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Blink 05-01-06 21:03

(NEW!! MUST READ!!!) Official Calais Turbo Victor Cruise Info
Hey Guys,
Just the quick info for the cruise
It is this Sunday, the 8th.
First meet is at Bunnings Mile End at 1pm. Leave there roughly 1.30pm
Meet at Nourlunga Bunnings at 2pm, Leave there roughly 2.30pm (Whenever Levi gets there)
Then we head off to Victor.
The Cruise will go for almost the whole day, and if you guys want we will do a bit of a city run after. Also possible Beach Cricket down at Victor.
Cheers Dude's
Confirm your coming by posting please.
Matt & Jeff

Jeffo_vlt 05-01-06 21:36

yeh good idea getting this up matt, as usual the last thread is full 'o shiet

and yes, i will be attending :)

ShAz 05-01-06 21:40

i'll be there! can't wait :)

spirit77 05-01-06 22:34

Yup ill be there .
Wingin all the way :)

LukieVS 06-01-06 00:54

I'll be there too. Cruising in style with my sexy beast Blink ;) hahaha

BT 06-01-06 02:20

same uleh

NSNPWR 06-01-06 08:17


Matt 4 Jeff
Definately sounds like a couple of queers...Haha.:p
I'll be there and im fitting a fully Hektic dose pipe on Saturday so i can out dose BT.:D :cool:

87vl30e 06-01-06 09:48

Ill be there

LukieVS 06-01-06 14:40

I wish I was like BT so I could dose everywhere. it pulls the chicks so hard.

NSNPWR 06-01-06 15:12

Put a Dose pipe on the Ecotec, thats all you need isnt it?

vltnitron 06-01-06 16:28

what time are you expecting to finish/ or end up back in adelaide?

Blink 06-01-06 16:32

I mean it really matters on how long we stay at each spot.
If we play some cricket.
Lunch etc.
I would probly say about 7pm. But im not making any promises. It might be earlier. It might be later.

BT 06-01-06 17:16

pfffft 7 pigs ass leaven victor at 5 latest

vltnitron 07-01-06 10:51

won't be joing you guys. as i have blown my gearbox big time.
floored it in 3rd at 100kph, hit full boost, road had big lump in it, lost traction, got heaps of grip when it came back down, massive bang, clunk clunk, lucky on 5mins from home

Okey 07-01-06 11:07

Ill be there for most of it.

VL_BT1 07-01-06 12:29

i may come to the meet at bunnings and then to noarlunga, but im not going all the way to victor :rolleyes:

vltken 07-01-06 15:17

have fun and take it easy fellas.. im only 2 months and 1 vl away from cruising with ya's:D

VLCT88 07-01-06 21:21

i should be there at noarlunga

Blink 07-01-06 21:27

Should = Will but trying to make it sound all suspenseful.

LukieVS 07-01-06 23:41

won't be there. killed my alternator today/tonight :(

Blink 07-01-06 23:44

Your coming you tosser.

Alsynon 07-01-06 23:47

I may make it...depends on if brat 1 gets over his bug.

Blink 07-01-06 23:48

:D Should be a good day. Jeff is going to enjoy it right Gav hahaha :D

BT 08-01-06 02:33

cant make it as i need to sleep in as i am writing this at 3.00 am or 5.00am it look fuzzy (dam johnny walker ) and i wont be up in time for it sorry :(

Jeffo_vlt 08-01-06 02:48

hahaha my god what am i doing on hre at this time of nit??

BT im still up, sp dont be soft.... i rekon i will still make it :p

see u guys in what, 8 hours? :)

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