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WPNVLT 01-04-08 22:11

mx7 yoke on mf5 tailshaft problems
i have put a mx7 yoke on a mf5 tailshaft but the yoke only goes half way in the gearbox its a r33 gearbox maby i should just get a stronger tailshaft and have it longer so the spline is all the way it.

Hingo 02-04-08 17:37

Mine is the same.... Had no problems. It still sits on more then enough splines to hold it in tight, no oil leaks from it...

WPNVLT 02-04-08 18:06

yeh iv been driving the car like it and havent had a problem but its got a new engine infront of it now 26/30 gt3540 etc so its guna have to be fixed.

87calais 02-04-08 23:43

Thats how its supposed to be. The yoke slides in and out of the gearbox as your rear suspension extends and compresses.

pigsy 12-04-08 21:49

yes but just how far out is it 20-30mm 30-40mm

WPNVLT 30-04-08 19:36

like 40mm lol dont own the car anymore

michael9d 01-03-17 16:05

Hey man how did you out the mx7 yoke on the mf5 tailshaft, the caps are the wrong size for me?

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calaist5 06-03-17 16:43

"Awaiting Deanovlct comment here"

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