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my88vl 07-01-03 23:34

Brisbane to Melbourne - Late March 2003
Hey Guys,

In March this year, i am planning on driving to Melbourne from Brisbane with a stop over in Sydney.

I was just posting this here to see if anyone else in Brisbane would be keen to tag along?

I would be leaving towards the end of the month and driving straight from Brisbane to Sydney. A 1 night stop in Sydney (it'd be less if i thought i could do it, i HATE sydney) then leaving early morning for Melbourne.

My stay in Melbourne would be probably a week... then head back.

If anyone is interested let me know,...

Who knows, if we get a couple of people come the Melbournites may even throw on a cruise for us.

OVL087 08-01-03 16:04

i would if i could scab some more holidays off work , doubt that very much. will try
few ppl in syd i wanna show my car to

my88vl 08-01-03 16:17

I'll be leaving Brisbane at 4am on the 26th of March and driving to Melbourn via the coastal route with a stop for 1 night in Sydney.

Should arrive in Melbourne on the 28th i would think.

Then 1 week in Melbourne seeing the sites, meeting the locals and getting PISSED in Melbourne clubs... (free drinks trudi? :D )

The return trip would be inland and probably go flat out all the way.

Come along Andy... i need someone to race on the way back :D

OVL087 08-01-03 16:27

no no no
inland bad for flat out , i went to melb just a few months ago , and places like dubbo etc we found numerous coppas , fines of up to $ 3000 for speeding in nsw , what a bunch of poofs

my88vl 08-01-03 16:30

fark that....

Coastal it is then.

OVL087 08-01-03 16:39

coastal better
that way i can have a race against carcrazy in his ****box ;)

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