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matt_11 18-12-13 10:31

Gmh05 rip off anyone else been ripped off by him?
Hi there I've been ripped off by gmh05 sent a fake licence etc.
Anyone else been ripped off by him?

VS5LCAL 18-12-13 20:12

Nah I haven't mate but thanks for the heads up. What did he do?

NASTY1 19-12-13 08:18

tell us the full story first...

matt_11 23-12-13 10:15

re gmh05
OTE=NASTY1;3037375]tell us the full story first...

As you will see he advertised a gt3540 ceramic coated etc so I text him asking for some photos and he sent them through straight away he was more than happy to talk/text so we come to the agreed price of $1000 he then wanted the full amount transferred into his bank account when I said I was weary of doing it and I said I would transfer $500 into his account and do the further $500 COD as long as he sent me his licence.(the licence was fake so it turns out) as soon as he got the money the communication stopped and now he's a ghost so I am now 500 down with no turbo!

sohc2 23-12-13 11:02

That is a scum bag act!

If you need a GT3540 ceramic coated in the near future im selling one here

Cheers Dane

aus880 23-12-13 17:00

we have a trader rating system on here to post experiences good and bad

if you'd taken the time to click on his and read his feedback before parting with your $ you would have seen this relating to his last sale:


Rip off paid 300bucks for gauges but never recieved DONT GO NEAR HIM
and may not have proceeded.

I've edited his signature in the meantime, please let us know of any developments asap

RB-GEM 23-12-13 17:34

What a prick . People like that should be banned permanently .

aus880 23-12-13 17:48


Originally Posted by RB-GEM (Post 3037694)
What a prick . People like that should be banned permanently .

that's a quick response that achieves nothing and simply hides a persons bad history

they can start again under a new name with a clean slate

better to try and work to resolve the issue and place a warning under suspect users name unless and until resolved

---------- Post added 23-12-13 at 18:53 ----------

whenever you want to raise an issue like this please include all details step by step and make sure you include links to the item/s you purchased and ensure you clearly state the sellers user name correctly.

people responding in this type of thread please avoid making stupid abusive or threatening type statements twoarsd anyone, it's not helpful or smart and may lead to you being banned.

RB-GEM 23-12-13 19:59

I did a search on his name on the forum . It seems like whenever he sells something he ends up ripping the person off . GMH05 , ,You're a scumbag !!!!!

matt_11 23-12-13 21:21

Thanks guys, he's still un-contactable just a shame there's so many people like him out there it's hard to trust anyone out there these days.

Duke57TT 24-12-13 00:42

If you have his bank details is that enough to get the local constabulary around for a knock on the door?

INFLYT 25-12-13 16:13

What is the address he gave you?

matt_11 28-12-13 14:07


Originally Posted by INFLYT (Post 3037807)
What is the address he gave you?

Pm me your number inflyt and ill talk to you about it. Cheers

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