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jdcustom 22-06-05 15:02

jd custom plenums for sale
JD CUSTOM automotive
11 progress st mornington
5975 8688
0410 597 533

proud sponsor of the VL TURBO NATIONALS

full mechnical workshop
latest diagnostic scanners
dyno tuning 450kw dyno dynamics
ls1, ls2, ba-fg ford, hp tuners/vcm suite, wolf, microtech,etc

all repairs small or large
and of course full fabriction shop,
alloy welding anything made to order

just opened exhaust shop side of bussiness
can supply and fit any exhaust systems, mild steel, stainless,
hi flow cats, mufflers, extractors,
full custom made tig welded mandrel bent systems made to order


custom made plenums to suit- rb30, rb 20, rb25
6ltr volume
fully TIG welded
tuned length ram tubes
accepts std air bypass valve (optional)


$700+post with tig welds showing

$800+post sanded down and polished as below

polished piping kits includes all silicone hose, clamps etc $600

weld quality on 1.6mm alloy pipe

$250 polished catch can to suit lh or rh side
ba xr6 plenum fully cast alloy $1150
xr6 under car surge tank complete with 044 pump, fittings $895

vl under car surge tanks
$795 with hoses,044 pump all fittings
$300 bare tank
$440 tank and 3 fittings and hoses

no holes piping kits to suit plenums $650 with silicone hose clamps etc
gen 3 i turboed 468rwkw @10psi

goody 22-06-05 15:16

will you make ones for the RB25det ??

jdcustom 22-06-05 15:22

yeh i also make them for rb 20 and rb25 i'll post up pics of all, same price

1815261 22-06-05 16:46

pictures plz lad?

quikvl 22-06-05 19:31

here are some pics.....;)

VLC-03T 27-06-05 17:09

do these plenums fit without any modification apart from cooler pipes and throttle cable? such as all the standard idle control etc?

jdcustom 27-06-05 20:27

very easy to fit just drill out the thread in lower half of runners so allen key bolts can go up though hole into new plenum base, idle air valve can be fitted to the rear(optional), power steering resverior has to be moved down a bit, use a walkinshaw throtle cable as they use a xf t/b std, holden still has them $45, and i can tap 1/4bsp holes in the base to suit fuel reg, boost gauge etc, let us know how many holes u want.

quikvl 28-06-05 21:12

some more in progress pics....;)

jdcustom 08-07-05 21:48

have made up the piping for them, polished alloy,will get pics up soon

MAD_HUH 08-07-05 22:27


Originally Posted by jdcustom
have made up the piping for them, polished alloy,will get pics up soon

hi jamie, do u have a price on the piping yet? thanks dan.

jdcustom 09-07-05 00:51

$600 polished piping hose clamps nd silicone hose, piping is to suit the hybrid type coolers getting round which can be brought for $220 on this site.

MAD_HUH 09-07-05 07:34

how bout if i was to get a plenum and the piping? still same price or can u do some sort of deal?

RB30X 09-07-05 08:21

Or can you do piping for a standard plenum and hybrid cooler as all the other promised kits are full of crap.

BOOSIT 09-07-05 11:13

im buying a hybrid tube and fin cooler havnt found piping yet but if i was to buy this kit would it fit straight on no worries? what sort of perforamnce would this gain and with cops how would it work? is it illegal to have this modifyed?

quikvl 09-07-05 12:37

i will be pickin my car up today with the full kit i will take some pics and show u guys...;)

XLR8 09-07-05 13:09

what hp will these plenums be good up to?

WHT-JET 10-07-05 19:11

im very very interested where is JD customs loacated in melbourne?

jdcustom 10-07-05 20:28

im in mt martha ph. 0410 597 533 jamie
not really into doing a piping kit for std plenum setup as there is allready guys on here that do them.

RB30X 11-07-05 09:20

Well theres two guys claiming to but no one has actually started selling them yet.
You might get in first.

Hemi 11-07-05 09:33

yeh jamie make standard piping kits...i dont need one but heaps of ppl do...and the other blokes who have promised them havent materialized...slackasses

jdcustom 11-07-05 20:15

i will make up a kit for the std plenum setup, all ready can use the piping from this kit, from the turbo runs along skirt one hole under air box and out around to the left hand cooler entry, just make a new jig for the right hand side cooler to t/b will be 3" up over dizzy etc, be about a week to get ready will let u's know,

RB30X 11-07-05 20:50

I'll be keen and I know a lot of other people will be too!!

SirGeo 12-07-05 00:44

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SirGeo 12-07-05 19:11

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MONSTER 13-07-05 00:50

do these plenums lean out at all? have they been tested?

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