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sammyt 24-06-07 18:03

Post Up Pics Of Your Car [SA]
Hey ladies and gents, just thought it would be good soo see what all you guys are driving......i thought it would be good to pos up your pics for every 1 to have a lookccc... up to you sammyt...[IMG][/IMG]

kenworth 24-06-07 18:08

Mate there is a stack of the post up ya pics threads try adding to another 1
otherwise there is going to be shhite loads of them :)

_Calturb 24-06-07 18:19

who cares, i want to see too. Post away :)

NTMID 8 24-06-07 19:08

Jeffo_vlt 24-06-07 19:12

complete, decent shots of alot of sa members cars are here :p

NTMID 8 24-06-07 20:01

^^^^^ My car is complete, minus a few little things lol....

+ i just got this and some other goodies to give her a "kick in the pants"

chinabone 24-06-07 21:07

hopefully getting new bumpers soon yaa should neaten it up nicely

boostinlp 24-06-07 21:19


Laggy6 24-06-07 21:22

^^Do you live in SA?^^

boostinlp 24-06-07 21:35

hey all could someone show me how to post my pic up..dunno how

SLVRBULET 24-06-07 21:41
Shot with 6280.

MONSTER 24-06-07 21:57

jarrad is tryna give himself a headjob in the front passenger seat.

SLVRBULET 24-06-07 22:22

Me Daily 5lt Berlina!
Shot with 6288.

LukieVS 24-06-07 22:32

clay is ur VN Berlina daily a V8?

Felony 24-06-07 22:33

just my ride.. not a vl but.

kalais6 24-06-07 23:25

Nice Senator, mate just bought one, now blown as well

Blink 24-06-07 23:48

I may be incorrect, but fairly certain this is for SA Guys lol.

Maybe just post in that other thread guys...

SLVRBULET 25-06-07 00:43


Originally Posted by LukieVS
clay is ur VN Berlina daily a V8?

yea mate shes a 5lt son!:D

boostinlp 25-06-07 15:12
this is my ride ..
bought it for a grand 1 year ago


sextc 25-06-07 16:33

no vl or anything but..

NSNPWR 25-06-07 18:57

Nice colour coded tyres and exhaust tip BT ya mad cvnt.

SLVRBULET 25-06-07 19:05


Originally Posted by Wyndup
Nice colour coded tyres and exhaust tip BT ya mad cvnt.

a daz look at the binnie in the pik of my skyline? lol! :D

High Rpm 25-06-07 19:11

My toys

NASTY1 25-06-07 19:25 it just me or is that red vl all funkd up in the rear end like tail lights drooping on the left etc?

fatvl6 25-06-07 19:28

most ppl know my car but heres the pics

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