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platuim 09-09-06 19:17

bt1 cruise pics
i thought id make a new thread just makes it a little easier to view pics. Ill put vids up abit later maybe sirgeo can host them for me :p

Video's can be found HERE.

PHS 09-09-06 19:21

ill get heaps of pics and vids up soon up soon

DarkJedi 09-09-06 19:23

looked like on ok turn out and an ok day.. whats goin on in that pic with that guy in the costume?

AIRGMH 09-09-06 19:26

Im glad the weather held out aswell, was a great cruise!


SCAMER 09-09-06 20:00

this cruise even made it on the radio this arvo at 1:45, fox fm gave a shoutout to us, lady called up said "just letting everyone know there was a big group of banana coloured (i laughed thinking its gotta be canary yellow bt1's) late commodores cruising in a big group it looked really good, great site and alot of people stopped for a look" then host (higo think it was) said "they wouldnt of been late 80 commodores would it, that would be the guys having a cruise for peter brock im guessing, there a great bunch of guys, get behind them and give him a beep and a wave and support the guys"

platuim 09-09-06 20:11

hahaha thats mad that does make sense we were getting alot of beeps and waves

vlgmh8 09-09-06 20:16

looked like a nice turnout.. put some more pics up

DarkJedi 09-09-06 20:20

more pics!!

AIRGMH 09-09-06 21:51




It was so funny when we were goin through the little town near skyhigh, people didn't know what dosed em! LOL

PHS 09-09-06 22:08

**** iv gotta get all these photo's posted and iv got a few really good video's cause down the mountian i was bassically last so iv got a few really good ones guys...... ill try to get them all uploaded by tonight

also thanks to all the guys who showed up, looked nice awsome day cheeers's

PIMPVQ 09-09-06 22:16

sick cruise, i had a good time.

PHS 09-09-06 23:10
still alot more to come and vids

hsvtrev 09-09-06 23:34

good work guys, looks like a taxi station!

unknown 10-09-06 00:22

ah ya b astards, no pics of the maroon sector :(

anyone who came on the rest of the BT1 cruise that ended up somewhere in port melbourne, i hope you liked my spot i took ya's too :p

NGAPLZ 10-09-06 00:39

could of been a boring cruise but someone had to take charge!!! lol

what maroon sector hahaha

WooD 10-09-06 00:46

CEPTR looks so clean you could eat off it!

BiToVLT 10-09-06 01:17

hey guys
had a mad day today!!
talkin **** doin skids in the doughy pan!!
boiz and gurls! i got some SIKKK footage of that rubber show we put on for that 5 mins!! i will get it up asap ok!! u will love it!!
got stacks of photos and doses and vids me and my m8s took!!

omg!! we got a mention on fox!! madd!! that does make sense why i had a few people wave and beeps all over the place!!! would have looked mad to people who didnt know what was going on!! well done guys!! that was WELL worth the wait!!

NGAPLZ 10-09-06 01:23

please dont show number plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Gilly 10-09-06 02:12

Sounds like it was a good cruise, wish I had a yellow BT1 just so I could come!

Dj-Gc0 10-09-06 02:43

ey guys, tuff cruise. espically seeing all the cepta's turning together thru the bends.surprised the boys in blue wernt out...
these pics are off my phone ... so not the best quality... but any photo is good when theres ceptas in line posing ;)

vlgmh8 10-09-06 10:18

look at the two wagons sitting down there all by themselves :D

HYPDVL 10-09-06 11:58

ill try and get some pics and footage up from brighton autobarn

PHS 10-09-06 12:08

good vid of most of us going through one of those towns after skyhigh

PHATVL` 10-09-06 12:17

i just creamed my pants...

HYPDVL 10-09-06 12:25
this is at autobarn afterwards

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