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sl970 28-12-15 18:02

amp question advice
Hey guys im looking to start getting a boot audio install underway and have most of the gear from an older car ive never had an amplifier for the speakers but from what ive researched a 4 channel amp is the go as it will directly power each speaker. so my question is do i just add up what each speaker is in watts then find the closest total watt amp? i also have a mono block and 12 inch subwoofer so that side of things will be sorted and im pretty sure the amps dont link together. also would i have to look into a capactor or would the stock battery handle running the system? thanks

SIroller 03-01-16 12:47

standard battery should be ok for a small system.

look at the constant power not the total watts.

you can run without a cap. get a distro (distribution) block.

yes a 4ch is best to retain tunability such as balance fade.

also check some car audio forums for more tech and some basics.

sl970 04-01-16 20:20

thanks for the reply yeah ive done a bit of research and looks like ill have to ditch the mono block and run a 4 channel amp. i dont know abput ohms and constant power so ill have to look at that. ill also call into an audio shop to get help

SIroller 05-01-16 15:15

audio joints are ormally very helpfull.

go in with a budget and theyll advise. avoid JB Hifi as theres better gear for coin out there.

shred 05-01-16 22:07

if ur head unit has the outputs in rca for front an rear an subs u can run the 4 channel for speakers and the monoblock on ur sub
you just run a nice thick power up to the back to ur amps an then a distro block to split power off to each amp
make sure u use a good quality guage earth an make sure it is earth to bare metal and firm
aside from the battery tho make sure ur alternator is up to the task especially at night or in the rain with the lights an wipers and all ur other electrics running as low output alternators will cause dimming lights an slower indicators and wipers etc

sl970 08-01-16 19:24

thanks very much the infos all very helpful i only have a standard alternator that i know of but i have a good kenwood head deck. im going to respray my car in the next month hopefully so ill do it after that as im going to put the battery in the boot.

3lturbo 09-01-16 10:37

Factory alternator will be fine, just make sure it's in good nick like SHRED said, as it'll only get worse with a decent system in the car.

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