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MR 30L 18-02-05 08:26

27th Feb Cruise
hey guys i got a sms from my mate the other day stating there is going to be a cruise to the gong on the 27th of this month.
These are the details i have and know

27th Feb
Meet up is at Hashems In brighton at 10:30am
Destination Wollongong

david85dc 18-02-05 08:32

im in for sure

CRZYVL 18-02-05 08:37

ill be there :D

Dark_Vl 18-02-05 11:51

would like to be there... will hopefully have the VLT back by then!!

VLKOOL 18-02-05 18:10

VL cruise or w w whut?

david85dc 19-02-05 09:06

no not just vl's other cars aswell but lets get as many vl's comming along as possible :)

MR 30L 19-02-05 11:03

yea heaps of other cars, i know my mtae is going to come down in his s15 and he is bringing his other mates with 200's and other cars, so it is up to u if u guys come.

MR 30L 19-02-05 12:10

ok guys just heard from my mate that he has organised by himself over 10 cars to come, thats one mate only, so lets get as many people to come to this cruise as possible as it will be a kick arse day if we can get heaps of VL's down there. :D:D:D:D

Gabzsta 20-02-05 00:31

If anyone from the Parrammatta reigion is attending this cruise from this site, please pm me and let me know, thanx.

OZVL3L 20-02-05 02:20

yeah mate im from near parra and ill prob go.should meet up first yeah?

MR 30L 20-02-05 13:03

u guys should pm wag46x as i think he wants to come too.

just an update the mate that smsed me said he has over 20 cars organised, so therefore we are looking at just 30 + cars from my mates and if anyone comes from here then we may be looking at a total of 50 cars :D

airbagedVLT-wagon 20-02-05 13:43

will let u know on a closer date...

Gabzsta 20-02-05 15:32

OZVL3L well meetup 1st, n ill follow u coz i duno my way to brighton.....

MR 30L 20-02-05 15:42

if you guys need a hand getting there then let me know where u guys are and i will give u directions

Dark_Vl 20-02-05 16:16

Should be picking up my car on wed/thursday this coming week.... so i SHOULD be able to make it, but am not 100% in case sumthing comes up or wateva...

atm i am 65% coming...


MR 30L 20-02-05 16:18

awesome, cant wait to see this car u been telling me about mate :D hopefully u can make it :)

ATMO_BT1 20-02-05 16:25

id love to come, but i cant risk driving it and im sick of letting my mates drive my car, i feel really guilty afterwards, as if iv betrayed her lol (not including you paul lol ur a bit different, being 7 years older than them and having had owned a ct for 6 years)

MR 30L 20-02-05 16:27

:) well mate, u can still come, come in ur mates car

maso3L 20-02-05 17:01

heyyy boyzz u can count me in........

MR 30L 20-02-05 22:04

thats the spirit :D

IH-84-DS 20-02-05 22:14

where and what is hashems i wanna come.........

IH-84-DS 20-02-05 22:15

i jus live 5 mins from brighton so ill be there if i find out where or what hashems is

MR 30L 20-02-05 22:18

ok ummm do u know where the circus always is in brighton? if u do then it is on the same side as the circus but a bit further up from the lights (further up as in towards the airport tunnel). do u know where it is now?

IH-84-DS 20-02-05 23:05

is it near that pizza resturant place?

MR 30L 20-02-05 23:12

i knw the car park is part of a resturant, but not sure what type of resturant it is

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