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TheChad 03-06-10 20:12

Photo locations
went out the other night with my brother who takes some good automotive photos, just for a quick test shoot. we just went to the southperth foreshore near the windsor. i've been there before to get some good shots.
foreshore pics are here:

just looking for some better places around the perth area, patches of grafiti, areas well light in the background with interesting stuff. we've already got a couple of good ideas for areas to get shots in.

day/night etc is fine, probably do one of each.

planning on doing it with a bunch of other mates cars, random **** but figured better to do it before one of us crashes/sells up etc.

any advice would be great

SilverCal 03-06-10 20:15

Man just looked at your thread was gunna say in there but, i may aswell say here that the background in the pics you just posted was pretty cool, love the city lights :)

_vendetta 03-06-10 20:29

crack house down the road from my house.

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VLWAGONIT 03-06-10 21:42

i recon it would be prety gd to have a shoot inside the old freo power station

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anyone got bolt cutter?

_vendetta 03-06-10 21:47

i'm down.

zaksvl 03-06-10 21:50

the old freo silos would of been really cool, if u could get ur car in there. there was some seriously good graffiti in there.

mike 03-06-10 22:59

Still is! the power station would be awesome but security do regular patrols would be pretty difficult. Theres some really good hidden alley ways in the city and mt lawley way, or maybe try leedy?

zaksvl 03-06-10 23:05

yea leedy skate park would be a good spot. always good graffiti there. i would like to get a pick of mine with the tom overstone memorial wall inside the park.

VXCommie 03-06-10 23:09

I know Rick McDowell shoots a lot out the back of Freo, up the back road where you go over railway line by Marine Terrace past the boat shops etc. He shot my old commodore for the magazine in South Perth there. Photos I have seen of other cars he has shot there there turn out pretty well.

He shot our EH out near the front of the old St. Brigid's School in West Perth, they turned out awesome. Well lit and a really classy spot.

Yours would come up really well against the buildings of Catholic Education in Leederville, Ruislip Street. Awesome back drop those buildings would be.

mike 03-06-10 23:18

Did you know Tom Zack?

zaksvl 03-06-10 23:54

i didnt know, but had met a few times, and have great respect for him as i had been in the 'scene' for about 3-4 years and got to know alot of his friends and still do. when he died thats all i heard about from close people for months. he rocked the perth graffiti scene for sure, its never been the same since.... pm me if ya wanna anything else.

VLWAGONIT 04-06-10 00:28

it would be awsome to get shots of the cars inside the old freo power station or the wool stores but lighting in there is ****

GMH-GEM 04-06-10 15:04

Henry Lawson Walk in East Perth at night time isn't to bad...

gold 07-06-10 00:43

you could probably organize a shoot inside the leederville skate park quite easily the guy who manages the place is a hell nice guy to most people and i rememba a few years back they let some rice burners take some shots

theres also a real nice spot that me and my mates use on scarbs beech road i think its at retrovision real clean white wall with quite decent lighting

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