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25detVL 13-08-14 23:52

Wtb: 3.7 diff gears
G'day folks, chasing 3.7:1 diff gears for my vl, can swap with the 4.11's currently in the car. Thanks in advance. Ben.

caibs 14-08-14 18:28

do they whine ?

25detVL 15-08-14 00:13

Not at all, did a auto conversion and don't suit anymore.

caibs 15-08-14 07:54

alright ill have a poke around i think i know where some are. i just put a 3.9 bw into my corolla but the gearset whines like a bitch

25detVL 15-08-14 15:08

Spewin about your noisy diff. You chasing some 4:1's? Thanks for your help.

caibs 16-08-14 19:57

yeah man i'd be keen on your set. i know a guy with a bunch of skyline diffs, i'll ask him tomorrow if he's got what you need.

25detVL 23-08-14 20:02

Hey man how'd ya get on with the gears?

caibs 28-08-14 17:25

ill pm you bud

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