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stiffy21 02-07-10 20:53

backfire and blowing airbox
hey guys just after some help with my gas system that often wen i give it to it the air box blows. any ideas how to fix this problem?

fishy840 03-07-10 01:41

possibly check spark plugs and ignition leads and replace as required and regap spark plugs to 0.8mm

Matt. 03-07-10 10:37

Is it happening to a VT?
cos my mum had the same problem, pretty sure it went in to get fixed, tho I never asked what the problem turned out to be, I'll find out later and let you know.

LUXJET 04-07-10 10:59

yeah happening to my vs too.. im thinking change the plugs n leads and a $80 tune will fix it..

stiffy21 04-07-10 18:12

k thx heaps guys. btw matt its a vx but i doubt it will be that much of a difference anyway

Matt. 05-07-10 14:53

Found out.. Apparently it was the leads.

CK-1991 12-10-10 12:51

@ Matt
i had the same problem after having LPG installed on my vt
but for me after i changed plugs and leads and it was still doing it, it turned out the guy who tuned it was running gas to lean.

adjusted it and it's all good now!

VQ355 03-06-11 00:30

a motor that has a slight miss running on lpg with backfire alot, be careful if you wash under the bonnet, same will happen if the leads get wet.
new plugs and leads should fix it everytime

vlturbobo 29-08-11 21:50

itll continu 2 happen, just do what i did. get a valve put into the airbox. 99% of gas joints sell em, and when it backfires the valve will pop open venting out the backfire and leaving the airbox intact.

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