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almhsv 08-03-04 14:17

Next cruise?
ok. im pissed off i didnt make the last cruise. an idea on the next VLT cruise?

dceptv 08-03-04 14:43

dunno yet...

we have to make sure that no ****s bring under 18 chix along ey pete...

Grrr coulda gone to pub!!!

1sickvl 08-03-04 14:50

haha arie ya gin at least i choped some spage ill bring some hot over 18 spage next time

dceptv 08-03-04 15:24


I chop quality spage every nite ya gin

You seen my mrs!!! my lil lola chemy cola

JETWPN` 08-03-04 22:26

where are most of u fellaz situated, im from mandurah and wouldnt mind getting involved in the local cruises?

1sickvl 08-03-04 22:42

the better looking specimens of "us" are located south of the river, eg: arie and myself

JETWPN` 08-03-04 22:53

sweet, ill have to try get out to the next cruise thats on, missed out on the recent as my car was in the shop. u guys get down the motorplex much?

Hazardous 09-03-04 00:11

hey JETWPN just wondering what colour your car is i am from mandurah to and was wondering if i have seen you cruising before

JETWPN` 09-03-04 14:27

hey Hazardous how u goin, iv got a white over silver calais turbo, vy ss rims, limo tint and the plates are JETWPN. wot about u, maybe we should catch up and go for a burn.
ill e in that dyno comp at peter duttons on the weekend

dceptv 09-03-04 15:26

Hey JETWPN... yeh ive seen you out and about at scabs before

Pete i totally agree with u there ya gin we are the better specimens!!!!

Hazardous 09-03-04 15:59

not sure if ive seen u before. i have blue with vs olympic edition rims and big holden commodore sticker acrooss back window. u might have seen my mate aswell he has a metalic sort of light gray with a gts bodykit. yer go for a burn sounds good, although i think u might leave me behind :)

dceptv 09-03-04 16:06

JETWPN waht u got under bonnet etc..

Mods blah blah... wanted to know for a while now..

Also is it a factory 5 speed???

DISTURBED 09-03-04 17:16

LONG LIV DA 3SPD! hahaha
hey arie im thinkin bout 19" VY gts rims, saw sum and dey lookd fully sik!(when...........i get sum green stuff of course ;0)

SLIPPERY VL 09-03-04 17:26


Originally Posted by dceptv
JETWPN waht u got under bonnet etc..

Mods blah blah... wanted to know for a while now..

Also is it a factory 5 speed???

hey arie, its damian fogels old vl

dceptv 09-03-04 19:06

so i take it, it is a factory 5 speed?

Stocs101 10-03-04 00:06

Hey dceptv I live about 5 mins away from auto pro off albany hwy (seen your car there) guessing that is where u work?

slacker 10-03-04 01:15

are you sure it's damians old car, i thought i saw that a few weeks ago with the old walky wheels on it. Damain said the guy who bought the car off him was named Ben and lived in edgewater and had another blue VL, unless it has been resold agian

bantman 10-03-04 10:29

Yeah guys, definately let us know when your next cruise is. Im spewing I had to work for the last one, but i'll be back next weekend, then hopefully easter weekend after that. saw the picsof your cruise, looks like there are some pretty sweet vl's cruising around. its a shame that only 5 rocked up though as there seems to be quite a few vlt's about. and yeah, southside is da best!!! :)

JETWPN` 10-03-04 20:16

yea how u doin guys. im so pissed off, i got a *** yellow licky last nite, *** bast@rds. got me doin 12km over last nite and they gave $100 fine and a point and then made me pop the bonnet, blow off valve straight out yellow stiker. they didnt pick the extra injectors and stuff.
anyway under the bonnet, i was tellin slippery vl that i just got my car back, i got a new front mount 900-250 and the turbo rebuilt, its a hi-flo, not sure of the specs, iv also got 2 extra injectors that come on at 7psi and 12psi, also just had turbosmart type 2 put on. the moter was rebuilt bout 2 years back by a guy called damien when he had it, u would have seen it in scarbs wen the last owner had it, he ran out of cash and i took it off his hands. hopefully get a new ECU soon and bosch fuel pump

JETWPN` 10-03-04 20:38

does any one know much about permits, i heared welshpool licensing center is the place to, is it all pretty easy stuff and would stuff like extra injectors pass through?
other wise the cops will just keep pinnin me down here in mandurah. once they know ur car they pick on ya

SLIPPERY VL 10-03-04 20:41

hey sacha, jetwpn bought it off ben in edgewater

slacker 10-03-04 23:33

oh ok, the turbo on it was only rebuilt like 18months ago as a high flow what happened to it. yeah damiens a good mate of mine that was his 2nd vl so i guess it was time to move on

JETWPN` 11-03-04 22:27

na it goes pretty sweet now iv fixed it up a bit, iv wound the boost back down to 7psi while i try get it through the pits, i went through in mandurah today and they wouldnt do it, they told be to head to oconner licence centre. wot a load of F@kn round for a little yellow sticker, owelli guess the tinting will be comin off

bantman 12-03-04 12:58

Hey Jetwpn, spewing about the canary mate, i got one on my old na vl a few years ago mainly because i didn't have permits for my extractors and steering wheel. to make sure i went over and got the permits, they told me the 'fray' in my seatbelt was too bad (though i never changed it when i took it to the pits!!!!) and slapped a sticker on. country cops- b@stards. i ended up getting a permit for my extractors- cost $33 for the permit($50 to take it over the pits)- they told me i didn't need one for my wheel.
i took mine to welshpool- the inspector offered to buy it off me!!!

But now that i've got the turbo, im in the same boat as you (plus prob all the other guys on here) and was thinking about trying to get some permits. i had a look on the transport wa page yesterday, but vehicle mods they describe are pretty general and i got the feeling that half of my stuff isn't 'legal'. But let us know how you go- if you pass is the most important :) but also if you get any permits and what you manged to get them for. i would be very interested to know.

Cheers mate, good luck

almhsv 12-03-04 16:05

who would be interested in a cruise on the easter long weekend?

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