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spirit77 09-09-05 20:04

Organise SA
Ive been noticing a few threads have been getting filled with crap.
So to clear those threads ive started this thread.

So if ur organiseing a quick cruise in 2 days or u want to go over so and so's house to get help fitting ur cooler. Uve gone the drags and ur did too much wheel spin and pulled a bad time. Or the coppers pulled u over for ur blow off valve.

Post it here.
If everyone does it then we will have cruise threads about cruise threads, personal detail sticky threads about personal details etc.

Not have "ow man i was crusin down hindly and i was dosen it to the chicks" posted in those threads. U post that here :)

Blink 09-09-05 20:38

So like a CT Daily Chat for Sh1t thread spirit? sounds decent. will i get in the top 20 whores in this thread. i think so. i will be number one... number 14 in ct daily... not good enough lol.

spirit77 09-09-05 21:02

Basically . Some threads are getting really full of crap and at least if all that crap gets posted here then it sould keep thos thread crapless.
And if it keeps those threads crapless then i cant see anything wrong having this thread , so this thread should stay open and not closed by mods .

Cause like its good cause we have had alot of posts in the sa section and makes it interesting to come here and read up on it.

spirit77 09-09-05 21:06

U prob be in the top 10 but dunno about No1. Wyndup and bt1 have there little romance they like to post about :)

Blink 09-09-05 21:15

Tou-che. You cant stop love.
Or I guess the players could become Official Members and stop being stingy :D

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:07

ok so let me get this right..... all crap is posted in here?

mat you thinkin what im thinkin....... :)

Blink 09-09-05 22:08

I was waiting for you to find this b1tch.
And i think i am B2.

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:09

Thats right B1!!!!

....lets do what we do best.........WHORE LIKE WE HAVE NEVER WHORED BEFORE!!!!!!!

Blink 09-09-05 22:10

I like this thread, i think i might get comfortable and whore a bit :D

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:13

A Bit...

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:13

Look we are already doing it and we dont even know it!!!

Blink 09-09-05 22:15

I know it. Im enjoying it. Did you get the inters? Pics?

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:15

This is our new home!!!!

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:17

no.... no pics, you know i got the inters! you will see the car sunday....

it is now know as the P.O.S on INTERS!!!

Blink 09-09-05 22:17

Beats your old home i guess

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:18

In fact i saw a dude jackin off to my rims....looked alot like 'BT' LOL!!!! :)

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:18

i traded my box for this!!!! What have i done!!!!! LOL

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:19

that box was cool. it had a bar and was an all round pimp kinda box!!!

Blink 09-09-05 22:21

bar... empty bottle of passion pop
air con... putting the box open side towards the wind

that doesnt count mate

VLCAL-6 09-09-05 22:23

No blew away when i did that LOL....

BT 10-09-05 00:13


Originally Posted by VLCAL_SII
In fact i saw a dude jackin off to my rims....looked alot like 'BT' LOL!!!! :)

naa wasnt me ya sheep :eek: :eek: :eek:

platinum 10-09-05 00:52

so whats been happening tonight people - jeez this thread is full of crap already :p

NSNPWR 10-09-05 01:10

Why did i just read that? I hate this thread already....

vltken 10-09-05 16:38

OK heres a serious post....

anyone know any airbrush artists or screen printers in adelaide, im tryin to get a couple of custom made shirts made soon for an upcoming concert, will pay good money..
pm me if ya know anything or tell me on msn:

Nusk 10-09-05 17:01

Hey guys calais goes in Monday 2:30 for its Defect inspection :S wish me luck.

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