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F2thaK 09-05-14 20:55

Need advice Getting converted VL turbo Engineered
Need advice Getting converted VL turbo Engineered......

Do I need to get my converted VL turbo engineered if its all factory apart from the engine? I have charcoal canister, vac boost tank, all intake and turbo is factory too. I only have 25 spline 4 pinion LSD diff and calais disc brake diff with standard brake booster and 1" master cylinder..

have applied for mod permit, and it says "nissan RB30 turbo is considered a manufacturers option therefore does not require prior approval...."

Heard different things from various mechanics etc.

One said I need it engineered, two said I shouldnt.


bachig24u 09-05-14 21:52

you really need some one who knows the WA regulations for this one.

each state and territory have different rules & regs which makes it plain stupid when you could drive from state to state in the same vehicle yet not be compliant as you cross a border.

Mechanics aren't often certified automotive engineers. best look one up in the yellow pages and give 'em a call.

rb25vlt8 10-05-14 08:17

As long as u have disk brakes all round tbey will pass it at the pits

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