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TroyVK 28-01-12 09:33

Entry is paid
Can't wait!
Driveline "shouldn't" break
Don't know bout the motor tho lol

PVL-747 28-01-12 18:17

Will come for a look troy. Good luck.

TroyVK 28-01-12 18:53

Come see me mate if u come up
I'll take u for a couple laps

pigsy 29-01-12 11:26


Originally Posted by TroyVK (Post 2883397)
Come see me mate if u come up
I'll take u for a couple laps

after me if l'm not working

CLNGMH 29-01-12 14:56

MYT16 Vs Troy's supra.

Will TAB open up to this??

TroyVK 29-01-12 18:05

I know goran will beat me
And so he should, v8, big turbo, auto, proper rearend
Against 3lt, manual, std bottomend, half decent rearend, sh1t suspension

But it will be good to see where my cars at

calais25t 30-01-12 16:45


Originally Posted by TroyVK (Post 2835700)
That's the plan Ollie
Practice the 60ft, try n get down as low as 1.4-1.5 if I can and practice shifts before doing a full pass

The car has the rearend to handle big launches and it's got the power to hit 9s full weight but I've never been to the strip and haven't had any seat time with the new setup yet

I rkn with the power to do 9's it will be good race :D cant wait

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Originally Posted by CLNGMH (Post 2883695)
MYT16 Vs Troy's supra.

Will TAB open up to this??

who would your money be on Rick?

---------- Post added 30-01-12 at 18:08 ----------

Im expecting this :D



AVG45 30-01-12 19:54

That's exactly what I'm expecting too. lol

rns-11z 30-01-12 23:43


Originally Posted by CLNGMH (Post 2883695)
MYT16 Vs Troy's supra.

Will TAB open up to this??

im taking bets $1.50 for myt16 $10.00 for the supra :ninja::ninja: lol

TroyVK 31-01-12 07:47

At $10, I'll take that lol

CLNGMH 31-01-12 12:23

Gee off topic, PROVL is like PRO840 only newer. and not Twin T

mIsS VL 31-01-12 17:58


Originally Posted by 251NFL (Post 2882552)
lmao @ this thread!

x2 haha

TroyVK 02-02-12 19:21

So seriously
Who is going?
Just over a week away



InsaneVL 02-02-12 21:46

Yep.. got confirmation of my entry. Entrant #171... mustn't be many pre-entered!

TroyVK 03-02-12 08:06

That reminds me
I have to send in my photos yet

CLNGMH 03-02-12 08:32

Will you be there Troy?

You know Goran ran 143mph ay? should be a close race........!!!

calais25t 03-02-12 08:53

Only run a 10 but... Troys is setup for 9s so who will Win is anyone's guess lol I'll be lookin at tail lights lol

TroyVK 03-02-12 09:30

143mph is pretty good! might be closer than I thought than
But 143mph in a vl is easy 9s
143mph in mine would be low-mid 10s with half decent launch n shifting

I'll be there, aslong as I don't break it this week
My solid rear bushes are going in Sunday hopefully

CLNGMH 03-02-12 10:36

So with this rear end what 60foot you think you will get "at best" Troy?

Goran I believe did a 2.2 60 the other night? Correct me if im wrong.

InsaneVL 03-02-12 10:49

What was Goran's ET?

TroyVK 03-02-12 11:23

The best it could do going by what's been done in the states is about 1.5-1.6
That's similar power, 6spd, tires, rear end ect

Better suspension and 1.4-1.5 is doable

HYPED6 03-02-12 11:40

Holy Crap! 1.5 is an awesome 60ft Troy. Do you think you will get out to willowbank at any stage? Also is your supra still full weight?

TroyVK 03-02-12 11:49

Yes full weight
Will be heading to willow as soon as I get my tires
Hoping they will b here by powerplay

A supra weighing 3560lbs running a 72mm, same size tire, basically the same rearend, same coilovers, stock engine, stock cams at 29lb went 1.57 60ft 144mph and 10.09

I'm bigger turbo, more compression, big cams, bigger exhaust and stickier tires
But I've never been to the track to race ever and haven't had much seat time

HYPED6 03-02-12 11:58

Will be good to see. With that 60, and basically the same car but with heaps more power a 9 should be easy hey.

TroyVK 03-02-12 12:04

It's got the setup to go 9s on the std motor but it would b easier with a 15" rear tire and proper suspension like hks drags or ksport drags

I've also only got an a series diff which is a touch smaller than the us b series but it's stil got the trd centre

Also switching to the smc will b good with the ALS and launch control

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