on my vl rb30 i would prob need a new unit as the the housing around my waste gate is cracked would be looking at running around 10 - 15 psi but want direct bolt on so i keep same turbo dump pipe etc what kind of turbo would you suggest and what kind of money?

hypergear 06-09-10 21:46

You can send in your current turbine housing we can have it fixed then high flow it. I can high flow it to about 480HP with a .60 comp housing (supplied). It will cost you a total of $980 to carry out. all your factory oil and water fittings bolt on.

hypergear 11-09-10 23:53

This is the latest results from our PU RB25det high flowed unit and video footage.

Video of 3 dyno runs:

Final result:

raczy 14-09-10 16:50

I have a 2JZ-GTE, what turbo would you recommend to chase 380rwkw?
With supporting fuel mods?

Somethng like a t04z?


hypergear 23-09-10 09:24

for 380rwkws with pump fuel I would recommend a GT4088 or To4Z is also a good option.

raczy 23-09-10 10:10

What would be sufficiant in the hypergear range? Thats what I mean?

hypergear 24-09-10 01:16

For your power range I will be recommending a ATR46 with a slightly smaller comp wheel unless you are planing to go for more HP.

hypergear 28-09-10 01:40

ATR43G3 lit moded .82 with high pressure actuator:

R33 RB25det fully stock
800cc injectors
Nistune ECU
600x300x75mm FMIC
3inch turbo back exhaust
3inch intake pipe with pod.
98 Fuel.

hypergear 02-10-10 18:55

Little more updates. This is the result from SAU member's PU high flow with a R34 GTST. Its got exhaust and intake restrictions. Final run of 280rwkws @ 17psi 98 fuel.



DJ Mitzi 10-10-10 22:46

Hey there, I am after a stock looking setup on my VLT (RB30ET), so that means i want an internally gated turbo however I am chasing a responsive 300kW at the wheels. Would a ATR43G3 or G4 be capable of this? if so what extras/options will the turbocharger need and what would be the final cost? Will my stock T3 Dump/exhaust pipe bolt up?

Thank You
Dimi M

hypergear 11-10-10 10:50

ATR43G3 in . 82 turbine and .70 will suit your application for responsiv 300rwkws. The rear end can be either Vband with a 0 Ring, or a nissan 6 bolt flange to suit a RB25det Nissan pattern. Or you can send in your factory turbo, we can high flow it to do the same and every thing bolt back on without modifications to the manifold or dump pipe.

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