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-BERLINA- 16-03-07 14:37

WANTED: Original Vl Mudflaps!!
Hey guys, gals..

I'm after some "Original" VL mudflaps, have to be in Excel condition! :D
(also with the mountings if poss - as i don't have them on my car..)


-BERLINA- 19-03-07 09:27


-BERLINA- 22-03-07 08:43


ILLUSIV 22-03-07 09:00

I had some... threw em out a few weeks ago...

fullsick 22-03-07 09:09

I might still have 2 at home, i will check at lunch time.

-BERLINA- 22-03-07 09:25

Well that don't help me Craig!! :D

Lexie, can you remember if they are front or rear??

fullsick 22-03-07 09:31

They are both rear.

-BERLINA- 22-03-07 09:36

Sweet... :D
Let me know when you find them..

fullsick 23-03-07 09:32

sorry mate, they are both front, i think the back one were thrown out.

RBPower 23-03-07 10:12

i might have some i will have to check, i will let you know asap :)

-BERLINA- 26-03-07 09:34


-BERLINA- 28-03-07 12:10


-BERLINA- 23-05-07 10:26

Bumpo, have fronts (thanks Lexie) just need rears in good cond...

woody_88 23-05-07 11:57

i have some mudflaps off a VL think they original ones...ill have a look when i get home.


berlina91 23-05-07 13:11

sorry mate your a week to late lol i sold my mint ones last week for 10 bucks

-BERLINA- 23-05-07 19:25


Originally Posted by woody_88
i have some mudflaps off a VL think they original ones...ill have a look when i get home.


Cheers mate, let me no...

72 of 150 25-05-07 18:58

i think i spied some new ones on ebay at the moment bro


-BERLINA- 25-05-07 20:50


jcs_87 25-05-07 21:14

hey mate.
i got some u pay post and u can have them.

VLWAGONIT 29-05-07 11:01

i got mine from auto 1 for $10

they have holden writen i white writeing at the bottom

-BERLINA- 29-05-07 11:49

Nah they not the "ORIGINAL" ones...

Bump! Still looking for the ORIGINAL REAR mudflaps...

VLWAGONIT 29-05-07 19:59

what do the original ones look like?

im prety sure the ones on the front of mine r original...

couldnt u just get them from holden or rare spares anyway?

woody_88 29-05-07 22:55

hey mate, sorry took awhile to getting back to ya!

but finally found em in the shed - got a whole set....

front and back - they have the lil holden logo on em - all in good condition no rips or tears.

i got some pics but its not letting me put them up for some reason...u gota email and i will email them to ya!

Cheers woody

-BERLINA- 30-05-07 09:50

Pm sent :D

woody_88 30-05-07 15:44

email sent :)

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