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SIroller 07-05-08 15:09

whatever happened to KFACTA?
hey guys just wondering whatever happened to the vl commodore KFACTA.

it was pretty a pretty big Shepparton car back before i had a licensce, it was gold over silver (not a calais) and had a bodykit around the bottom half. apart from that i couldn't really describe it. we would be talking about early 2000's here.

the plates were taken off when the new owner bought a new car. they now live on a purple vx ss with a vy ss front end.

anybody have any pictures stats or other info on where the car went and may be now??

- Mitcham

google search reveals this -

the new kfacta -

freEze_dK 07-05-08 20:35

should have clicked on his profile name,, lol.. this came up

chasdm 07-05-08 21:54

if this is a where are we now thread then
where is gldjet

patch 07-05-08 22:10

imo, would of looked better with a standard front bar but meh

KFACTA 03-03-13 18:28

GDAY!!! IM BACK!!!! I know who has the car now.. its in not to bad shape.. I still wish I didnt sell it and kept it in storage until I had the cash to do exactly what I was planning to do. RB25DET. Anyhow its gone through a dozen hands I think. I saw it on ebay once and it was looking shabby, even looked like it could have been stolen. Anyhow.. years passed and about this time last year the new owner was browsing car domain and found me. Emailed me and confirmed that it was indeed my old car.. I sent him a bunch of photos and its history. He was stoked. I dont drive a commodore any more though. Crusing around in a Turbo Diesel Landrover Discovery 2A. Good for the family and my new job. Would still love to have a VL tucked awak for a weekend cruiser though!

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