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[HAMOUD] 25-04-08 21:45

:D Hey guys n girls,

First and foremost thanks to all that attended the max number was above 60 cars which still means with short notice we can still pull off a great crowd of stunning cars, there was a great mix of cars and they all looked fantastic cruising together.

As for the doncaster meet im sorry but we did get ****ed around with them shutting the middle and lower carparks and those speedhumps which i got stuck on at epic fail where ridiculous so we have to re organise another spot for donny next time, thats why we all just continued and split up to port melbourne, i tried to keep every1 together on the fwy but hey im not a hwy patrol lol!

thirdly sorry to tell you all but as i did mention we dont like burnouts etc at our cruises and hold no responsibility for the guys that do them, but i caught up with the cops in the divi van at port melbourne...they did happen to mention that they will be getting the security camera footage from the warehouse across the road...dosnt pay to be a hero its a cruise not easternats guys.

last of all im glad that for the first 3 meet points every1 was extremely well behaved and we didnt have any cop trouble at all...even the last meet point, i think the only guys that did get done where the ones with rubber on the gaurds...not that there was many but still.

thanks again for all that attended and 2008 is a big year so a few more cruises are yet to and keep it safe on the streets.


p.s if you have any pics of my car or any cars postttt!!!

ONFLYT 25-04-08 22:20

thanks hamoud for organising a great cruise and i hope there is many more to come.


WOGPSI 25-04-08 22:55

Sorry i coudnt be there guys, my car will br mostly done for the next meet. Heard all about it when the boys got home thou, i had a few mates there and the feedback was awesome! Looking forward to some pics :)

ICUL8R 25-04-08 23:10

yeah it was good had fun, cept i got windscreen wipers that work when they feel like it or when i hit a bump

FORZA 26-04-08 00:45


Originally Posted by [HAMOUD]
i think the only guys that did get done where the ones with rubber on the gaurds...

i got done on flinders street for doin absolutely nothin wrong:rolleyes: :mad:

apart from that good cruise

[PSIXTC] 26-04-08 01:53

good cruise, But next time we need to organise a few maps, Everyone was everywhere.

GAS747 26-04-08 01:58


dont bother making meet points at busy places, too hard and too messy

cappa_22 26-04-08 02:05

heyy guyss.. didnt get to come on the cruise BUT i was able to watch most of u guys drive past me, if ne of u's noticed the kid standing near the white trailer at todd rd at the go kart track that was me:p. go0d to see some nice cars show, n i was able to jump in a vl wen a few of the guys went bak to peir 35.. got my parents to drop me off :rolleyes: :p cant wait for the nxt one thoo :)

Counterpoint 26-04-08 09:15

2 pics of the day. Have about 20 more but my mate doesnt have a clue how to use a camera and there all crap! Sorry guys

Anyone get snaps of EXECVL? Please post em up or forward them on to me, Cheers Counterpoint

VLDooD 26-04-08 09:26

great cruise guys, nicked of at epping, dandy is a bit far for me lol... other wise good day, i got heaps of pics ill post up later on today.

shonkytrb 26-04-08 10:03


my cruise ended at keilor park drv when i gave it a little/heaps and smoke was cumming out the back of the car so i pulled into old calder hwy and looked under the car and oil was pissen out the front of the auto. i hope its the front seal now i have to wait for the next cruise.

REVENU 26-04-08 10:23

Went to epping which had a pretty mint turnout and headed to doncaster with the crowd... followed a car which turned off bell st but turned out he was going home so we did a u-turn, started heading the other way and i see like 30 cars that must have been following us lol SORRY.

Got to doncaster and the crowd had dropped but the quality of cars was still good! My exhaust manifold began to leak along the way and by the time we got to doncaster i sounded like a sh!t box so went home!

Nice meeting Dixie Dan and seeing a few other faces i hadn't seen in a while! Pitty about the weather though.

All in all an ok cruise.... let us know how it ended up!

I got no pics either which sucks but i seen a few camera's shooting away so post em up :D

Raptor 26-04-08 14:04

Good cruise, had lots of fun. good to see everyone again!

DIXIE 26-04-08 14:11

had a fun time.. except for the epic fail speedhumps on the shoppo roof.. and the fact that there was nowhere for any of us to go. lol.

oh and get this

shoppo roof. line of cars trying to get off the roof, cars not moving.. old woman walking past going 'see..see! its all the young kids that drive like idiots! HOONS!'

im like wtf we're totally stationary. bitch looked like a leather handbag.

lol anyway

pics people PICS!!!

xchser 26-04-08 14:14

LOL Dixie the "HOON"

DIXIE 26-04-08 14:15


Originally Posted by xchser
LOL Dixie the "HOON"

nah dixie with a hardon after seeing ur car go past. lol

i was like :| zomfgwtfomgomgomgwtf

xchser 26-04-08 14:18

heheheh I was going to stop but i have bad memories from that car park... Stil haunts me to this day :(

DIXIE 26-04-08 14:23

lol man when it started raining we were like

:| its raining.

xchser. slicks. rain. power. omg i wanna see this. lol.

xchser 26-04-08 14:27

I didnt have my window wipers hooked up yet heheeheh we were singing anti-rain chants

DIXIE 26-04-08 14:29


*pictures homer 'heyhowareya heyhowareya heyhowareya'

VLWPN 26-04-08 15:57

mulkers 26-04-08 16:24

Looks the goods. Couldn't make it to the Taylors Meet. Met up at epping. Cruise was awesome. little disappointed with the final meet place. it wasn't particularly clear, and several got lost, people were scattered, some didn't come, and some went home. Would be good to have a place at the end of the next cruise where everyone can park, chill, and chat. maybe even a bbq or something.

The cruise back to echuca wasn't as fun as the cruise from epping to donny. :)

here are some short vids, before my camera run out of batteries.

DIXIE 26-04-08 17:31

^^ mad vids :D

lol @ 'its dixies car' then we look over with the dumbest expressions ever lol.

any more pics ??

adz3174 26-04-08 17:34

looked like a decent turnout...good cruise ey?

when my calais is looking a little less grampa spec ill be sure to come along to a cruise or two, should be good fun...thats if im welcome ofcourse...anybody got a problem with black calais'? lol :D

well done boys...and shame on the heroes doing burnouts that could have ruined it for everybody.

muttley_6 26-04-08 17:59

was a good cruise, we left after doncaster. just dreading opening the mail after getting snapped by the red light camera

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