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dougall83 24-12-13 08:32

Dougs mint Vlct build thread.....
well I spose its time to do a thread on "the scrapper" I brought the Calais with little intention of building it up as this was my 6th vl, and sposed to be a little fun, anyhow this is how it came n/a 200,000 plus kays, it came with interceptors so the first thing on the cards was Calais rims its paint is pretty faded and I brought off a p plater so usuall bullsh!t holes in front door cards ect, but boot just been done for rust and all in all is pretty stock Calais

dougall83 27-12-13 08:11

then I got on this forum and hunted all the gear for the turbo conversion, including a no holes front mount,

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so the turbo kit was fitted, and come across a few little probs on the first road test, after I got plates on it, was on boost down the road and the scrapper looked like puffing billy!
so all hot side was pulled off and did a t3 rebuild and followed the tech thread off here

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so slowly brought some bolt on parts like turbosmart boost controller,and brightline airbox and sunglasses gauge holder panel

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and a boost gauge to wind the scrapper to 10psi

3lturbo 27-12-13 10:03

Cool car, looks nice and clean.

dougall83 27-12-13 10:04

thanks 3lturbo needs a lot of work and just seeming to get a little outa hand,lol I just brought some 550cc injectors and microtech,"thanks mr vl bt1" so ive fitted them and a fuel pressure reg

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shaun from smp is tuning it here in Townsville having a little trouble with tps signal so a little drama atm

VLWAGONIT 27-12-13 10:46

I think its a bit too clean to be called a scrapper mate

dougall83 27-12-13 11:02

ha ha lol vlwagonit I guess coz I only paid 2k for it and was a little molested I just nick named it that, and needs a lot of work to b up to the standard I want for powercruise ect so as it sits
-highcomp t3 turbo setup
-n/a auto lol
-n/a diff lol
-550 injectors
-3inch to cat then 2/5 to back ??????
-lt8 microtech
-turbosmart boost controller
-rising rate fuel pressure regulator
-brightline airbox and pod

woulda thought more people woulda put in there 2cents by now don't b shy!!

MUS 30-12-13 22:35

Looks clean mate, what's wrong with ya "scrapper".. In this case 80% of the VL's in the build section are for the tip! Lol.
Keep at it, get up some mo pics.

dougall83 31-12-13 10:35

lol cheers mus, well finally fixed the tps signal it was the wire that went to the auto,
half way thru road tune and pulled over to wind boost up to around 15psi took off and BAM! really loud wirring noise coming from auto poss converter or pump :(
so will hav to pull box out

MUS 31-12-13 16:34


Originally Posted by dougall83 (Post 3038219)
lol cheers mus, well finally fixed the tps signal it was the wire that went to the auto,
half way thru road tune and pulled over to wind boost up to around 15psi took off and BAM! really loud wirring noise coming from auto poss converter or pump :(
so will hav to pull box out

Good stuff, MORE PICS! Every angle of the car. Undercarriage included lmao.

dougall83 01-01-14 10:02

ok buddy will do:)

dougall83 07-01-14 18:27

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so the auto is out now and looking at the old 1, looks like the shaft and converter, were binded up a bit but who knws???, so will just b throwing another spare n/a trans in to the bloody thing until ive saved up enough coin to buy a built box, hopefully get in tonight and then finish tune maybe Friday, if all goes well???

dougall83 11-01-14 16:38

so box went in yesterday and noise still there WTF!!!!!!
held the turbo shaft, and well F@CK ME!! turbo shaft was the noise FFS!!!
so going pro boost gt35 and wastegate, I have always wonderd how grants turbo stuff was I guess im gunna find out, will post more picks when parts arrive!

dougall83 24-01-14 21:07

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so slowly getting some more parts together, rajab plenum,surge tank,xf throttle body, and a 044 on the way,still wating on turbo n gate, slowly coming together,also battery is going in boot for ff plenum,and tray is coming out and fuse box is going into the glovebox, will post some more pics when more parts arrive, or when goes back together,:mrt:

3lturbo 25-01-14 21:12

Nice plenum!!! Have you got most of the parts now?

dougall83 25-01-14 21:41

only paid $650 for rajab plenum,044 and surge tank! ha ha way too cheap to pass up!
so all coming together!!


Originally Posted by 3lturbo (Post 3040089)
Nice plenum!!! Have you got most of the parts now?

yeah just about got all parts now "3lturbo" exept auto and converter!! so will set up as is and save my ass off till something pops up or get somethn built!! just cleaned the plenum tonight,came up ok!
also ive lined up a 28 spline lsd ,, so not long now she will b up n running:mrt:[

dougall83 28-01-14 17:54

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now just wating on the turbo, so buy the end of the week start welding up the new dump ect,

dougall83 30-01-14 15:50
well turbo showed up today! woohoo so hopefully slowly go back together,
seems a lot bigger than the t3, ha ha dosent look like it will b an easy fit

dougall83 02-02-14 10:59

got some plates on the way too,

so I sold standard exhaust manifold,dump pipe,and no holes intercooling pipes,so im now going to go top mount,

dougall83 09-02-14 08:04

aeroflow 044.. so have all of fuel system now, and starting to go back together will take some progression pics as I go,

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intake starting to get fitted,

dougall83 11-02-14 06:00

3lturbo 11-02-14 19:41

Are you going to relocate the battery to the boot as well? If you get a chance you should tidy the bay up a little at the same time, would take it to the next level man.

dougall83 12-02-14 06:09

yeah id love to! but I have none what so ever prep or paint skills, but batt is def going in boot and tray coming out,also fusebox into glovebox, im talking to a painter atm about it all, so when its running I"ll take to his shop and well go from there,i guess its all the little things like hiding wiring ect, ive never done it before, so see how much longer its off the road? I spose its a hard call I brought the vl as a bit of a runabout, but I guess as they all do turned into a bit more than that,i wana build up my spare motor and fit a glide into it eventllly, so will b back off the road when funds permit,

dougall83 14-02-14 16:27

so all parts here, hopefully over the next week or so its back together,

MUS 16-02-14 01:44

Niiiice.. I like shiny :) Polish the plenum bro. Looking mint.

BUD 16-02-14 17:58

Nice champ

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