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RJB-223 09-04-04 15:31

Easternats 2004: Review and PICS…
Well, the Easternats started today (Friday) and it was Free Entry :)

I went early only for about 20min. Not many vl’s but I’m sure heaps will turn up during the weekend.

Everyone who went, post your pics in here…

Here are a couple of pics I took. I’ll head back to the nats tonight and get some more pics…

ITSGMH 09-04-04 16:07

I'm going Sunday and taking the Digi Camera so I'll have some shots to share!!!

Red RB30 Jet 09-04-04 17:53

Anyone know what colour are the entrants armbands are for this year?

Might try and get in with last years armband, cause I'm a tight ass and don't want to pay $40 to go watch for one day.;)

Ditch 09-04-04 18:35


keep the pics rollin'

CHAYSR 09-04-04 18:37

That car XCEPTR has the best cooler flutter ever!!! You gotta hear this thing!!!

RJB-223 09-04-04 18:53

Added 10 pics at the following link…

Unfortunately turned up a bit late cos of other commitments, and most people were heading home... will get more pics on Sunday and Monday.

Hopefully get a few vlt dyno runs as well :)

X-RB3-747 09-04-04 19:14

Make sure you get a few pics of Jimmy's red beast on the dyno at 11 tomorrow

RJB-223 09-04-04 19:33

If I can sneak in for free i'll take some pics of Jimmy's car :) ...I think i'll only pay on Sunday.

BTW: that white Calais Turbo on the FR19's is mint. Engine bay is cleaner than a hospital operating threatre ...i'll put some engine bay pics up tomorrow.

X-RB3-747 09-04-04 19:43

Does Easternats go to Monday this year or is it still Sunday?

foxxyred 09-04-04 20:26

goes till monday mate

87_DeVL 10-04-04 01:05


Originally Posted by foxxyred
goes till monday mate

sweet i was getting bit worried there, coz im headin over on monday, thought they'd cancelled friday

unknown 10-04-04 01:38

nice pics mate..hahaha fcuk paying if u can sneak in! be sure to post somemore pics if u can :)

X-RB3-747 10-04-04 14:29

It is a pity that the dyno stuffed up today, and during Jimmy's(Dragya's) run as well. His wheels were lifting off as the rollers were ****ed and the strapping wasn't up to task.
BTW managed 215RWKW at 12PSI and 4000RPM which is 40 less RWKW than it has previously done.

white_vl_bt1 10-04-04 15:53

Today was good boys.. had a ball.. except some F*CKN WANKER ripping a burnout infront of my car in a POS VN.. tyre all over the front.. F.aggot.

I have a slipping clutch.. really bad, but i managed to get her up and going on the straights.

anyway tomorrow is just a cruising day for me tomorrow.. no events i dont think.

Someone get some video of my car lol

Red RB30 Jet 11-04-04 01:45

I went on saturday and paid that rip off entance fee:(. It was a good day saw Dragyas VLT on the dyno had a few problems, being a crap dyno. I'm fairly sure Jimmy said he was running 18psi not 12psi and it did'nt sound like 4000rpm to me.
Alot higher.

Saw QIKENUF-WYLD, VL Muzza and his LPG Calais, SKDMUP-Green VLT, And a few others I can't remember now, but there was a fairly good VLT turnout.

Saw a weird set up a browny coloured N/A with nitrous, real rough car don't know what that thing would have gone like never saw it on the track only behind the pits.

Allso on a bad note our good friends from the Victoria Police, were walking around taking photos with digital cameras of engine bays and registration plates and stickers, God only know what they will try and do.

And while I was checking out WLDPSI, the RB26/30, Some undercover police I think that were from a stolen car police squad flashed there ID there about 4 undercovers dressed like every other bogan there and demanded Tom the owner to lift the bonnet, Then the Police were looking for the VIN number on the LHS strut tower top, but could'nt see it because K-Mac adjustable suspension tops covered the number.
Asked him were he got the engine from, same with the HSV interior and the VX GTS 19 inch rims.
It does'nt look too good when police start searching your car for stolen parts.
Just hope everything on the car is legit otherwise he's screwed.

And he was'nt the only one searched like that I saw a few others with commodores treated the same way.

You can't really enter a car show anymore with out being harrassed.:(

unknown 11-04-04 03:39

yeah pigz can be crunts!now u know just to be carefull i guess?

87vl 11-04-04 05:32

unless theyve got proof they cant do ****. it sucks! its not like people that go to all the touble of spending ****loads on their car and pay the fees to enter it in these events is gonna be a theif anyway.

they should be spending their "valuable police time" and resources on chasing the real crims. not the enthusiasts.

700HP 11-04-04 09:40

Unfortunately, some big-name cars have been proven to be full of stolen parts,or built on drug-money.

Not every car enthusiast is honest.

Statitics tend to show that the more exotic the car, the higher the liklihood that it was funded from questionable means - hence why the police have to ask questions.

Think about it this way: if you had saved for years trying to build your pride & joy, only to have the expensive bits stolen by someone - then you see those same bits on a car getting awards at a car show?

I know I'd be wanting to get it checked by the police - to keep it fair for everyone. If your car is legit, then theres nothing to worry about - right?

VLRB20DET 11-04-04 10:01

that sux but i guess your right 700HP

Midz 11-04-04 10:40

Yea alot of show cars have proved to be rather dubious ( In sydney anyways ). so i say check em over.

X-RB3-747 11-04-04 16:11


Originally Posted by Red RB30 Jet
I went on saturday and paid that rip off entance fee:(. It was a good day saw Dragyas VLT on the dyno had a few problems, being a crap dyno. I'm fairly sure Jimmy said he was running 18psi not 12psi and it did'nt sound like 4000rpm to me.
Alot higher.


You probably misread my post, on the dyno they could only manage to get it to 12 PSI before the wheels lifted off, yes he does usually run 18PSI.
He had another run later at 5PM and made 340RWHP.
The guy doing the dyno run told him they only revved it to 4000-4500RPM.

RULOCAL? 11-04-04 16:16


Originally Posted by PSHHHT
When he spooled up and then backed off, it was like he was playing a musical instrument, flute or something, I've never heard such noises coming from the wastegate and cooler, pod etc.. Wicked :)

Hahaha. The VLT orchestra :).

- With the 'stolen bits'... does this mean you would have to have receipts etc with the car all the time? Caus that would kinda blow if parts were bought from places like over these forums - it would be a bit hard to have a real 'proof' of purchase.

RJB-223 11-04-04 18:35

Only went for about 30min today at 5pm after I finished work.

…taken a few good pics of VL’s, will upload them later on in the week when I get some spare time.

Here’s a sample of 5…

...will take heaps more pics on Monday cos i'll be attending the whole day

Sinister 11-04-04 19:16

whats the entrance fee for a specator? (adult)

Red RB30 Jet 11-04-04 19:37


Originally Posted by Sinister
whats the entrance fee for a specator? (adult)

$40 per day or $90 for a weekend pass.

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