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hdtf-18 06-11-11 22:57

HDTF-18 ... and future plans
Hey everyone just thought I'd put up a post about the car I recently bought off good mate wonderboy. For those of you don't know the car or haven't seen it i thought i may as well put up it's current mods and the future plans. As it is now my blue baby has hdt kit with simmons 17's. Motor has high flow turb with bosch 044 pump, surge tank etc a r32 5 speed box and few other bits and pieces which previous owner has told me added up to a touch under 210rwkw. Since getting it have added little luxuries like central locking and remote start alarm and engine rebuild has already begun out at Adelaide Engine Developments. Sourced a rb25 head for it which has been machined already and have bought a gt35/40 turbo for it. The instructions given to Darren out at AED was to build me a motor with over 360rwkw and he has told me it should end up maxing out the gt35/40 's power abilities. It will be low mounted using a 6boost manifold and will be setup to use e85 fuel and because of the large amount of internal work being done he is confident of that power figure on only 14-15psi. Have sourced another bottom end which engine builder will give a freshen up and has already bought some pistons and rods for. About to get a r33 box for it this week with triple plate clutch.
Going to turn it into a four seater using the hdt leather seats from the ve vk retro car. Will be getting wonderboy to drive the car for me on the cruise next week as lost licence for another few weeks yet.


group3t 07-11-11 16:53

nice work mate!
sound like you have some big plans for this car
look foward to seeing u at the cruise

Weezy 07-11-11 18:35

I caught up with Todd last week, and he told me a little about it and what plans you have in store with it.

Sounds good man, taking it to the next level.

300+ rwkw on such little boost would be very ambitious, but all the best.
When it comes time to it being finished dont dwell on the power figures so much, but how it gets the power to the ground.

hdtf-18 15-11-11 10:59

I'm not too concerned with power figures as I want the car to be streetable and start first time everytime. The power figures at that boost is simply being passed on from what the engine builder said to me. As Todd can tell you I'm not as knowledgable on engines etc as you or him are which is why I am just passing on what's told to me. After contacting HDT for interior it doesn't seem worth doing for the outlay. Was wondering if anyone has used proseat for interior before? If their work is considered ok I will be getting interior made this week. The quote has been done for 4 ve gts seats and will prob get this colour too...

Will be done in Dakota leather which is used in the latest BMW prestige package so I'm told.

A bit concerned about some of the feedback on this company and the turn around time as i want them done asap so if anyone knows of a company that does ve gts on vl rails could they let me know and also the name of a good local company who will install and do the rest of the 4 seater conversion

---------- Post added 15-11-11 at 17:54 ----------

Just in from engine builder, progress report of work done so far...

The main parts that have been aquired for the job are;

Mahle forged pistons RB30 suit 25 head

Manley H beam conrods

Supertech +1mm inlet & exhaust valves

Supertech Hyd spring kit

Camtech 264 inlet and 268 ex cams with vernier wheels

Head has been CNC Ported with bronze guides fitted and all machine work inc welding water hole to modify for RB30 block

Block has been hot tank cleaned and is at machine shop to be bored & honed. Currently waiting for the torque plate to be made before machining block, should be ready next week.

Please advise model car and turbo being used so I can order exhaust manifold and upgraded sump to suit.

Weezy 17-11-11 19:57

Big things happening!

hdtf-18 30-01-12 16:45

just bought the old interior from gas747 car which are vx r8 coulsons and leather bench. stereo is almost done, 2 pairs of jl audio 6.5 components, alpine dvd head unit, 2 pdx alpine amps and 2 jl audio 2inch subs. amps will be under perspex in boot with some ligbts and full leather thats getting colour matched to the coulosons for around the subs. engine is almost done, the silver ceramic exhaust manifold from 6boost is here and the crank which had to be cut just arrived from the states. heres a link to the interior..

hdtf-18 24-05-12 10:10

update time
Hey guys just thought i'd update you on the progress. whilst the new engine not far away the current one decided to play up before I was due to be out at mallalla so took the car to boostworx and had him put in 550cc injectors, vipec v88 computer, the gt35/40 and polish the crank and do new bearings and put the eboost2 in it, end result was 270kw at the wheels on 18psi. also is running a wade 818 cam. also got some pics of the half finished interior with the stereo in.

VLPSI88 25-05-12 22:10

took this for a drive the other day. my first time in a 35/40 vlt. It gave me an erection. And also has winched me back to a VLT. they seem to do that.... looking forward to it with another 100rwkw or so.

TUXEDO 27-05-12 18:34

Have you bought or planning to buy another VL Todd?

VLPSI88 28-05-12 21:09

Yeah I'm getting another one. Wedding later this year, then the boss has said im "allowed" to get one. Cant wait.

TUXEDO 28-05-12 21:10

haha NICE! Friday night meet ups!

VLPSI88 28-05-12 21:24

Yep, keen as. We need to get the group of guys out for friday night cruises again.

vlct2010 30-05-12 06:40


Originally Posted by BoYwOnDeR (Post 2929550)
Yep, keen as. We need to get the group of guys out for friday night cruises again.

ill b keen on cruises... u found a vlt to buy yet??

Weezy 30-05-12 10:51


Originally Posted by BoYwOnDeR (Post 2929537)
Yeah I'm getting another one. Wedding later this year, then the boss has said im "allowed" to get one. Cant wait.

Where is my invite to this weddding you *******! haha

vlct2010 30-05-12 11:27

haha try convince her to let u build one to use in ur wedding lol

VLPSI88 30-05-12 23:48

haha wayne your my best man! didnt you know?

Having a look around but havent really acted on anything yet. can get some pretty decent deals like murphs berlina 5 speed. But will need to make sure money is in order for the wedding... I have already tried that card "come on babe, if i start building one now i could be done by november, then i can keep it after! its a win/win!"

TURBZ 31-05-12 03:44


Originally Posted by BoYwOnDeR (Post 2929550)
Yep, keen as. We need to get the group of guys out for friday night cruises again.

Keen!! :ninja:

Blink 31-05-12 10:51


Originally Posted by Weezy (Post 2930050)
Where is my invite to this weddding you *******! haha

Ive got an invite :ninja:

TUXEDO 31-05-12 11:19

Same :ninja:

vlct2010 31-05-12 23:56

good luck with th build..

hdtf-18 03-07-12 18:21

new wheels
polished simmons fr 19's with 245/35 on the back and 235 on the front going on fri/monday depending when they arrive and very close to sorting out the harrop 6 piston front 4 piston rear with 381mm rotors and braided line combo to fill up the space behind the 19's. Can't wait and will post pics up

BT 04-07-12 22:36

sounds good mate ....

hdtf-18 08-07-12 17:20


group3t 11-07-12 20:18

nothing beats polished up fr'z on a vl
whens the calais turbo cruise?

Murph 11-07-12 20:32


Originally Posted by group3t (Post 2943238)
whens the calais turbo cruise?

Coming very soon... Keep an eye out:)

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