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CSL-FLY 11-11-11 20:12

frkvlt we will leave langy bout 10pm probs... where u from?? call me on the number above if u wanna meet up and cruise there together as your S/E boy yeh?

Xav'z 12-11-11 11:10

Any one out tonite/today? Mint weather for it!!!

JET_VLC 12-11-11 16:43

Any people heading out tonight should be good wheather

Xav'z 12-11-11 18:18

Gonna meet a few mates for a kebab later at kens kebabs station rd. Any one out tonite???

THC 02-12-11 16:11

Anything on tonight

PROGMH 02-12-11 16:39

Anyone out tonight... ?

GMVL 02-12-11 17:41

ill be out and about as alwayz hehe

Borci88 02-12-11 18:36


Originally Posted by GMVL (Post 2862201)
ill be out and about as alwayz hehe

Always spot you on hwy :P I'll be out also.

PROGMH 02-12-11 19:54

booze bus at sandown both ways

Turbro 02-01-12 21:02

Anyone cruising their vl this summer?
Lots of cars out and about but not many vls.

THC 02-01-12 21:49

Most that i know of are off the road atm getting upgrades / rebuilding things . mine wont be finished till next summer :mad:

Torcida 03-01-12 02:22

i see VLs but all parked at stkilda nobody cruising, i did like 5 laps before leaving, looked like no action

tzatziki 03-01-12 09:12

lebo lane (pier rd ST KILDA) was packed lastnight !!!!!!!

anyone go ?????????????

tzatziki 03-01-12 09:50


Originally Posted by holdenV8 (Post 2872826)
yeah was down there for a few hours tzatsiki it was packed

a lot of motorbikes were out, saw a blk lambo murcielago, a hot blondie drivin a supra, and also another grl drivin a yellow s2000 with plates jelus.......not many vl's were out

and of course big packs of lebo's smokin argulehh...harrasing every girl that walk's past em....ha ha

Steff 03-01-12 11:00

Lmao how sad!
I remember a couple of years ago i took my dog for a swim at night there when it was hot! All i hears *pwoah cuz look da head on himm! Tuff dog broo!! ks ks ks* lol
While my dog was swimming they were all yelling n being themselves and my dogs in the water losing it lol

Turbro 03-01-12 11:25

I usually give the lane a skip. Ended up finding some really tuff vls to cruise with.
Wats with all the hotties parked for 3hrs on the side of the road?
Petrol isn't that expensive. And if You think it is, ever considered LPG. Lol.
Seriously guys, u need to get out there and enjoy ur cars.

RJB-223 03-01-12 12:45

Seen u out in st.kilda around 1am Turbro, was that Duf behind u at one point?

Turbro 03-01-12 15:38

not sure, might of been a different car. I was cruising with really clean burgandy Calais turbo that was rolling on fr19s for a while

Steff 08-01-12 12:24

Anyone heading out this afternoon/tonight?

INFLYTmelb 08-01-12 21:18

might head out for a bit, before our first day of trading tomorrow, for the year.....CBF hahahaha.......anyone out?

INFLYTmelb 17-01-12 17:58

Anyone heading out tonight? Too hot to stay home

vl_man 26-01-12 15:02

Tonight me and some mates going cruising along the beach. Someone organise a meet up point.

KINEZO 27-01-12 19:01

jacks setting up at highways/sandown at the moment.. keen to head down nepean instead

spewbt1 27-01-12 20:27

bloody always setting up somewhere might take mine out after 2 ish

INFLYTmelb 28-01-12 08:08

anyone going out this weekend? the weather is killer!! im on altona beach right now :)

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