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OVL087 04-02-03 21:01


will still go ahead even though the thread is not here anymore , im not sure why?
i have been asked to keep this new thread clean and all jokes aside , lets have a good run. i got a new digi cam now , so ill snap some pics.


Jet Pilot 04-02-03 22:47

can't wait, should be grouse :mrgreen:

exchaser 04-02-03 23:05

Good to see we're back to the topic. 8)
Tell your mates to tell mates, and bring as many vl's as you can !

Jeffo 05-02-03 06:01

hey!!!!!!! whered that other one go :D haha nah all jokes aside, this cruise looks like fun and some new hills to climb, as long as my car isnt sold. jeffo

InsaneVL 05-02-03 08:55

ANYTHING off topic in this thread will be removed - that being said, I shall be there for the cruise - and if it rains, i think we should postpone it - hill climbing is fun in the wet, but going down the other side isnt :D

my88vl 05-02-03 09:12

Mark you have a good point, this hill climb is so much fun BUT all it takes is a little hot into a corner, lock up and you'll be facing a good 400m of steep hills with trees smashing into your car.

If it rains i reckon we postpone it... either way i will be there.

GTFREAK 05-02-03 12:46

i will be there, as long as exchaser / jay gives me cruise details =]

e-mail -

ZED 310 05-02-03 14:24

Yeh I was gonna mention the lack of details being sent out to date.. maybe you just dont wanna let me know about it :(

Gonna go back to my corner and sulk

InsaneVL 05-02-03 14:34

PM your e-mail address to exchaser and he will (should) send you an e-mail with the details. I recieved mine ok.

my88vl 05-02-03 14:37

Yeah mine came through fine...

If you're getting it sent to a hotmail address, check your inbox has space to receive it.

JVL87 05-02-03 14:49

Simo i just had a heart attack when i saw your new avatar hahaha
I'm assuming that that is not your car... ?
you little bitch, tryin to scare us all :D

ZED 310 05-02-03 15:10

Off topic Jay ;)

Pale Blue Datsun Sunny, hmm, thats what I drive right ;)

Cheers Mark and Rob, I reckon it was the senderers not knowing how to spell my name..

JVL87 05-02-03 15:15

or the fact that your hotmail address is shagged...
haha i'm going offline now so you can't rebutt my payout.

GTFREAK 06-02-03 10:58

exchaser / jay - can u foward cruise details to , as my pc at home has died therefore i can't use my bigpond acc


ZED 310 06-02-03 11:10

C'mon, wheres the mods when u need em. How off topic is that Jay, u homo

and for the record my hotmail account is used purely for MSN.

ROB - How long does the cruise take sticking to the speed limit??

I can agree with the hillclimbing in the wet thing.. I remember being in VLT87 (pprobably drunk) going up and down Mt Glorious in rain.. I swear it was that close to snowing. Not the best thing at 2am, and it'll clear ya bowels up better than any tablet/fibre drink could wish..

my88vl 06-02-03 11:23

Assuming we have no trouble and stay at the stops no longer than estimated, we should make it to Hinze dam at about 5pm to start cooking... it does take a while because there are a couple of stops and it is a long drive. Just follow the white VL (rego yet unknown) and you'll be right.

81ACK 06-02-03 14:47

cruise date
hello all

might be a gay question, but i have all the details for the cruise except the date!!!! been camping for the last week or so, and completely missed the whole last thread.

so when day is this cruise taking place???


JVL87 06-02-03 15:45


sorry about it not being included in the email...
both myself and exchaser are morons...
cheers !


OVL087 06-02-03 15:52


Originally Posted by JVL87
both myself and exchaser are morons...


exchaser 06-02-03 17:10

yeah.. least we admit it Andrew.. :mrgreen:
anyone interested in stickers on this cruise.. PM me so that 'this time' I can get them to ya.

Jeffo 06-02-03 18:15

i nominate myself to being a moron also :D peace. jeffo

my88vl 06-02-03 18:27

Oliie, don't worry bout that sticker for me, i beleive my new car comes with one :D

More on topic, does anyone have suggestions for food for the BBQ, if we get none i'm just gonna buy snags.

exchaser 06-02-03 18:53

Rob, I believe the car has one of the (very first batch) of stickers on the back ;)

I know how to make fairy bread.. ? does anyone else like eating it ?

VL-Aero 06-02-03 18:59

fairy bread - lol. is it byo meat or what? also, im bringing my footage from last cruise, who will i give it to to convert into mpeg or whatever (its on vhs if thats ok?)

my88vl 06-02-03 19:06

VL-Aero mate i'm thinking i'll just grab a ****load of sausages and bread then if you guys want steaks and **** you can BYO. I reckon we all chip in 50c for snags and i mean cmon... 50c ain't that much.

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