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JET_VLC 30-10-09 20:11


Originally Posted by PROGMH
There's some hell storms coming...

from the looks of it, it shouldnt hit till late

CRMNL 30-10-09 20:12

whos going to chaddy? may bring the vk out for a bit if i can get some shots of it, then go home and swap for the wh. not in the mood for cruising the vk after the last few weeks.

paparazzi 30-10-09 20:30

the photographer is more than happy to take fotos for anyone. He will then send them to me n i will host them for u. If u really like the photo he is able to print them aswell

LUVMTL 30-10-09 23:06

The Storm has arived

And its a good one :D

LPG-PSI 30-10-09 23:34


Originally Posted by LUVMTL
The Storm has arived

And its a good one :D

floods and light poles down and stuff in my area.
its a bad ass storm.

JET_VLC 30-10-09 23:47

just came bck an its pissing dwn everywhere

paparazzi 31-10-09 00:06

had some nice cars turnout. Atempt made me cream my panties!.

zzz.087 31-10-09 00:23

came in my cousins ef turbo for a bit few boyz rocked up atempt and muffin man both cars in fine form :) kaz08u looks the part for sure

CRMNL 31-10-09 18:22

was a scary trip home, surprised the car's still in one piece :S

could ya let me know when you've got the photos man, real keen to grab the ones of mine, from what he showed me they looked mint as :)

trkwpn 31-10-09 18:33

anyone heading out tonight?

Raptor 01-11-09 15:58

Anyone out tonight?

VLT 88 01-11-09 17:20

thinkin bout it... but dont have much fuel and cant really be ****ed going to hoppers lol

Raptor 01-11-09 17:22

It should be a good night out; I wanna go go karting aswell markey you wanna go??

VLT 88 01-11-09 17:27

no cashola over here :( otherwise id be keen as

LUVMTL 01-11-09 18:38

Whos going out tonight and where ya wanna meet

JET_VLC 01-11-09 19:03

any1 out tonight

Raptor 01-11-09 19:50

PM Me Im heading out in about a hour or so..

tshaw44 01-11-09 20:32

someone pm me whats happening in hoppers got nuffin else to do so might head down for a look

RBPower 01-11-09 21:01

lygon is looking good :)

JET_VLC 02-11-09 17:02

any1 gonna go out tonight

PROGMH 02-11-09 17:21

anyone out tonight?

Raptor 03-11-09 03:58

Lygon was great tonight!

PROGMH 03-11-09 13:02

Car show on today behind Mornington Bunnings. Chrome bumper muscle cars / hot rods only to enter but its great to go have a look. Goes from 4- whenever everyone leaves.

LPG-PSI 03-11-09 14:43


Originally Posted by Raptor
Lygon was great tonight!

yeah i was there last night for abit aswell. some mean lookin cars on the road =] not to mention the women

Raptor 06-11-09 11:55

Anyone out tonight kids?

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