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7heavn 13-06-16 22:37

Powerglide behind a built rb26 with a t51r what do you guys recommend for a converter . Running a converter shop job at the moment has always felt wrong. Box now has one of protrans dump valves on it so it comes up on the brake without nos but the car struggles to do a burnout in the water patch at the track with radials on .

Jet R31 14-06-16 09:43


Morgz 14-06-16 11:15

Dominator or PTC - I used a 5200 Dominator and it's been the first convertor that I've had which has flared and then locked up properly when racing like a convertor should. PTC are more pricey but geez they work well.

3lturbo 14-06-16 19:42

TCE. I've got a Dominator in one of my cars and the service alone was enough not to recommend them

vin-vlt 15-06-16 08:17

Tce + 2

tzatziki 15-06-16 21:18

TCE stall quality

John boy 15-10-16 18:30


KEBAB_ 23-10-16 21:55

What size stall are your currently using and whens the turbo come on

INFLYT 24-10-16 21:33

The car has since been sold.
It was the old QLD MAX PSI.

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