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ILLUSIV 07-12-04 12:21

Xmas BBQ Cruise?
Hey People....

do we wanna try and have an xmas bbq cruise??? the last cruise started out ok, but went down quick... but the bbq was nice... it was a nice area...

So do we wanna try and have one b4 xmas???? We can also use this to all sit down, and talk about motorvation and make sure we have all bases covered?

Im up for it?? what about others???

if we wanna have it on a sunday, then it can only be this sunday (12th) as the 19th is the cccwa xmas windup, and the 26th is boxing day

so how about a sat arvo/evening??? Im thinking the 18th???


Wilko 07-12-04 12:24

Yea will be great on a Sat arvo/evening. BBQ, Sth Perth foreshore (usual spot) we can all chip in a few bucks before it and couple of us can go shopping for cool lil pressies. Will need a good turnout though so show your interest and keep it firm!

(Maybe instead of all chipping in and only one or two goin shopping, we all rock up with a pressie and chuck it in a bag and make a lucky dip thing)

wagonshaw 07-12-04 12:40

you know ill be there. but will have to be a saturday for me as i have my little brothers birthday on the sunday

JETWPN` 07-12-04 15:47

fark. my car wont be finished until the end of december. spewin, ill probly still come along in my n/a to catch up with u all.

1sickvl 07-12-04 16:17

make it after boxing day so i can do a few skids

Wilko 07-12-04 16:23

I'm goin away from the 26th..... Wont be much of a x-mas thing if x-mas has gone.

wagonshaw 07-12-04 16:50

very true.

1sickvl 07-12-04 17:16

yea righto i get ya

scary 07-12-04 18:06

sounds good.... i havent met any of you guys (apart from jetwpn) so i might be interested.... would you guys mind a reasonably nice n/a coming along...?

1sickvl 07-12-04 18:07

yea for sure, come along man!

Wilko 07-12-04 18:17

So lets start a list, if your on it... try stick to it. No point doing this unless it will be a good turn out not like other days (It's X-Mas peeps, so come on)
PM if you wanna be added.
looks like it will be Sat 18th Dec. South Perth Foreshore. BBQ late lunch early dinner (What time you want it?) Bring your own food and drinks (unless someone wants to donate :p ) and bring your mates if they wanna come. Bring a little present wrapped up, something along the lines of $5-$15, or whatever u can afford, will be a lucky dip so think universal (boy/girl) ;)

Who's coming for definite: (9) :cool:
72of150 & Missus:

wagonshaw 07-12-04 18:23

i think leave the xmas gift out of it. i gotta save every cent for some work on the car.

Wilko 07-12-04 18:45

Thats cool, make it optional- always fun seeing what people get! We'll just have a box for people to put something in, if they chose to buy anything can chuck ya name on some paper so we know and u can have a lucky dip.. all in fun!

LAGWAGN 07-12-04 18:58

yep ill come along if thats alright

ill bring a carton a V if your all interested

wagonshaw 07-12-04 19:14

V is that the energy drink?

damianf 07-12-04 19:25


JETWPN` 07-12-04 19:37

hey steve,(SCARY) if ur headin up i mite come up with u as my n/a aint really up to scratch. so if ur keen, im up for it

LAGWAGN 07-12-04 19:52

yeh wagonshaw V energy drink
can also bring a mixed carton of mizone, gforce, h2go or evian water??
just an idea as it will most probably be pretty hot

ILLUSIV 07-12-04 20:21

do u get it for free or somthin?

scary 07-12-04 21:15

im pretty keen but would sort of rather it a little earlier... i might head off by about 4ish to get back to mandy by 5.

but yeah, put me down as a definate and alex, you are more than welcome :)

JETWPN` 07-12-04 21:45

sweet as mate, cheers

72 of 150 07-12-04 21:45

Im in, missus too.
Although i got some fresh funny sounds, but f**k it!

PROJKTL 07-12-04 22:07

is this just a barbi , or is it a cruize as well, i might be in , but im not definate atm

EVLGURL 07-12-04 22:28

Sorry this isnt really anythin to do with this cruise. but are u gonna have a cruise on the w/e of motorvation. Cause i would b interested. Cause im from down in albany its hard to make trips to perth all the time. but im coming up for motorvation for the club (tuned) and im gathering a few others from around the country side areas will b heading up for the event 2. (sorry, i would start a thread but im not a usual on here so i was a bit scared. hehehe)
cheers Evlgurl

SLIPPERY VL 07-12-04 22:37

hey guys ive sold the vl, i may come along in my new car, whatever it will not sure yet :)

havnt seen yas for a while

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