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DeVL 12-03-09 19:14

**BRAND NEW NOS calais centre power window switch***
Hey guys I tracked down a Brand new Calais power window switch from some store near whoop whoop it cost me a mint for the part and then to freight it to perth.

THIS IS THE LAST ONE IN CAPTIVITY !!!! The part is 100% brand new and not reconditioned. There are no scratches on the plastic or the pait at all, The wires and plug are mint because Its a NEW UNIT.

I want $500ono for it, I dont care if it dosnt sell because it will be a part that in the future people will be crying for So if you think im asking to much dont post in here because i will virtualy shove my laptop up your ass.

Pm me or ring me on 0430034650 if you want it.

Mattuz 12-03-09 23:00

when my car was my dads he paid 500 for one of these straight from holden so i rekon its a fair price ur asking man :)

Oliver 12-03-09 23:12

Not the last in captivity yet but a fair price :)

DeVL 13-03-09 14:27

The old man is a manager at coventrys and thats what i got told so if you want one from holden go buy one from there

JB90 13-03-09 14:32

is laptop pictured one that will be shoved up ass?

Oliver 13-03-09 16:00

I was refering to the ones I have captive :)

burgo88 13-03-09 16:23

keen on a swap for a toy boat?

DeVL 14-03-09 13:37

Ill swap it for your blue toy car lol

ILLUSIV 16-03-09 16:22

How can you "virtually" shove it up someones arse? If you did, virtually, it would be in your mind :p

I have 2 brand new ones in boxes at home... for that exact same reason! the future!

burgo88 16-03-09 16:59

ok ill spray paint my toy car blue for u peter pan, currently red...

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