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Catchme> 17-04-13 22:32

New hoon laws. What's your opinion?
Quote: Campbell Newman: Anyone caught committing a Type 1 offence faces an immediate 90 day impoundment on the first offence. A second Type 1 offence will result in the vehicle being forfeited to the State to be sold or crushed. The second time a motorist is caught committing a Type 2 offence within a 5 year period they may be penalised with an automatic 7 day impoundment of the vehicle they are driving at the time. A third Type 2 offence in a 5 year period would result in a 90 day impoundment, and subsequent offences after that would include automatic vehicle forfeiture. A police officer can decide to impound a vehicle - it does not require a court order.

Type 1 offences are defined as offences committed in circumstances involving a speed trial, race or burn out involving:
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle;
Careless driving of a motor vehicle;
Racing and speed trials on roads;
Wilfully starting a motor vehicle or driving a motor vehicle in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke; or
Evading police.

Type 2 offences are:
Driving an uninsured or unregistered vehicle;
Certain unlicensed driving or disqualified driving
Driving with a BAC above 0.15% or failing to provide a BAC sample and driving under related suspensions.
Driving an illegally modified vehicle
High end speeding (More than 40kph above the speed limit)

I can deal with the whole doing burnouts on public roads and racing etc, I can live with not doing that comfortably. In saying that, this is going to affect everyone of us, in a sense that any tiny modification that mr plod decides is illegal on the spot could see us loose our car for 3 months or forever we won't even be able to go to the corner store.

I'm in the final stages of my build of my VLT and I just don't know now whether to finish it, part it out, or de-register it and making it a tow pony. I really wanted to enjoy it out on the roads driving on the weekends cruising a bit and enjoying the tens of thousands of dollars I have spent on it. I'm angry, annoyed, irritated and loosing alot of respect for the laws and legislation of today's government.
I would love to hear what other VL owners are thinking and there views and feedback.

sherman89 18-04-13 08:09

It's pretty lame, but every man and his dog bitching about it constantly is almost as lame...

Bax 18-04-13 08:28

Are these actually law now? The last I heard they were only proposed changes?


Originally Posted by Catchme> (Post 3007782)
• Careless driving of a motor vehicle;
• Wilfully starting a motor vehicle or driving a motor vehicle in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke; or

• Driving an illegally modified vehicle

Those are the only things I really have a problem with, and it's not so much a problem, more of a question as to whether or not it will be abused.

Careless driving isn't hooning?
Unnecessary smoke etc - I can understand if it's a huge intentional burnout, but a slight chirp as you come out of a corner or something would be questionable.

And illegally modified cars, it'd have to be a pretty big modification in my books. If it was something as simple as a pod filter/intercooler with a bov or something. Well f*ck me that's a bit harsh.

Police are driving me insane lately, it seems that they've targetted the hoons that long they've forgotten about all the other useless drivers on the road. I don't know if any of you brisbane lads have made it up to Rocky to drive, but if you think it's bad down there, come for a drive up. At least in brisbane most people let you change lanes.

The lack of indicating, running red lights, tailgating, talking on the phone and littering from cars that I see EVERY time I drive is just appauling. Sure, I hate idiots that speed down surburban streets, but I'm starting to hate impatient f*cks that run red lights just as much. Stuff it, I'm emailing QPS today to ask what they're doing about these offenders.

Catchme> 18-04-13 10:05


Originally Posted by sherman89 (Post 3007824)
It's pretty lame, but every man and his dog bitching about it constantly is almost as lame...

Do you think I'm bitching about it? These are the new law, when was the last time you met an officer on the side of the road that was polite and was able to have a chat about issues? My biggest problem is the power police that pull you over have now instantly, what if they're in a bad mood just missed pulling that last "hoon" over because that guy was so scared he was going to loose his car and did a runner and now mr angry plod is going to make an example over YOU.

Anyway last time I looked, and I have been a member on here for a while now. This is a forum.

Bax 18-04-13 10:09


Originally Posted by Catchme> (Post 3007843)
when was the last time you met an officer on the side of the road that was polite and was able to have a chat about issues? .

Nearly every single time. I've had one guy be a bit abrupt. But the last one was fantastic. Had a joke and a chat, they were great.

If you drive a car that attracts that kind of attention, and you hang around in circles and areas that are known for these kinds of behaviour. You have to expect it.

Catchme> 18-04-13 10:39

I don't. and my car has been off the road for 2 years I drive approx 500 to 1000kms a week as a refrigeration tech and my silver standard Nissan navara draws as much attention as I remember my vl doing so. I'm not a smart arse ever to them, and I never argue. Go figure must be my face then hey.

---------- Post added 18-04-13 at 11:02 ----------

I apologise for getting a little angry about all this. I have had my rant now.
Cheers. Alex

251NFL 18-04-13 11:08

i agee that this is bull**** but i cant help but can we do about it....

Catchme> 18-04-13 15:55

Totally agree, I'm not sure what I can do to keep from getting pulled over and possibly loosing my car other than selling it and letting someone else risk it.

Is it really worth it.

aus880 18-04-13 16:03

what happens in the first type 2 offence, it doesn't seem to state that

251NFL 18-04-13 16:10

problem is no1 will want to buy a modified car anymore due to these laws so the people that have cars that are heavily modified are pretty much ****ed...

Bax 18-04-13 16:53

I don't think that'll change, not much will change IMO.

If anything it'll just push more idiots into the offroad 4wd kinda scene. Which is just as bad but for different reasons

Catchme> 18-04-13 17:31


Originally Posted by aus880 (Post 3007892)
what happens in the first type 2 offence, it doesn't seem to state that

Not sure mate that's all the info I got.

swifty! 18-04-13 18:44

Laws are fine, now they just need to change their view on what is classed as illegally modified.

I could almost fart out my window and get done for NOISE pollution...

trkdup 18-04-13 19:12

Lucky Tasmania is not a tough

jdoro 19-04-13 16:24

everyone will be driving sleepers

Antho 05-05-13 17:53

It all comes down to the certain situation, the laws are there so police have the power to stop people who are being idiots.

I doubt they are going to crush a tidy modified 5.0L VK with a lumpy cam for noise pollution as he takes off at the lights, but if he's racing at the set of lights against an FPV ute for instance, then fair enough. And they should both be charged.

The thing that irritates me is like Bax said the other idiots that are just as much of a danger to society, that talk on the mobile phone, speed and blow through red lights, just yesterday I saw some jobber in a camry go straight through 2 red lights only to get caught in traffic at the next set, this was just before 12pm with plenty of people on the roads. And these people who don't give a **** about anybody else are likely the ones who are driving suspended / unlicenced / unregistered etc.. and according to the new laws under type 2 offences they hardly get a slap on the wrist.

vanstrien 05-05-13 20:12

Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion.
All I'm gonna say and do is buy a trailer and drive mine maybe once a month, no point risking losing it for 3 months and miss a powerskid trophy :P

Linkn 06-05-13 08:47

as far as I've heard these laws are coming in to effect in about 6 months time.

Grunt Files have been doing a bit to try and battle the laws but its fighting an uphill battle

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