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PSI 13-01-03 21:48

4,6 & Rotor Shoot-out @ AIR
Are there any of you guys coming to Adelaide for the 4,6 & Rotor Shoot-out on Feb 8
Any big names that you know of that are making the trip?
Should be another big meet, with records broken.
Later,PSI [/b]

PVL-747 31-01-03 09:28

not long now!! i'll be in adelaide on the thursday morning to go and visit a few workshops (Tillbrook, JMS etc..) with Mick (Subzero). The rest of the boys will be towing "TRY09" down and should arrive late thursday or friday.

XTOGVL 31-01-03 13:21

Should arrive on Saturday morning with a few of the boys, cant wait.

evilrb 09-02-03 00:17

Great event it was i must say.

What happened to subzeros try09's? It seemed to have a ****load of wheelspin and seemed a bit too soft in the rear. Damn quick car its going to be when everything is sorted.

XTOGVL 09-02-03 00:52

Yes excellent day it was with lots of fast cars, although i got fried hard and am feeling the brunt of it right now.
Subzero's car(TRY09s) was waaay overpowering the rear tyres that thing needs tubs and much bigger tyres but word i heard from some guys i overheard talking about it is it badly damaged an engine, maybe PVL747 can give us a bit of insight when he gets back home, If PVL's going to be making that much power then he isnt going to have much luck trying to get his car down the strip aswell i'd say.

That thing must rev to 10000rpm or close to as its loud as.

platinum 09-02-03 01:21

I was keen to go down, but never did, had a bit of a hangover :( Wish I had made an effort now though...

XTOGVL 09-02-03 23:52

Just a quick message before i head off home(Cant wait im exhausted)apparently the Subzero car did blow up as mick mentioned something about it damaging an engine over the microphone.
JPC's CGMFLY Torry also had Drama's but am unsure from what until they return home and can check it properly and Vas's VL cracked the plenum and there was a quick attempt to have it welded at a local place and they did but it failed to make boost on the startline as it was worse than first expected and they called it a day.

I'd say both the Torry and the VL will be at heathcote in 2 weeks for that 8sec assault at the shootout dont know about Subzero though PVL747 might be able to tell us the extent of the damage and when it should be making an appearance again.

PVL-747 10-02-03 10:48

Yeah TRY09's motor is "BANGED". It made 750rwhp or 560rwkw NO NOS, 2 bar boost. It was simpily over powering the track running 10" slicks. Oh and it was also running 100hp NOS when at the track, so it had around 850rwhp! It was a combination of over revving and a lean out. done 4 pistons.

evilrb, it can't be to soft mate it has solid shocks in the back.

XTOGVL, yeah needs a 4 link, 9 inch, tubs. it's making over 1000hp now. i'm slightly concerned how i'm going to put power down. I do have the advantage of 4 link, coil overs, 9 inch and mini-tubs. i can only still fit 10" slicks though. See how it goes if i can't get traction might have to tub it! 15x14's!

Guest 10-02-03 11:01


Yeah TRY09's motor is "BANGED". It made 750rwhp or 560rwkw NO NOS, 2 bar boost. It was simpily over powering the track running 10" slicks. Oh and it was also running 100hp NOS when at the track, so it had around 850rwhp! If anyone was watching the last pass it did the owner smoked it half track which resulted in 10,000rpm for quite some time then boom. Over revved it. done 4 pistons.
Where is its peak power?? (RPM)
what happened to the pistons?

PVL-747 10-02-03 11:11

Not sure of peak power, the more you rev it the more power it makes. Mick doesn't rev it past 9000rpm on the dyno. Broke 4 pistons.

GONE IN 7 10-02-03 16:40

pistons are nothing im sure mick and the boys can sort it out for him and the car will be on the road very soon...
PVL 747-do you think the car has a chance of making it to the pro street nationals this weekend...ill be there and would like to see it.flying up on thursday.

JVL87 10-02-03 17:02

Is that at willowbank OMY ?
You racing ?

PVL-747 10-02-03 18:08

OMY-11S, no chance, still have quite a few things to buy yet. i.e. chute, harnesses, mount the seats, i've hopefully sold my racematic to a mate, waiting on him to get a loan so i can buy my 2 speed, tailshaft, dry sump pump and all braided lines. Will see you either at Micks shop or at the Pro Street Nationals.

XTOGVL 10-02-03 18:13

Sheesh 4 pistons 8O 8O is that the full extent of the damage PVL or is that upon only removing the head, what about rods and all the other stuff like turbocharger,head,valves,rods and so forth or dont you guys know the full extent as yet.
Thats the worst fear with building such an expensive engine when something like this goes wrong,will he be out again racing soon PVL as OMY11s has already asked or is it a wait for some cash to come in exercise and it'll be off the road till then.

GONE IN 7 10-02-03 18:53

no im not racing..just going to have a look cause im bored and have nothnig to do....but whilst im there ill check out the scenery

evilrb 11-02-03 08:10

pvl, it just looked like it bounced around a little bit on the last run it did. But then again maybe i was seeing things, maybe it was the heat playing silly buggers with me. very nice car tho, i hope you can make it back next year

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