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CLNGMH 30-01-10 11:56

Go-kart Title Of 2010 - Postponed until further notice
Hello all.

Most of you would have received my SMS about the GO-KART challenge, Last one recorded was in 2006, over 4yrs has passed and it's time to renew it.

It's a great way to catch up with all the crew not only from this website but blokes such as Brendo (GTR Drifter), WaynO (PHA.713), Lukey (R1) and hopefully get Lukey VL down from the Isa.

The event is for us long term members of this site to get together and battle it out on the track to see who will win the CALAISTURBO GO-KART CLASSIC.

Make sure you visit this thread for the dates and booking's as all entries will need to be paid upfront to enter.

I will find out what maximum numbers aloud and also Ollie suggested we have
Heats, qualifying and final's making it a full fun event.

Condition's are.

#you have to be a member of for over 2year.
#Depending on numbers will determine if this event goes through.
#Booking's up front with NO refunds (your payment will turn into beer)
#special request of invites of none CT members are to be pre-arranged by ME (if need extra numbers only)
#Make sure you book in early once the date is set.

For further inquiries PM me CLNGMH.



Indy Race Package - *$75 per person.
With a minimum number of 8 drivers required for this event, and a maximum of 14 on the track at once, this is a great introduction to kart racing. This event consists of a
1 x 12 minute practice session
1 x 15 lap qualifying race
1 x 15 lap final.
We use the times from the qualifying race to determine the starting order for the "rolling-start" final. For bookings larger than 14 people, we will break the group down into teams, with the fastest drivers going through to the final, and the others compete in a "consolation" final, so everyone gets the same amount of time on the track!

Ok peoples, date is set (its mid week)
we are booked in for the indy race package.
$75 per head need min of 8 but would like to be able to get 3 teams of 8.
This will need to be pre-paid in full before the day.
Bank details will be up after i get enough interest.
p.s. Trophy's will be sponsored by efi performance. 1st,2nd,3rd place.

HYPED6 30-01-10 14:20

Count me in. Last one was good. I think i got 4th last.... I have had 4 years of nothing remotely racing orientated and probably weigh an extra 10kg's. Lets see if I can get 5th last this time around

exchaser 30-01-10 15:55

hahahha!! ;)
give the old kart a tweak on the carby sean, just bring some pliers for ur pocket, last time I ever drove a kart at Archie, the ****s rip the t's off the jets and some of them are welded so u cant move them..

Yeh, im in !! :)

251NFL 30-01-10 20:15

only allowed to bring extre people if they are hot and female...andys mum doesnt count :p

SHERIF 30-01-10 21:25

what date Whitey?
I really like the go-karts but for me to qualify would have to be after march, thats when my 2 years is up

CLNGMH 31-01-10 12:13


Originally Posted by sherif
what date Whitey?
I really like the go-karts but for me to qualify would have to be after march, thats when my 2 years is up

Not sure yet johnny, why do you qualify after 2 yrs???? explain

choco 31-01-10 13:28

Just done this for a bucks night great time count me in

mIsS VL 31-01-10 16:47

hrmmmm i hvnt driven a go-cart in yeeeears!!

TroyVK 31-01-10 17:08

I could b up for this, haven't been for a while
had a ball last time which was at Kingston park

should b fun

cmy747 31-01-10 18:32

why bother..........we all know ollie the little **** will win, unless one of pays someone off to break his

OVL087 31-01-10 19:20

hahaha col

u have lost some weight , u might stand a chance now.

ollie can get caught up in back markers , or hopefully someone can take him out.

yeah whitey i am in for this.

Antho 31-01-10 19:57

Which track is this gonna be at?, I vote kingston park, its probably the best for racing plenty of room for passing and a good track with a bit of everything.

Archerfield are quicker but not as fun to race against each other in my opinion

SHERIF 01-02-10 08:09


Originally Posted by CLNGMH
Not sure yet johnny, why do you qualify after 2 yrs???? explain

Rick in your conditions off entry
#you have to be a member of for over 2year.

so that makes me just under 2 years until after march

CLNGMH 01-02-10 08:10

Yer will be at kingston park.

I'm calling them this week to sus everything out, i'd say we will end up with about 30 or more racers.

And col, ollie got done by donkey kong (Lukey R1) in 2006.

hahaha nar your right johnny. I'll class you as in mate.

VLT87 01-02-10 10:07

separate class for us "non-midgets"?

IGNITE 01-02-10 10:57

Im in. let me know when.

InsaneVL 01-02-10 11:06

Yeah.. might be able to come along to this. Someone has to be last! lol.....

osk 01-02-10 16:20

yup im in white ****

LukeVL 01-02-10 21:41

*Coughs as he opens*

I would love to be a part of it but I'm fairly tight on time. Coming home for bucks and wedding in May but then gone again for a few years. If it works out I'll see y'all there.

osk 02-02-10 18:48

I miss you lukey :(

i want another man date hahah

calais25t 02-02-10 20:10


Originally Posted by VLT87
separate class for us "non-midgets"?

LOL I agree its pretty unfair some of weigh upawards of 100kgs u aint gonna win no matter how good u are!

CLNGMH 03-02-10 09:59

Lukey R1 won the event last time and he would be over 100kg.

Quit your sooking and push your weight around on the track

exchaser 03-02-10 18:03


Lukey R1 won the event last time and he would be over 100kg.
Yeh Rick, he also didn't enter the final in the same number kart he was assigned as per the qualifying sessions.. so the whole weight thing is a bit of a load of **** lol...

Lighter is always going to be better, but if u can't drive, or u get a **** kart from the start, your not gunna win regardless of how light/heavy u are. It's probably more about having a good time at a hire kart event, the karts are usually so ****ing up the **** compared to anything u'd ever claim to own yourself, so if u win, your half lucky anyway ;)
Just as a bit of comparison there is about 16kg difference between the lightest and heaviest drivers on the F1 grid... Don't really hear them complaining.. If you're not coming.. you probably dont need to post in the thread.

mIsS VL 03-02-10 20:50

i might come actually.... but knowing my luck.. id get the one that breaks down ahaha :p

CLNGMH 03-02-10 21:34

Thats right Ollie, its all about the fun.

But Luke R1 said as long as he beats you and brendo he will be wrapped.

And he said looking forward to catch up too man.

Chloe you won't be the only chick either...

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