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vhr32 05-10-06 21:22

Nissan 4 spot caliper upgrade pics
Here are a few pics of my brake upgrades I have done on my VH.

Using factory parts like this is a good way of doing budget brake upgrades.
I'd like to be able to afford a set of AP brakes but like most people I can't so I did this conversion and im VERY happy with the performance and a cost almost a third of the price of AP's!
It took me alot of mucking around making templates and get them cut out 100% by the laser cutters but it was worth it!

First off I had R32 GTSt calipers/ VT 296x28mm discs.

I now have R32 GTR calipers / VT 330x32mm discs

Also nearly finished rears:

Here is a pic of Brembo's off an EVO 7 Lancer with 330x32 discs.

StockyMcStock 05-10-06 22:12

dude - can you get those adaptors cut up for the VT/R32 GTST combo again for cheap?

the VH struts and brake mounts are the same as VL ones right, so that stuff would bolt up to a VL as well i guess. that's excellent!

vhr32 05-10-06 22:21

Yeah fits VB-VP with the VT conversion hub and VT 296mm disc.

StockyMcStock 05-10-06 22:31

hey thanks for the pm man - i thought i'd ask this here so other people can get the answer too.

i know the discs are relatively cheap (depending on what brand, drilled, slotted etc) but what the hubs worth and where do you get em from?

vhr32 05-10-06 23:02

Hubs are $230pr from Race Brakes Sydney ('LAZYASS' on the forum)

They can help out with DBA rotors too.

Standard, slotted, 4000 series club sport and 5000 series 2 piece race rotors.

Camel-wgn 06-10-06 05:59

Dude do you have the dimension's for the bracket to suit the gtr 4 spot's on the 330mm disc's?

VLHERO 06-10-06 11:28

One problem Matt, the GTR caliper in the pic is upside down!

vhr32 06-10-06 13:20

Yeah yeah I know.... lol

VLHERO 06-10-06 14:18

Lol cant you ever do anything right!? :D

vhr32 08-03-08 08:23

Thanks for the PM's telling me about the broken links to the pics :)

Links fixed now.

old dude 12-04-08 21:54

where can i get the adapters from

vhr32 18-10-11 20:27

Braket kits now back in stock!

Agentcrm 16-03-12 22:09

do the VT/R32 GTST upgrade fit under a standard 15" steel rim?
Also do you have any info on the rears?

need to find something that fit the 15" rim because I'm running dirt tyres.

xAsh- 16-03-12 22:17

Im pretty sure matt does an RX7 4 piston which fits under 15's, which i am also going to be interested in sometime down the track this year.

Agentcrm 16-03-12 22:42

I've already got the VT setup with new rotors on there so I don't see much point going back to a smaller disc

xAsh- 16-03-12 22:54

Ah well then i doubt the skyline calipers will fit without wheel spacers, would clear 16s though..

Cold VL 22-03-12 22:03

Hi VHR32....
The bracket you have for the brembo brakes, would that also suit the brembo caliper from a VE redline? The reason I ask is the calipers and disks for a ve are selling for about $1000atm from a few differnt places

Do you use the VN GTS disk or something different ?

Agentcrm 23-03-12 07:36

Cold VL - The VE Brembo use a 355mm diameter disk. If the hub was machined out to suit the earlier hubs the the disc may well fit

vhr32 22-04-12 22:26

I didn't make a bracket for the brembos, sold them before I got around to it. I doubt it would have fitted the VE ones anyway- these calipers were Evo Lancer versions.

Nissan caliper brackets on special $230 delivered, normally $280.
Limited stock.

vhr32 02-07-12 15:25

Still a couple of kits at $230 delivered.

Inbox me or email m.larner (at)

Swadz 25-12-15 08:38

Sorry about the thread revival, however I am desperate in finding an adapter kit for Nissan 4 spot brakes.
Tried Pm vhr32 however his inbox is full, anyone know of where I could purchase adaptors?

shred 25-12-15 15:42

think i used that email he has when i bought my brake kit off him but that was a few years ago
you can also try contact him on streetcommodores he uses same name there as well

i also sent u a pm

SIroller 03-01-16 12:51

@swadz i think he has moved onto wilwood setups now.

Boosted Berlina 16-01-17 19:28

I thought I would use this thread rather than starting a new one. Does anyone that is running the r32 gtst brake setup have any pics or specs of what wheels that they are running. 16 inch wheels fit around them but more interested in the clearance from the back of the wheel spokes to the face of the caliper.

nzvk86 27-01-17 05:30

I have 17" vr clubsport wheels with 327mm sv5000 rotors with Nissan 4 pots on a vk 10mm clearance from memory.

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