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VLWAGONIT 11-05-10 23:37

jacks vlt rat rod build thread
since every one else has a build thread for their vl i have decided to write my own.

its an 86 exec i got off dan89 with a stuffed gearbox and a motor with some prety bad lifter noise.

it has bin said that its a rat rod only because im too lazy to clean it up but i disagree*****


make: 86 vl exec sedan
colour: very faded green with drift spec matte black bonnet
motor: rb30e
box: mf5
exhause: extractors and 2.5" zorst
clutch: standard rb25det
turbo: none
injectors: standard vlt
ecu: 3em
suspention: fe2 up front with SSL rears
brakes: vlt with bendix pads
sterio: pioneer deck, kicker 4's up front, pioneer mono bloc with twin mtx thunder subs
rims: black stockies with silver center caps or vy calais 17's
diff: soon to be locked piece of ****
other: calais interior, "shocker" sticker

you may ask why it has a black bonnet - the reason y? it was on the hoist with no front suspention and it had to get removed 2 put another car on there. long story un named individual was drunk and being a 2 post hoist the car rolled forward into the forklift and ****ed the bonnet - enter black drift spec bonnet.

stolen from wikipedia for thoes of you who dont know what a rat rod is and because i want the first post to be realy long

A rat rod is a style of hot rod or custom car that, in most cases, imitates (or exaggerates) the early hot rods of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. It is not to be confused with the somewhat closely related "traditional" hot rod, which is an accurate re-creation or period-correct restoration of a hot rod from the same era.

Most rat rods appear "unfinished" (whether they actually are or are not), with just the bare essentials to be driven.

The rat rod is the visualization of the idea of function over form. Rat rods are meant to be driven, not shown off. Sometimes the customization will include using spare parts, or parts from another car altogether.

i realise it sounds like a piece of **** - it is. its not being built to handle massive skids or look hot. its being built cheap to have a bit of fun in, because i miss having a vlt and because rideing in the rain sux balls
dave playing mechanics
after striping out there interior
me playing race car drivers
ASB photoshoot cruise


_vendetta 11-05-10 23:39

omg first post! YES!

---------- Post added 11-05-10 at 21:42 ----------

i rkn we should pull off one of the guards, strip it back, let the surface rust grow then clear it. rat rod ftw.

rb25vlt8 11-05-10 23:51

**** u make me laugh jack the bit that describes you best is it only has the bare essentials to be driven Il put this pic up to explain how rat rod it is

VLWAGONIT 11-05-10 23:54

pic didnt wrk dave.

and i dont give a **** how it sits atm lol

Tunzbig 11-05-10 23:57

Keep it faded man, less assuming, and then at the lights you can let her rip like batman

rb25vlt8 12-05-10 00:06


Originally Posted by rb25vlt8 (Post 2478735)
**** u make me laugh jack the bit that describes you best is it only has the bare essentials to be driven Il put this pic up to explain how rat rod it is

thanks for let are ct members see the real state of jacks rat rod lol it just adds more rat the your thread jack

dan89 12-05-10 00:09

its ok dave daddys got ya

VLWAGONIT 12-05-10 00:10

as shown i still havnt put the front suspention back in........and it could do with a wash

_vendetta 12-05-10 00:26

i think the strangest part of the photo is ur oily, half naked and appear to be doing the macarena.

ink 12-05-10 00:30

haha hilarious! i demand white walls on it and red cans scattered around the interior!

_vendetta 12-05-10 00:32

or flattened cans made into door trim. that would be siiick!

VLWAGONIT 12-05-10 00:35

i think i was prety sober when that was taken. and no i was not dancing.

iv thought about white walls. maby one day

as for red cans scatered everywhere - probably, il start on friday

turbo3l 12-05-10 06:00

get some 3m green Scotch cloth rub the whole thing bAck, then apply wax an grease remover on the whole car mask it up, then spray it satin black like a true rat rodder then it will be hektic!

jbonez 12-05-10 08:52

satin black/

VLWAGONIT 12-05-10 09:09

but that means i have 2 get all the dents out haha

rb25vlt8 12-05-10 09:49

Yea he was doin the macerana guys

VLWAGONIT 12-05-10 11:13

hey dan what is it with u always posting pics of me with my shirt off?

NZ EVLHSV 12-05-10 14:02


Originally Posted by VLWAGONIT (Post 2478722)
you may ask why it has a black bonnet

Looks green to me :confused:

Tunzbig 12-05-10 14:42

Leave as is man, looks good enough and will be fun

genki 12-05-10 15:43


Originally Posted by NZ EVLHSV (Post 2479135)
Looks green to me :confused:


"rat rod" - riight, so that's what they call VL's nowadays ;)

don't paint it black :|

jbonez 12-05-10 15:54

I would just shoot it a few times and she'l be looking vintage.

malpaso 12-05-10 17:01

needs whitewalls badd to finish that ratrod look

_vendetta 12-05-10 17:11

nah fk white walls, just get some chrome dress rings for the steelies, would match the silver center caps.

VLWAGONIT 12-05-10 18:55


Originally Posted by NZ EVLHSV (Post 2479135)
Looks green to me :confused:

yeah that was a few months ago lol

mike 12-05-10 19:12


Originally Posted by malpaso (Post 2479293)
needs whitewalls badd to finish that ratrod look

Only if they're dodgely hand painted like mine.

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