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NSNPWR 09-09-08 14:41

Parting my car
Looks like im parting my car up as I cant sell it whole....:rolleyes:

Must not be hectik enough....

The car will stay whole for the next 2 weeks until I get photo shoot done with SC then parts will be available....

Make enquiries...but only if you have happy to hold stuff for people with a small deposit paid.

Simmons are sold at this stage, deposit has been taken.

If Matt still wants the motor and accessories then he has first option as he expressed interest a while that means the fuel system, ECU, manifolds, turbo/gate would not be available.

What will be left-

Scheels and full mint Beige Berlina interior.

Calais interior lights (all working front and rear).

Built Jatco 4 speed by MV Automatics, Mike has said these handle 300rwkw, im making close to that now and after some teething problems early on have had no issues with it what so ever. Can do this as a conversion with tailshaft, speedo cable, shifter etc...

3500 stall converter.

28 spline VLT diff, perfect condition, very tight.

VT front brake setup.

Turbo Master Cylinder/Booster setup.

600x300x76 front mount.

3" exhaust from catback with stainless rear box.

Autometer Silver Procomp Boost and Oil pressure (Electric) gauge in custom sunglass holder.

Complete Genuine VL Berlina Turbo shell, recently had complete bare metal respray in Porsche Arena Red with MX Grey bars/moulds, smoothed engine bay, hidden wiring, remote central locking/alarm, turbo timer, new headlights, moulds, grille, windscreen, tailights, mirrors, badges, pinstriping etc etc etc...

Momo Corse wheel and Boss kit.

Ideally i'd like the car to go as a roller with diff and brakes...

Any questions, ask.

No ridiculous offers, if you get no reply then you know why, im not desperate.

Cheers, Darren.

MONSTER 09-09-08 14:49

who bought the simmons darren? definitely sold?

NSNPWR 09-09-08 14:56

Yeah, took deposit today, its already in my account man....SLO-VK8 is the buyer...havent seen the car?

ATMO_BT1 09-09-08 15:09

why not ask the guys to write in the SC article that it's for sale then wait till the article comes out and see if there are any bites?

NSNPWR 09-09-08 15:13

Yeah I thought about that Jack but it could be months and months before the feature airs....I figure most people into VLs are on this site...or know people who are into them...

MONSTER 09-09-08 15:16

nah mate i havent. surely u can sell this thing whole ffs! be a shame to see it taken apart. sif no one has 17k or thereabouts. pull ur finger out matt u little bimbo. i thought u were on good money. i wanna buy it but cant very well have two sub 11 second vl turbos.

NSNPWR 09-09-08 15:24

Have it as a daily...haha....its tame compared to yours...

pmac 09-09-08 15:41

Sell your car matt and buy it complete...*** cheap and so much less d!ckiing around

_Calturb 09-09-08 15:47

And its not yellow, no more taxi jokes..

MONSTER 09-09-08 15:50


Originally Posted by NSNPWR
Have it as a daily...haha....its tame compared to yours...

too schmick for any daily dude.

NSNPWR 09-09-08 15:52

Have an offer on the shell....$4k....LOlz......

MONSTER 09-09-08 15:53

and if u buy it matt, we'll fix ur face to complete the package. ull be out cruising, flashing ur mug, and picking up at enigma bar all the time.


Originally Posted by NSNPWR
Have an offer on the shell....$4k....LOlz......

he'd wanna be throwin in a night with jennifer hawkins for that price.

NSNPWR 09-09-08 15:56

A years worth of Saturday nights....

SPRIGZY 09-09-08 16:09

Darren Pm Me What U Want For Coola And Pipes Etc.sad Day Indeed.u Should Not Be Parting It.(bows Head In Shame).

NSNPWR 09-09-08 16:31

Some of the cooler pipes are to suit that Rajab Plenum and High Mount exhaust manifold setup so I guess young Matt might want them...assuming he doesnt pussy out...will advise mate.

Blink 09-09-08 16:33

Will organize the money Thursday for you.

SPRIGZY 09-09-08 16:33

cheers.have a mate who might want seats so u better pm me price for them as well.

ur cars gonna be one quick taxi if u buy darrens bitz.fastest in

Weezy 09-09-08 16:38

Me thinks too much power for Matthew, Darren how can you sell such a power setup to him, talk about a loose cannon :p Joke, will be good to see your car pull some numbers and have you out cruising again Matt.

_Calturb 09-09-08 16:42

I must admit Matt will kill himself, when his whole 170rwkw gets sideways he has a little accident in his pants..

NASTY1 09-09-08 16:44

so how much rolling?

SPRIGZY 09-09-08 16:45


NSNPWR 09-09-08 16:50


Originally Posted by NASTY1
so how much rolling?

$7k with the diff and brakes, no front seats or trans.

Paint was $5k on its own...

SPRIGZY 09-09-08 16:51

good buy considering the paint and all the new nos stuff on the body.cost a *** load more than that.

Weezy 09-09-08 16:53

Would be interesting to see that grand total you spent on this car Darren :)

NSNPWR 09-09-08 17:01

Suprisingly not that much....I paid $10k for it waaaaay back when....

Maybe spent $30k tops on it over the years....depends what you call alot of money I guess...its still laot of money...I have lots of receipts....

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