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$$VLCT$$ 06-04-07 14:13

car problem
hey guys i have been havin alot of problems with my car missing and chugging and reslly playin up i have change my afm and my CAS and still hasnt helped it really only plays up under semi heavy acceleration so i thought i would buy new spark plugs and cap them down to 1mm and as i was doin it i thought i would check my exhaust c if the bolts cam loose and it was leakin as i checked em the two stud bolts in the 6 cylinder were just sitting in there the were snaped clean off any ways do u think this could be causing my car to play up and if so how would i get new ones put in


whiplash 06-04-07 21:03

youll have to either easy out the 2 bolts yaself or get someone to tap em out for ya sometimes easy out work and sometimes it dont. just bit of luck really. not uncommon on the 3ltr. its not easy job to do in teh car either

i dont see how it could affect the car all that much unless your not recieveing enough backpreassure but i cant see just 6th being such a big problem unless its a massive leak

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