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ATMO_BT1 07-02-08 10:05

Alright guys, it's been forever and a bit since we did a BIG NSW cruise.
We've got the numbers again, so lets make it happen.. these days always turn out some awesome cars so don't be shy.

Sunday 16th March (less cops than a friday or saturday night cruise)

Silverwater Boat Ramp, 11.30am

Destination: Wollongong

Who's in??

1. ATMO_BT1 (in Justin's VLCT)
2. Lil Timmy
3. yellow747
4. Kil351
7. DUB25T
8. marshal89
9. Patch
11. dimples
12. JET-5LT
14. Pills
15. MR 30L
16. CHRGD6
17. WhiteBT1
18. Scag
19. jason3L
20. jason3L friend
22. SYKO3L
23. CI1986
24. MRR30L
25. 4DRFTN
26. [GRK-WPN]
28. AJ1804
29. ky-ified
30. Sol.30L
32. keldrew
33. PH47VL
34. GMH30L (possible + friends?)
35. alleyoop
36. Nukz
37. Ryder
38. RAD-11C
40. Shippy
41. JET63L
42. CTs2_Sabo (50/50)
43. 3wishz
45. Kasman88
46. WhiteVLT
47. Ben VLC
48. Dan Gemini
49. Stokowgn
50. SUB30T
51. smpchky

How to find the meet point:

The meet point is Silverwater Boat Ramp. This is right below Silverwater bridge on Silverwater road, and it's very close to Homebush.

Pluses of Silverwater Boat Ramp:
-Very easy access from Victoria Road
-Very easy access from Parra Road
-Very easy access from M4
-Very easy access from Homebush
-Very big carpark
-Free parking
-0 Police presence
-On a main road, so it's easy to get on the road when we want to get going
-Can be turned into from both sides of Silverwater road.

The Carpark itself is just below Silverwater bridge. Regardless of the direction you are travelling down Silverwater road, you turn at the same set of lights straight into the car park. Access is literally the very first set of lights after the Bridge on the left (if you are coming from Victoria road) and on right before the Bridge (if you are coming from Parra road/Bankstown/M4 etc).

Victoria Road, Parramatta Road and the M4 all cross over Silverwater road are are close to the set of lights at which you turn into the Silverwater Boat Ramp carpark.

Here is a screen shot to help illistrate the point. If you have heard of the Silverwater Club or Silverwater Automotive Services (SAS) then think of the ramp as very close to these.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask me on here! I will respond right away during working hours. If you don't know the area at all PM me and i will pass on my number so you can call me if you get lost on the day... although i ask please don't call unless you are actually struggling to find the place on the day as i obviously can't have 3 million people calling.

Are we all good? Make sure you tell EVERYONE people!!!

Jack :) :)


lil_timmy 07-02-08 10:26


yellow747 07-02-08 10:42

it sounds good but 9.30am its way to early b 1pm youll be drained espcially if you had a late one, i think maybe at 11.30am meet up leave 12 get to the gong 1.30pm an kick back an have a nice day.

KIL-351 07-02-08 10:48

count me in

ATMO_BT1 07-02-08 10:55

sounds good Ahmed, everyone else cool with 11.30?

Julian how long before you'll be ready?

lil_timmy 07-02-08 10:58

Yep 11.30 is a goer. If its in a month or so time then i'll try have my car ready too. Make sure u dont sell your car before this cruise jackson.

[URTRPN] 07-02-08 11:10

Count me in if its mid or end of next month sometime :D

ATMO_BT1 07-02-08 11:16

Does anyone have any objections to the 9th or 16th of March? Check your calanders boys

[URTRPN] 07-02-08 11:25

16th will be perfect for me should have the ecu in by then an tuned then can really give it a squirt on the way to the gong :D

VKiller 07-02-08 11:43

Hey Jack do you want a passenger for the day?? :p

ATMO_BT1 07-02-08 11:45

Only if you:

a) Know somewhere i can buy a sixer of VB from in the gong
b) Can drive manual


VKiller 07-02-08 11:52

Yes and Yes.

If you mean your car, you'll need to wind the boost back if you want any tread left on your tires...


DUB25T 07-02-08 12:01

Im keen, mine should definatley be on the road by then

KIL-351 07-02-08 12:27

im hoping to be doing wheel stands b4 16th march

marshal89 07-02-08 14:11

count me in :)

patch 07-02-08 15:46

i'm in

ATMO_BT1 07-02-08 15:50

People i need input on which day you guys prefer.. the 9th or the 16th?

And timmy if my car is gone before the cruise i'll still come along lol i love this **** we need another CT cruise!

OMGRLX 07-02-08 15:53

im in 2 boys alryt 2 bring the 33 long

Mikel. 07-02-08 16:01


Originally Posted by ATMO_BT1
I think Wollongong would make a nice destination, it has been literally three million years since we last cruised south.

Wollongong cops have gotten idiotic the last few months. Every Sunday I see heaps of people getting defected (more then the usual bunch).

So yeah, just watch out for the boys in blue because they even kick you out of the lighthouse area for "loitering" (must be that time of the month)

patch 07-02-08 16:04

jack keep mav for the cruise i wanna see you "buzz the tower"... i'm up for either 9 or 16th which ever other people like...

dimples 07-02-08 16:05

ill be keen :D either date

JET-5LT 07-02-08 16:18

I like the 16th.

CI-1968 07-02-08 18:19

Im keen on it, if some one wants to take me *hint NOT-30T*

KIL-351 07-02-08 18:49

16th for me

marshal89 07-02-08 20:18

im keen for either date, which ever suits evry1 else...

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