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exchaser 23-10-02 12:06

Official Exchaser Cruise #5 Details
Hey all, just thought I'd post up what we have basically known for a couple of weeks now about the next cruise because ollie's a bitch and doesn't have a computer at his disposal...
SO, here you are...


As we did with the previous cruise to avoid unwanted attention from authorities, all further details i.e meeting place, time, cruise route and destination will be emailed to your personal email address...
I'd like to ask any newbies who haven't yet notified us of their email address to do so by sending it to

As you probably know, Ollie's computer is ****ered, so it'll be a few days before the emails with all the details will get to you... which is all good coz you can tell all your mates with sick VL's that it's coming up on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24 ... cool well that's about it I think....
watch those email accounts :D

cheers !!
Ollie (Jay :D)

OVL087 23-10-02 16:10

i dont have a personal email address

ZED 310 23-10-02 17:19

Hey Ollie you ****sack!!!

A day cruise = hot temperatures = pinging, which I know I hate, unless someone wants to gimme a cooler and a nice fat thermo, I wont be boosting much.

Andy, no email = no cruise for you!

Just make sure there are lots of hills involved, ie, going up, cos my car loves munching hills... going down and stopping is another thing :(

Yeh, in the meantime, I wanna hook up with a few of you guys, ie Jay/Andy and see how the sunny goes.. All I can find are gay ecotec commodores with ****head drivers :( I hate working nites...

Evan 23-10-02 18:23

I get to schoolies on Sunday 24th... i will have my car and me and my mates will come along.... will the destination be hard to find??? My sis lives in Southport would she know where to send me?

OVL087 23-10-02 18:50


Originally Posted by ZED 310
Hey Ollie you ****sack!!!

Andy, no email = no cruise for you!

how do i get an email address


Originally Posted by ZED 310
I wanna hook up with a few of you guys, ie Jay/Andy .

hahaha 3som hey , ya poof , just dont say it when ur drunk and have timmy in ur hands
nah im sure we can organise something , whats doing thursday night.
give brendan a run hehehe if ur up to it

OVL087 23-10-02 18:52

if we go to the gold coast then for sure come with us. its very easy to get around down there , just stick with us and ul be sweet

Jeffo 23-10-02 18:59

hey guys, keen as mustard for this cruise ay....just need a new turbo so i can drive!!! if ne of u guys can help me find one i would be stoked :) ollie let me know details ay. pm if u dont have my email addy. u should but :) over and out.

my88vl 23-10-02 20:11


All I can find are gay ecotec commodores with ****head drivers
That wasn't directed in any particular direction was it??

Anyway i'm keen as all hell for a cruise, even though i don't have a VL any more i love coming along to see some of the finest QLD examples out there

OVL087 23-10-02 20:15


Originally Posted by my88vl

All I can find are gay ecotec commodores with ****head drivers
That wasn't directed in any particular direction was it??

well u dont have a commodore , your not a bad driver, but you are gay.

my88vl 23-10-02 20:22

Hey cmon Andy... keep it clean. This thread is about the 5th cruise not about questioning other peoples sexuality... and for the record i am male, and very gay. Any doubts, ask my man bitch.

Lets get this back on track and talk cruising

ScKoTTeY 23-10-02 20:50

OVL087: Web based email addy can be easily obtained through hotmail.

Drifter69 23-10-02 21:17

sounds good i should be able to bring about 4 vl turbos from the sunny coast. i will deffanetly be attending this time as my car will be ready this weekend :o

exchaser 24-10-02 12:50

yo yo werd up ma niggas !!
I'm at school using their gay internet... haha (sometimes they block this site cause i use it too much !!) lamos.
Thanks Jay for posting up the details.. well in advance.. which is good.
I only have to get the emails of about 3 newbies from the brissy area.
Simon: A day cruise = hot = turn the boost DOWN. until we get to sunny coast when it cools down.
Andy: Might see ya in the city tonight if i can pursuade Jay into crusin in, i'll have a tape if i see ya !
Rob: NO HOMOS ALLOWED ON THE CRUISE .. hahahahah !!!!!
anyway my internet rights will be banned in a minute.. this school internet is always monitored. :)

VL-Aero 24-10-02 21:08

hey, im definately keen to come this time... send the details to if you could please

Ogre 25-10-02 16:44

I'll actually be able to make it to this one! Will probably drag along a Celica with 3sGTE(?) transplant too.

OVL087 25-10-02 18:47

oh my god. mr ogre will join us.
hows things old mate , got ur plates on?

VLT87 28-10-02 17:32

have to be after 2pm as that is when i finish work :)

i dunno whether ill go my clutch is stuffed and cant rev above 3600

njpraw 28-10-02 18:25

i'll be there with bells on this time, might try to bring twin turbo 13b ute as well and ive got 3 vl calais wanna come should be big, let me know where and when. no racing for me though i cant get cought again not to many points left now thanks spool buddy next time can u take the rap pleeeeease...... later boys.

OVL087 28-10-02 18:28

next time u see joel , tell him to come , and maybe travis and some others , unless i see him b4hand.

ps can u pm me some details re calais lights , if u have any

Jeffo 29-10-02 11:30

hey guys. getting keener by the day for this cruise. hope u rnt talking it up ollie:P hahah havent got ne email yet .. let me know asap ay. should have my car on da road in a week or so. so i will be ready:)

ZED 310 29-10-02 15:56

haha Ollie, the boost IS down... stock.. kinda..

Just need a new clutch now :( :evil:

Yeh, will let u know how it goes closer to the date

exchaser 29-10-02 18:49

Hey boys and gurls.. hope everyone is as keen and excited as me for whats gunna be one hell rufus mofo of a cruise..
Everyone is pretty eager for the cruise details so I might come up with them during the rest of the week and then do the email spam over the w/e.

Take it easy guys, this one's gunna be FUN !

VL-Aero 29-10-02 21:32

hey fellas, i orgnaised a mate to come to this cruise with me, didnt wanna come lonesome. also, another mate is picking up a black vl berlina turbo on thursday and he's keen as to come.

another thing is, i know about 5 people with VLs that might come but havent told them cause i dont know how much word of this event you guys want getting out.


Ogre 30-10-02 01:22


oh my god. mr ogre will join us.
hows things old mate , got ur plates on?
Yes, that's right - I shall be there. :D
As for the plates, apparantly they were arriving last week....but I still dont have them. There's a job for tomorrow I think, chasing up some slack *******s.

exchaser 30-10-02 13:32

dont be affraid to tell as many people as u can (with vl's of course)
the more the better !
kick it aight !

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